Common Purpose – Mahroof & Dom in CP Venture

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

Well well well, our old friend the Cabinet Member 1st Class Rail Travel Guru and his young mucker Dom are here neck deep in a Common Purpose venture –

It seems that whatever page I turn these days his brilliant white tootsie pegs and inane tab-2-tab grin are gracing every page.

Yours in Common Purpose,

1 thought on “Common Purpose – Mahroof & Dom in CP Venture

  1. I think it’s about time the young ‘Dom’ spent more time looking after the people he is supposed to represent. While he is grand standing, the village he doesn’t live in goes down the pan. The Planning Inspectorate held an appeal hearing regarding the demolition of a historic pub in Wales and where was Dom ? No-where to be found as usual.
    Dominic Beck’s ‘common purpose’ is to further the career of Dominic Beck – and not to let little things like actually doing some work for Wales & Kiveton Park get in the way!!!!


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