Will Ed Fix It For Moofy?

After the shenanigans of the Rotherham CLP candidate selection meeting for a replacement Member of Parliament, even Moofy realised he may have made a tactical blunder.

Since things have settled down a bit, we understand that no less than three meetings between Ed Miliband and Moofy Hussain, have taken place.

The result, according to Moofy, he will be shoehorned in as a candidate to fight the 2015 General Election. Moofy thinks that Rother Valley would be a suitable berth from which to start a parliamentary career and is said to be focussing his interest there.

Why did Moofy get an MBE? A very interesting question indeed! The question, explored on Tales From the Town Hall. We hear, the reason may be have been motivated by more down to earth considerations?

13 thoughts on “Will Ed Fix It For Moofy?

  1. As a constituent of Rother Valley I wish to publicly declare “NO THANKS” to Mahrouff Hussein or anyone else from the clan of Labour Party members whose colleagues deem them worthy of representing us. Try down south or somewhere if you must, but you are not needed here.


    • Looks like the Union activist and strong local candidate Ged Dempsey is going to be blocked again then? So much for working class MPs from shopfloor.


  2. How did Hussein get an OBE after being a councillor for just a few years, also begs the question how did Nazir Ahmed. a man whose integrity, at that time, was seriously in question regarding using confidential council information for his own personal advantage; warrant being given a peerage!


  3. Opinion as to why Moofy might have received his MBE at the end of 2007 has been divided? This was, after all, less than five years after he was first elected in May 2002! (4years 7months, to be precise.

    There are those who are adamant, that he got it for his selfless generosity, after the Pakistan earthquake. Responding heroically to this disaster, he was able to distribute the money collected by Rotherham Mosques and generous individuals personally, for immediate relief, directly at the point of need.

    Others are also adamant that it was awarded for services to local government, as indeed he himself states on his website and there couldn’t possibly be any relationship to a law suit Mahroof Hussain was pursuing shortly before this. Racial discrimination of some sort is said to have been involved and we have been told, Labour settled.

    I am sure Mahroof wouldn’t want any confusion to remain, perhaps he might like to clarify?


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