Cllr Tracey Cheetham – Appointed Deputy PCC

News is filtering in of Shaun Wright’s latest wheeze, find the most unsuitable person to be Deputy PCC, then give them the job!

This from the Star:

New South Yorkshire deputy police chief role comes under fire

Published on Tuesday 15 January 2013 11:11

APPOINTMENT of a deputy to South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright has been criticised by opposition councillors in Sheffield.

Tracey Cheetham, a Barnsley councillor and constituency manager for Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis, has been appointed to the role, which is paid a salary.

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, Liberal Democrat leader on Sheffield Council, said: “At a time when local Labour politicians are cutting front line services, I’m sure residents across South Yorkshire will be surprised that they can still find the money for things like this.

“The Police and Crime Commissioner should be using any funding available for front line police officers rather than appointing political cronies. Read on………

News updates:

Official News:

Tracey Cheetham from Barnsley MBC

That was quick, Dan Jarvis’s Ex-Office Manager advertised on his website:

“News Job Vacancy: Constituency Office Manager

11 thoughts on “Cllr Tracey Cheetham – Appointed Deputy PCC

  1. Will she resign as a councillor? Or is assistant PCC a part-time job with a full-time salary?
    Her qualifications for the role? Membership of the Labour party seems to be sufficient for S.Wright Esq.
    I wonder if the term ‘Tammany Hall’ is recognisable by this intrepid duo?


  2. So she now has three jobs and Councillor Shaun Wright has two – such greed in a time of recession is shameful but Ed miliband is right when he says ‘we’re all in this together’ up to their snouts and beyond.


  3. Jobs for the boys or girls again!! Makes you sick, and they wonder why people are totally p…..ed off with Politics.
    If it’s not Councillors who do nowt or MP’s who do, but only for themselves it’s ensuring that their ‘mates’ are well looked after.
    Excuse me while I go and puke.


  4. From Chris Longley MBE

    I too have seen the press information about the selection of Councillor Cheetham as Deputy PCC.

    But as I have pointed out on previous occasions to the readers of this blog, there are no “rules” in the statutes that apply to PCCs that say what and how their Deputy PCC (or Deputies) should or must be chosen. So whatever other roles Councillor Cheetham may hold, as far as the law is concerned they are not an impediment to her appointment. And whether her appointment is desirable or apprpriate is wholly in the hands and judgement of the PCC. This happens when those who draft legislation do so in a hurry and fail to test the drafts for unintended consequences.

    However, what the PCC does have to judge is the degree to which any applicant could/would meet the requirements set out in the publicly advertised job specification for Deputy PCC, and whether their experience and capabilities met those set out in the (also advertised) person specification for the role.

    If Councillor Cheetham’s application is a matter of public record – as I am sure it must be under the Nolan Rules for Public Appointments by which all PCCs are bound- then no doubt an enterprising FOI application to the CExec of the PCC’s Office from any interested member of the public will allow a public examination of the closeness of the “match” between her application and the publicly specified requirements for the role. Let us hope the “match” is excellent so that Councillor Cheetham will be able to get on with the voluminous tasks in her job description, a job for which she must (to meet the person specification) have skills and experience gained and honed at the very highest level.

    The answer – boringly – may again lie in the detail of the paper trail.

    Kindest regards to all

    Chris Longley MBE


    • The more I look into Tracey Cheetham’s background, the less suitable she appears to be!
      A not unsurprising choice, given Shaun Wright’s woeful lack of ability for PCC too.
      Why, it’s jobs for the boys and girls, once again!


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