Rotherham sex grooming case makes Wikipedia

Rotherham is getting famous, spotted by Cerberus:

Rotherham sex grooming case, Wikipedia.

5 thoughts on “Rotherham sex grooming case makes Wikipedia

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  2. Shame about the inaccuracies it contains (eg transposing the name of the Chief Constable and one of his middle-ranking officers!) and that the introduction makes it sound like child grooming in the town is something in the past. As we all all aware, this is very much an ongoing issue in Rotherham and an ongoing failure to act on the part of the so-called “safeguarding” authorities.


    • Gillian
      That’s the beauty of Wikipedia, factual inaccuracies can be corrected by readers!
      You are right that this is an ongoing issue and certainly not a thing of the past.
      Keith Vaz and the HASC are inexorably heading towards uncovering the extent of the problem and exposing those complicit in the conspiracy of silence in the Town Hall and the failure of SY Police to do their duty to protect our children.


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