Benefit rises outstrip private sector pay, says government

Benefit rises outstrip private sector pay, says government

2 January 2013 9:21AM

And the people of Britain continue to listen to the lies of this Goverment just look what they have done with their lies and spin;


· Restricted access to legal aid and so, the ability of the poorest to access justice.
· Restricted your right to go to an employment tribunal
· Restricted your right to ask a judge to look at government policies or the actions of your boss
· Reduced the support we give CABs to help you
· Removed the need for your boss – or his government – to show that they are fair to black people or disabled people, women or any other group.
· Offered to buy all of your employment rights – pension, pay, safety – everything, in exchange for a few shares.
· Forced hundreds of thousands of people to work for no pay – some for an unlimited period.
· Reduced your pension and raised the age you can retire at.
· Allowed some bosses to make you work as many hours as they like.
· Slashed support for disabled people because they are a drain on the economy
· Made it easier for your boss to sack you without a good reason.
· Suggested that we get rid of the Human Rights Act
· Limited the ability of single parents to access the Child Support Agency and force partners to pay for their children
· Scrapped the “Social Fund” that was the very last safety net between poverty and starvation
· Overseen a 100% rise in people queuing for emergency food at food banks.
· Closed half of the refuges for women fleeing domestic violence.
· Denied profoundly disabled children the right to an independent income
· Ensured that so many people lose their homes, even Boris Johnson referred to it as “social cleansing”
· Changed the law so that people relying on social housing can no longer enjoy the security of a home for life and can be evicted if they have more bedrooms than they need.
· Undermined the House of Lords so that effectively, it cannot amend any laws Cameron might wish to pass.
* Reduced or removed the need for government to consult anyone on changes they make.
· Restricted your right to appeal any wrong decisions
· Allowed some councils to force disabled people back into institutions on cost grounds
· Ignored and broken international law
· Alienated European leaders – our main export market – and isolated himself through extremism.
· Created new tax loopholes that will save big businesses tens of billions
· “Re-defined” poverty so that figures will not show a massive rise.
· Used propaganda and proven lies to vilify the poor, disabled and those seeking work.
· Removed the safety net if you become too unwell to do your job.
· Allowed banks to write off all the losses that got us in this mess against tax. Unlike America, who insisted they pay it back.
· Closed committees designed to keep check on his policies
· Reduced the number of civil servants (who’s job it is to design safe laws and policies) to lowest ever levels.
· Politicised the police force
· Proposed secret courts
· Attempted to restrict what you say and do on the internet
· Continually ignored expert advice
· Announced it will no longer be compulsory to register to vote (the poorest are the least likely to vote and most likely to vote “ABT” – Anything But Tory)
· Arrested peaceful protesters and influenced sentencing (supposedly independent)
· Associated intimately with many now facing trial for criminal activity in the media – Coulson, Brookes, James Murdoch etc

Remember, these are not cuts. These are changes to the law or announcements made by this UK coalition government in just over 2 years. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the futures of a generation.
They remove or weaken most of the rights and security we’ve won over the last 100 years.
They undermine your right to a secure home, right to a minimum wage, right to justice, right to vote, right to protest, right to a safe workplace and in a growing number of cases, right to life.
They define how long you can be forced to work for, how much pension you get, your right not to be discriminated against and your right to live free from fear or persecution.
How clever then of David Cameron to re-package these rights as “red tape” and “all this extra tickbox stuff” as “bureaucratic rubbish”

Well spotted by Aneurin Bevan in today’s guardian. Blogged by GWB1983.

18 thoughts on “Benefit rises outstrip private sector pay, says government

  1. I am an ex Tory who couldn’t vote for them at the last election. I would however have been happier with a Conservative Labour coalition, because it would water down both parities extremes. All I can do is wait for the next election and hope people come to their senses and vote UKIP, they are a refreshing change. What I most look forward to are binding referendums, to give real people power.


    • Vakas. When we have 4 million unemployed and many millions more unemployed, then our first duty is to the people who are already citizens on this Island. There is absolutely no need to import people to do the work, our existing citizens are quite capable of that, however the minimum wage needs to be increased to £8 a hour and the reliance on the welfare system reduced. However we need to start creating new manufacturing jobs to balance our economy, which should be focused on new green energy, solar, wind, waves etc. I think we can stop the reliance on fossil fuels and look for other methods of creating electricity, so that we can ignore what goes off in the middle east, cars are now being powered by electricity rather than fossil fuels. Nicolas Tesla new of a free energy source and the ancient Egyptians used Pyramids to power their cities. We have been told that if we leave the EU, that will damage trade, but we import far more from the EU , so that won’t be the case. I love the way that Norway and Switzerland trade with Europe and they are far more prosperous. I believe that rather than immigrants coming to this country, they should be looking at building a better life for themselves in their own country, I blame our government for making the world a more dangerous place by invading Iraq and Afghanistan, I went on a peace march in Sheffield against this. We certainly shouldn’t be giving foreign aid to countries, who have nuclear weapons, because they aren’t poor, they aren’t distributing wealth fairly in their own countries and that applies to India and Pakistan. Countries will always trade whether we allow mass immigration into the UK or not, if they don’t sell us oil, then they won’t be as prosperous and it will speed up the growth of green energy sources. Kind regards Tim


  2. Dear Timwells

    We would like to see what UKIP does in the next general election in Rotherham, as alot of the UKIP people who are voting on the basis of the EU, can you ask any of the UKIP people why there actually want to get the immigration stopped and even get out of the EU, have you asked this question.
    If there stop the immigration don’t you think this country will suffer, as in trade and businesses, that’s why I voted for RESPECT Party there are upcoming in the community of Rotherham sooner or later there support will be getting stronger and more people are voting for RESPECT PARTY SOON.


