Why did Labour overlook Mahroof Hussain – Further Speculation?

This is another contribution in the debate as to why Mahroof Hussain MBE was rejected by his own party for the Rotherham Constituency.

The Labour Party, for quite some time now, has demonstrated a marked reluctance to present the electorate with by-election candidates having any background in local government. Especially so in northern ‘Heartland’ seats, it would seem.

The Labour Party also has a long and proud tradition, of ignoring the local members in the Rotherham Constituency. That is, after all, how MacShane became the Rotherham Member of Parliament in the first place!

Vaz, Watson and Eagle were members of the Labour Party National Executive shortlisting committee, who had a panel of ten potential candidates including Mahroof Hussain to consider and interview.

It then came as a shock therefore to everyone, who thought Mahroof was nailed on for Rotherham! The NEC committee came up with, an ‘all women shortlist’ of just two! Not including the latest ‘favourite son’, Mahroof Hussain.

Neither of the shortlisted prospective candidates had experience of local government or therefore any ‘baggage’ to come back and haunt them. The ‘clean break’ Sarah Champion was eventually selected with thirteen votes to her name.

Keith Vaz, I should remind readers, is the Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC), who are currently pursuing an investigation into the child exploitation problem in Rotherham and elsewhere.

The other factor in his exclusion from the shortlist, may well have been his record?

Close scrutiny of Mahroof Hussain’s record, reveals a history which is woeful at best, negligent at worst! Never any real action, but there is always a photographer on hand to at least make it look as though he has done something, for his website? This man’s record in reality is anything but good! ‘Councillor Look, Duck and Vanish MBE, is an apt title for his basic approach, we have discovered.

He has been responsible for community cohesion, as a cabinet member, during the disgraceful period of complete inaction, deprecated by Keith Vaz. Maybe Mahroof should be called to give evidence before the HASC to explain his pitiful lack of appropriate action!

Vaz may also wish to explore with Mahroof, the true nature of racism and Islamaphobia?

Mahroof Hussain and Jahangir Akhtar have rather arcane and idiosyncratic interpretations of what they actually mean and have imposed their strange interpretations on those in RMBC engaged with child protection. This is the problem Vaz must get to the bottom of and which lies at the heart, of the very issue he is investigating!

17 thoughts on “Why did Labour overlook Mahroof Hussain – Further Speculation?

  1. Whilever Harpie Harman rules the roost in the fractured Labour party do not expect to see many men selected as Labour PPC’s. What does the privately educated daughter of wealthy middle class parents know about ‘local’ issues? She has never been a councillor nor had a job that did not involve working as a QC.
    Remember her husband Jack Drohmey won the selection to be a Labour parliamentary candidate from an all women shortlist! Her and her comrades will never choose another Dennis Skinner
    (Useless as he is). Middle class and reasonably well off is the route to glory in today’s Labour party.


  2. In Akhtar’s own words: “Finally I challenge anyone to produce a single piece of evidence to support the outrageous allegations that ” certain aggressive cllrs stopped investigation” These allegations are total lies.””
    “Certain aggressive councillors?” He must be referring to himself and Moofy Hussain then? If any one challenges them, they both get very worked up!
    They both seem to have a strange attitude to the concept of ‘democratic accountability’? Implied threat, or what?


  3. Oh no! It’s the racism card! The charge of “racism” is too often used as a defensive screen when anyone queries the behaviour of someone who just happens to be from a different ethnic background – a bit like the term “fascist” when used to ward off anyone whose views might be slightly right of centre (or more accurately when it just happens to be different). This litle tactic is deployed instead of actually listening, engaging and arguing on a rational basis. It’s like sticking your fingers in your ears and going “na na na” – ie childishly PATHETIC. I suppose all the recent criticism of McShame was racist was it? Because of his Polish background?!! Nothing to do with the corruption and shifty behaviour, of course …It’s one of the beauties of British Law that it is supposedly colour blind – it treats everyone the same regardless of ethnic background (or should, sadly it doesn’t always). Indeed, the difficulties with the recent sex grooming issue arose precisely because that principle was subordinated to some guff about cultural sensitivity peddled by the ideologically motivated apparatchiks in RMBC – result: injustice and a lack of protection for the victims. It wasn’t systemic failure, it was active suppoert of a seriously and morally flawed ideology. Btw No sign of any senior RMBC officers falling on their swords, accepting responsibility for the supposed “systemic” failure (ie: a system that they were responsible for setting up, or allowing to remain in being, and presiding over for years on end). Yes, as I suspected: “systemic failure” – just another slogan deployed to save us the bother of taking any responsibility…Can’t we see what a moral mess we are in?


