Seen Elsewhere – EDL activist Clint Bristow in custody on burglary charges

Rotherham by-election last place man from the EDL has been locked up! This was spotted by a reader, it is from the Guardian and has gone under Helen Pidd’s by-line:

EDL activist Clint Bristow in custody on burglary charges

English Defence League’s Rotherham byelection candidate accused of stealing toiletries and making violent threats Read on………

It’s worth noting here, Clint’s vote vastly exceeded the vote for Sarah Champion at her selection meeting where she was chosen by only 13 constituency members! This is believed to have set a new low for the labour party in parliamentary elections.

8 thoughts on “Seen Elsewhere – EDL activist Clint Bristow in custody on burglary charges

  1. Am I being premature in hoping that Denis MacShane soon joins him, or will it take nearly two years to decide whether to charge him.The many thounsands of pounds he’s admitted theiving would have bought a lot of toiletries. I also feel that the taxpayers of this town have been mugged of £100,000 by the PAK voucher scam, er sorry excuse the typo that should have been scheme.


    • @malcontent – Hope does indeed spring eternal in the human breast and I too share your premonition of deep joy at the anticipated and long overdue news that the rampant dishonesty and deceit by a former Rovrum MP will soon lead to a court appearance and judgement from the people.

      On the other hand, given how this individual has managed to thus far elude justice I think a new moniker may be in order for that person, something along the lines of “Golden Plums”, eh?


  2. On the 3 occasions I met him during the campaign I found Clint to be a very polite and mild mannered guy – maybe he knew I was a “Vicar” and was on his best behaviour!!! I actually thought it was a shame he was savaged on being introduced during the radio debate and not given a chance to speak much. How much better it would have been to give him a bit of rope and then hang his own arguments with it in open debate…


  3. Let’s hope Clint Bristow doesn’t get a sheaf of glowing character references about amazing community work and team effort and is given community service instead of a sentence … or goodness knows where he might end up. Any guesses?


    • There are millions of unhappy working class men like Mr Bristow who are traduced and reviled for their opinions.I do not excuse his alledged misdemeanors. They are however as nothing compared with the crimes of the rotten lot we have whose blame slips off them like water.


    • Yvonne, it would be no different to our very own Cllr Akhtar and Lord Ahmed who both received rediculously lenient sentences for far more serious crimes than this would appear. Their service to the community was more like self-service as they have both filled their pockets with our money both before and since their convbictions. They are all as bad as oneanother.


  4. He has not been convicted, yet he spent Christmas inside a cell! MacShane who has admitted taking thousands of pounds of taxpayer’s money by way of submitting fictional invoices (which he call his mistakes) was at large over Christmas and it looks as if he is to remain at liberty for quite some time. Something is wrong here!


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