      • It’s what we do on here, discuss politics.

        Everyone is welcome to share their own views.

        In answer to your by-election point, there’s always a by-election in the offing and Rothpol will be here to report on it, whenever they may occur.


    • Hi Vakas.

      The country was becoming over populated in 2000, before mass immigration started. UKIP aren’t totally against immigration, but they want to see 0 immigration for 5 years, then a cap of 50K a year. Sheffield alone has seen its population increase by 50K in 10 years. The people in Anston are incensed RMBC are trying to build houses are our green belt that we cherish, the over spill from Sheffield and Rotherham. We have more than enough people in this country to do the work, as 4 million people are without work and even more in part time work. We also need to create worthwhile work for people to do and rebalance the economy towards clean industry, especially green technology. We need a more flexible work force in our own country, with the right skills, but they also needed to be rewarded fairly. Our youth from 16-24 are being thrown on the scrap heap. I think mass immigration has been a social experiment gone wrong, it could have created many extra Labour supporters, but also allows business to exploit people on a minimum wage, undermining our wage levels, while those at the top gain even greater profits. The excuse we are given is that we can’t stop immigration from the EU, because of rules set down outside our own country, however more immigration comes from Indian and Pakistan than Europe, which we could stop tomorrow. I also believe that people should integrate better into our society when they come here and respect our customs, but there are also things we can learn from immigrants, without feeling we are losing our values and custom’s.

      Best wishes for the New Year Tim


      • Dear Timawells

        Can you ask this question to yourself, if you stop the vast immigration don’t you think it would effect the country, interms of business and trade, if we send people from Pakistan and India, back to their country, how are people from other countries to bail this country out such as the riches people of the world, as a country we will suffer alot, the country will be in a big deficit then before.
        For example send Libyans back to their country to save money for this country.
        Have you thought about this question Libyan owes 2percent of the world oil.
        So we dont want Libyan in this country that’s going to affect the country big time, as people in this country use petrol, so if there stopped the petrol coming to this country for the future it will effect yourself and the whole country interms of transport, there will b no petrol coming from libya or Saudi Arabia,
        If you send more and more immigration back to their country, it will effect the people for the future, we will see what is britain going to live on, if there stop the immigration, the people who are the riches people of the world invest in this country, so many of the businesses will suffer in this country and you don’t know how big problem this will have in the country, you need to think about UKIP, we will see what UKIP does when most of the Business and Trade of other parts of the world effects this country.


      • hiya Monsieur Wells, I was wondering if you could share with me and the readership on here just what, in your opinion, constitutes “overpopulated” and “underpopulated”?

        Anything you can enlighten us with will be gratefully received with open hearts and minds.


      • Graldhunter. Funny you should call me monsieur. France is more than twice the size of the UK, with a lower population. Remember the birthrate of the so called indigenous population has reduced to less then two, while with an explosion in immigration, who have a much higher birth rate than us, the population growth will explode, whether there is any further immigration or not. Cheers Tim


  3. What the Antoinesque government is doing is all about the need for absolute, total control over citizens. One way of taking control is by disempowerment. Of course those most vulnerable are seen as no more than a parasitic plague upon society that must be monetised and exploited. The simple truth is that politics, government and ‘the establishment’ are all irrepairably broken. The collapse of society is imminent.


  4. Vakas Hussain or should I call you Dave? You certainly cant be the same Vakas Hussain who has posted on this blog before because your style of writing and the level of your English is considerably different. Your style is more akin to that of of Dave from Kimberworth who has also posted previously on this blog. So are you Vakas Hussain or Dave from Kimberworth or neither in which case you are Shaykh Mohammed Omair? I really don’t understand why people have to lie as to their identity on a blog like this.

    In relation to the benefit cuts, this demonisation by the Tories is a red herring for divide and rule style politics. The whole purpose is to turn the working poor against those on benefits; both groups are members of the working classes, while the rich Bankers and Politicians who created this mess get away scot free. It’s sad but it’s true.


    • Isn’t “the working class” those in work, whereas the “out-of-working class” is those who are out-of-work, either by design or default?

      I’m IDGAFA Class … go figure 🙂


  5. If the above load of tripe had come from anywhere else but the Guardian i might have taken it seriously, but I am afraid that a failing newspaper that employs the likes of Polly Toynbee and relies on Autotrader to keep itself afloat does not inspire me with the accuracy of its reporting.


  6. Today has shown just how far the Labour party have sunk, the Government has created the myth that all benefit claimants are scroungers, the Labour party have stated that they are on the side of the strivers. They do not want to be seen to be on the side of benefit claimants, they say the 1% rise will hit working families, This is true but it will cripple the people who,through no fault of their own, are on benefits. Labour actually supports the benefit cuts allowing this Government to create a division in the working class with stupid story of the workers who get up every morning to go to work while the idle scroungers lay in bed. With the help of Labour the working class is in danger of falling for this rubbish, blaming the people on benefits instead of the Government and the Capitalists. Of course there are a small minority who do fiddle the benefit system but these pale into insignificance when put alongside the rich who fiddle the tax system. Instead of Labour dodging the question asked of them by Cameron, “are you for those on benefits and against benefit reforms”? They should have the guts to stand up for the poorest in society and stop pandering to the rich and middle classes. The Labour party was formed to defend the rights of the working class it is time they started to do it now.

    David Smith


    • I agree with every single word you have written. It’s about getting the message out about the facts and letting people know that poor and vulnerable will not fall for this folly of follies!!!!


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