    • Keith Vaz and the Home Affairs Select Committee, have not by any means finished their investigation. When it is complete, the report issued, then will be when Joyce Thacker will be required to ‘fall on her sword’, no doubt assisted on her way with a generous pay off and an agreement to keep mum!


  4. I think that accusing Rothpol of Racisim is way off the mark. However I don’t necessarily agree with you claim that his record is poor. As his constituent who has had dealings with Mahroof, he is a thoroughly likeable person. In regards to the selection process I don’t think even Mahroof knows for sure why he wasn’t selected. So everything else is just speculation. And I don’t think Mahroof or any other councillor would have actively tried to stop investigations on the grounds of community cohesion. From what I know of him, and that’s all I can base my judgement on, I can’t imagine him being involved in such activities. After all he has been very critical of the role of Mosques and local Imams in Mosques for not doing enough to tacker Islamist Extremeism so I doubt he would shy away from criticising the Pakistani community in relation to grooming is he was aware of it. However if there is evidence to the contrary then all I have said has no substance. As I said this is just my opinion based on the few occaisions I have dealt with him.


    • Rosie Carson? Pull the other one!
      This would appear to be another fine example of what any one is up against, when holding certain councillors to account or being in any way critical of senior councillors, who just happen to hail from Rotherham’s Asian community.

      Your loyalty to your uncle is admirable, but your deception and downright lies are not! Hope your commitment to objective truth is better than this? Especially given your chosen profession!


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  6. Rosie, regarding the following comments you have made
    ” In regards to the selection process I don’t think even Mahroof knows for sure why he wasn’t selected” and
    “so I doubt he would shy away from criticising the Pakistani community in relation to grooming is he was aware of it.”
    In both these cases, if Cllr Hussein was unaware as you suggest, of the goings on in the selection process and unaware of the grooming situation, don’t you think that he is not fit to be a councillor ?


  7. From the Staggers.

    Wed, 2012-11-14 11:55 — Vakas Hussain (not verified)

    As someone who was present last night and as some who also knows Mahroof Hussain MBE personally, I have to admit that I have been inspired by the way he has dealt with this debacle. I can reassure everyone that Mahroof had nothing whatsoever to do with the walk out last night. It was a sign of anger at the way the Labour NEC drew up the short list with no local candidate. What most members could not fathom was the Mahroof was shortlisted for the Middlesbrough by election but not for the by election in his home constituency. As a CLP member in Rotherham I cannot for the life of me understand why we had no local choice. If not Mahroof, then there are a number of excellent local Councillors who have all the qualities of being a great MP. However its just so happened that Mahroof was the most popular person for the role and members wanted him as their candidate.

    Ive seen a few rumors on twitter that Labour did not want an Asian candidate because of the recent grooming scandal; if true that is disgusting and nothing short of discrimination. If I were Mahroof I would without doubt consider my position in the party, but knowing the kind of guy he is, I’m sure he will remain loyal to the party because unlike some politicians, he is a real believer in Labour values.


  8. What is telling is that Labour NEC wanted a clean break candidate but felt they had to go outside Rotherham to get one. The sooner we get to the truth about who did what, said what, sat on what over this issue, the sooner the truly innocent local Labour activists can re-emerge vindicated. It’s in their interests to hasten that process (but may not be in the interests others? Time will tell)


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