Kevin Barron – A Receipt!

Rotherham Politics received this, rather rare beast indeed, a receipt, used by Kevin Barron to claim money from Parliamentary Allowances. This interesting document was sent us by an anonymous RikiLeaks correspondent. It perhaps, repays some study?:

Barron expenses claim .doc

Barron expenses claim .pdf

At first glance it is apparent that there has been an over enthusiastic use of the redaction tool, resulting in the publication of a document, in the public record, that cannot be verified by someone motivated so to do, as in the case of our informant who also poses some questions of their own to Kevin Barron:

“Dear Kevin Barron,
In the interest of transparency and honesty, the constituents of Rother Valley ask Kevin Barron MP to identify this company, the business address or contact details. Since he claimed expenses of nearly a thousand pounds of our money, it should be a small thing
to ask. If the company exists, it should be a simple case of publishing their details. We look forward to your reply.

A curious citizen.”

12 thoughts on “Kevin Barron – A Receipt!

  1. Have I missed something, or do we now know who K & R Consultants are/were?

    Was the investigative work referred to by Rother Valley Voter done before the Daily Telegraph story?

    David Wright


    • Maybe HM Customs & Excise, HM Inland Revenue or Department of Work & Pensions may like a nod in their direction … only to ensure that all possible taxes and corporate financial obligations have been upheld, you understand, tee hee 🙂

      Well, we wouldn’t want some slimeball company or individual avoiding their dues and demands that keep our country’s infrastructure going now, would we?

      After all I’m sure in Rovrum I’m sure we’ve all had enuff of Dodgy Doktaz and their despicable dishonest antics, eh?

      Oh BTW, Happy New Year to one and all 🙂


    • If the blog that Rother Valley Voter mentions in his comment is to be believed (and I have absolutely no reason to doubt its total veracity) then someone called R Barron did register the site that K & R Consultants developed (except that the website never went live AFAIK).
      Perhaps someone still has a copy of the whois record of the site.


  2. Rother Valley Voter – I’m still waiting to hear from our Kev’s office on why, no matter how many times I sign up for his newsletter, I’ve never yet received one !
    Give the man time, will you ? He’s trying to sell his house you know. More important things on his mind than answering constituents !


    • I once asked Hbr – the company who designed his website – as to why I had never received a NewsLetter sfter I had signed up – they replied that they didn’t think he had ever sent one out.

      However, just before the last election I did receive something from his mob in the surface-mail, so maybe that was it….

      (Whilst all my communications with young Kev MP PC are via e-mail (including a request for a response by e-mail) , he always replies by, what in his case is definitely, SnailMail.
      (…with us taxpayers picking up the cost of the stamp!)


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