Hang their heads in shame!

Rotherham MBC has 63 elected members the majority Labour, the Times articles exposing the industrial scale of child sexual abuse in the Town confirmed the inadequacy of Labour councillors to deal with complex and deep rooted child abuse crimes.

Using the cloak of community cohesion the Towns labour run council sat back, kept the public in the dark over the menace and allowed children to be abused at the hands of organized gangs and individuals.

Within this context any right minded individual would think that when offered awareness training  on child sexual exploitation  all of the 63  extremely well remunerated councillors would have been eager to attend the sessions.

Stop! Reality check, this is Rotherham and its Labour controlled, from the Rotherham Advertiser out of the 63 councillors only 13 councilors have shown any interest in the training.

So in a town where children have been horrifically abused 50 councillors have not even bothered to register for the training.

Compounding the problem is that two of the Boroughs secondary schools have not signed up for the training aimed at safeguarding their pupils, a total disgrace, both the councillors and schools should be named and shamed.

I understand that any attempt to obtain the names of the said councillors via a FOI will be blocked using the excuse of confidentiality.

What about a wall of shame exposing those individual councillors and schools Rothpol?

I am sure regular readers and contributors would be willing to assist.



4 thoughts on “Hang their heads in shame!

  1. Spot on Cerberus. What is needed however is a wall of shame with national exposure and we will not get that from the left-wing rags like the Guardian or the Mirror. How about pushing the issue with the SUN or Mail. The SUN has been showing strong anti-left bias of late Publicity is oxygen to issues.


  2. Well said Cerberus and recogt. I intend to ask the councillors who purport to represent Malty if they have agreed to the training and if not why not. Perhaps if we all did this then those who haven’t agreed to the training can be identified.
    (No reply will constitute as no to training !)


  3. During my campaign as Respect Party candidate, I did try and raise the issue of grooming in the community and was accused by Councillor Akhtar of being “Islamaphobic”. yet the Muslims I spoke to said they were just as outraged and as shocked as anyone else when the full extent of the grooming scandal emerged.
    The real scandal is why has the council sat on this for 15 years allowing community relations to be damaged, encouraging racial tensions and nurturing conditions which made Rotherham a target for the EDL and their ilk?
    other serious questions which have not been addressed is the shocking attitude of Joyce Thacker who described the children involved as having made a lifestyle choice and, in addition, the policing has left a lot to be desired. Young men have been arrested and then released without charge despite compelling evidence, giving rise to accusations (unproven) that preferential treatment has been given to those young men with ‘connections’ to councillors.
    I’m sure the latter can’t be true but the trouble is when local authorities sit on information, hide and cover up scandals the public will speculate. As i said throughout my campaign, and as Respect in Rotherham will continue to campaign for the time has come for transparency. No more cover ups, no more protecting the guilty, no more lies. The people of Rotherham deserve to be given the truth as unpalatable as it may be.


  4. What was particular chilling during the recent by-election was the content of a number of Twitter exchanges making reference to the grooming crimes.

    In his evidence to the HASC Andrew Norfolk made reference to how groups within communities would close ranks and fail to report the crimes.

    You do have to ask, did so called community leaders know what was going on?

    If they had suspicions or information why did they fail to act?

    Maybe with Respect now on the case and the truth will come out.


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