Don’t make us laugh?

A comedy piece surely, from the Star?

My deputy is good value for money

Published on Monday 21 January 2013 09:12

I am responding to “Disgruntled Pensioner” (Star letters, 17 January instant) regarding concerns after the announcement of the appointment of a Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire.

While the remuneration for my deputy is from the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s budget, I can assure your readers that not only do I take very great care with any necessary expenditure of my office, but I am held fully accountable for it.

I would like to take the opportunity to point out to your readers that the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner replaces the previous lesser role of 17 Police Authority Members, each of whom received an annual allowance of £12,130, so the combined remuneration for my deputy and myself is far lower than it was previously. Read on……

2 thoughts on “Don’t make us laugh?

  1. Notice he has failed to add in the cost of the committee appointed to over-see his activities, you know the one who’s vice-chair is ASBO Akhtar. I would bet they will add another £100,000 to the bill. He must think we are all as thick as he is!


  2. I agree Jim. (See I told you sometimes we have some common ground). There was and is no need for Police Commissioners. Whether in South Yorkshire or anywhere else. It’s just another Quango. Yes South Yorkshire Police need managing and sadly watching in an independent and non political manner ; more so than ever. However, how one man and his part time assistant (though over paid) can replace the work of 17 committee members baffles me. As the role will Shaun Wright when he sees what it really entails.

    Personally I would like to see more citizen input; citizen Sally am I. An equi mix of elected officials, serving rank and file officers and ordinary folk; ASBO’s or not. A silly Sally daydream but better than what we have one imposed on us all by this inept Government.

    Mr Akhtar does need watching too; though i thought the personal insults did dilute your argument as usual. Keep up the good work however.

    Re the actual role: Nationally I blame the Teresa May and the Tories too! ‘Whattaamistake’ they made with this idea: as usual.


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