Politics in the Rother Valley

Well it seems that my conclusion that Kevin Barron was never going to say anything at all about his expenses in the hope that people would get bored asking and just sort of forget about them was somewhat flawed – for it seems the Rotherham Advertiser has managed to get some sort of response from him after publishing their story ‘Sack Them All’ about MPs expenses in this weeks issue.

Kevin’s office still haven’t got back to me as a mere constituent, despite assurances that they would, so perhaps I should just stick to taking things to the press in future.

With regard to his website claims, Kevin said

The website kevinbarronmp.com was only registered this year and is in the process of being constructed and populated. Previous domains were registered but I did not follow the work through as over the last 12 months I have other things on…

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  1. I really hope that people wake up to the fact that Labour isn’t the answer to our issues in Rotheralley. There has been too far a reliance on the welfare state for day to day living, far too many nanny state projects and wastage. Immigration has become out of control in Sheffield and Rotherham, damaging the local economy. UKIP isn’t perfect but is has to be a refreshing change that they achieved 20% in Rotherham central, hopefully they can achieved 30% in Rothervalley, reducing the Labour vote from 40%. UKIP aren’t perfect, but this has to be weighed against the other three main parties.


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