44 RMBC councillors still don`t care!

Reading the emerging  horrific details of the child abuse crimes  in Oxford you do have to ask why 44 RMBC have still failed to register their intent to attend child sexual exploitation awareness training?


The three councillors from Rotherham West have indicated that they will be attending, I also understand that the councillors in Dinnington will be attending, so what about the rest?



2 thoughts on “44 RMBC councillors still don`t care!

  1. A staggering 70% of councillors therefore, still don’t realise the serious nature of the issues involved in ‘localised child grooming’!

    Rape, Paedophilia and Trafficking are the true nature of these abhorrent crimes, perpetrated by Pakistani men, upon Rotherham’s vulnerable children. Often the local authority is the neglectful parent and yet it has done nothing!

    Do we have to cajole every one into signing up? Why?


  2. Cajole or maybe just keep asking lots of questions !

    11th January 2013
    Amy Rushforth responds

    21st January 2013
    A further response from Cllr Maggie Godfrey regarding training

    Now it would be good to have responses from the other councillors and to have a word with the “Manager of RMBC Child Sexual Exploitation Team”, whoever that may be.


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