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  1. No matter how much cheating and swindling a Labour MP is guilty of the Compliant Drones will still elect another member of the same party. They’re all the same innit?


  2. Eventually people do wake up and vote for a change. Labour had a 10,000 majority and couldn’t even scrape 10,000 votes in the by-election. Respect, on the other hand, coming from a point of zero in around two weeks, came third (if the council agrees to a recount of the respect/BNP votes as requested this will be proven).
    The change in Rotherham, when it comes, will start from the grassroots up and will happen in the council elections and no amount of bully boy tactics, tantrums and tears will stop the public outrage over the continued abuse of power in the town.
    The gravy train is about to be derailed in 2013. If you have a whistle to blow 2013 is going to be your year and ultimately everyone will benefit.


    • Bi elections do bring up many issues of voter preference
      The test will be in the general election
      Will you be there?
      Probably , but not in Rotherham I would think.


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