More Blogger Reaction On UKIP Fostering Scandal

This is from Stephen Tall’s excellent site:

Chris Davies wades into Ukip foster care row. Why?

“A couple of months ago you may recall a big row when it was alleged three eastern European children were removed from their foster parents by Rotherham council because the couple were members of Ukip.

Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies certainly recalls it. And on Monday he made a one-minute speech in the European Parliament about it:”

2 thoughts on “More Blogger Reaction On UKIP Fostering Scandal

  1. Poor deluded fellow! He’s so confused he has to re-tweet to apologise for his previous apologies.
    Lib-Dem MEP’s have to say something from time to time even if it is only to remind other MEP’s he’s still alive. His views on the Rotherham/Thacker/Fostering/UKIP scandal are so far off the scale it is no surprise he lost the leadership of his group in 1997.
    Of course, his party trailing behind UKIP in recent polls would’nt have anything to do with his silly remarks would it?


  2. To think this deluded tosser is paid an extortionate amount out of our taxes to spout this rubbish. But, He Ho, like the rest of the MEP’s they have to try and justify their existence somehow. Davies obviously hasn’t succeeded.


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