PAK Supermarket – What does it sell?

Numerous commenters, in both private communications with Rothpol and in comments left on Rotherham Politics, have defended the sole involvement of the PAK Supermarket on the basis that it sold neither cigarettes nor alcohol, without benefit of evidence for their assertions.

Rothpol was alerted to the fact that this claim may not be the full truth, by an observant private correspondent, to whom Rothpol is grateful.

Just checked and although they do not sell alcohol, they do in fact sell cigarettes and tobacco. So this claim turns out only to be 50% right.


2 thoughts on “PAK Supermarket – What does it sell?

  1. Of course it sells cigarettes, many Muslims smoke don’t they. Was any consideration given to the non-muslims who received help from this scheme? What about those who don’t want to consume Hal al meat as I for one wouldn’t because of the inhumane manner in which the animals are killed.
    Hussain and Akhtar are not content with filling their own pockets from our hard earned, which we are forced to hand over in taxes, they are now filling the pockets of their mates.
    In my opinion this whole affair requires a criminal investigation! Oops I forgot, our police service is now controlled by one of their council mates who won’t give up his position of Councillor on RMBC AND he is overseen by that criminal, Akhtar who is vice chair of the PCC committee. Fat chance of any justice here then. This kind of corruption stinks!


  2. Time, I would suggest, for a change. The Respect Party will be holding its first meeting of 2013 – and our message is quite clear … we are not going away. Accountability and transparency is key and, like Rothpol, we will be watching and monitoring the performance of those in a position of authority. Get your whistles ready to blow – 2013 could be a bumpy year for some.


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