Respect Rotherham – Founded Today

It can be announced that Respect’s Yvonne Ridley was in Rotherham today, to attend the inaugural meeting of Respect Rotherham.

Around twenty people were present at this meeting. They committed themselves, to carry the fight to labour in election battles to come.

Respect, we understand, are planning regular meetings into the future.

One thing is very much for sure, this will be a most unwelcome development, as their labour opponents at the Rotherham By-election were quite sure that Rotherham, would hear no more from Respect. Just shows how wrong you can be!

2 thoughts on “Respect Rotherham – Founded Today

  1. Shame – I missed the bogus comments.
    Never mind, I have been in contact with Yvonne Ridley after being unable to attend the meeting on Sunday. I had presumed that detailed minutes would have been taken at this meeting, it being the ‘founding’ one of the group, so am disappointed that 48 hrs later no such indication of who attended and what was discussed at the meeting has been made public.
    Yvonne Ridley suggests that no one can ‘turn around’ minutes in such a short space of time. I will agree to disagree on that one. I am sure we all know that draft minutes can be produced in whatever time scale a secretary/committee/chairperson agrees on.
    Many questions to be answered by Respect – has a constitution been drawn up ? Has a chair person been elected ? Is anyone to be ‘elected’ to a committee ? to name a few.
    It appears that, similar to the Labour Party, Respect will only give out information to those who “join”. What this entails we have yet to find out.


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