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Dear Sir/Madam,


I refer to your letter requesting that an election be held to fill the vacancy on Maltby Town Council (North Ward), which I can confirm is a valid request.

The date of the election will  be 7th March 2013 The notice of the election will be published no later than 31 January 2013

I will be able to receive completed nomination papers no earlier than Friday 1 February 2013 but not later than noon Friday 8 February 2013.

Nomination papers will be available from my office from Wednesday 30 January 2013 should you require them.

If you require nomination papers or any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact Electoral…

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  1. I will be standing as a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate for this seat. I gathered the signatures and sent the letter that forced this election, so as to give the residents of maltby the chance to vote for change.
    If elected I pledge to always put the concerns of the people of Maltby first. I also want to use a small amount of MTC’s unspent budget to keep open our local bowling greens as these are a vital source of social interaction for the elderly people who use them. For this reason I believe that the decision to close them for a saving of around just 2000 pounds must be reversed. I would also seek talks with the board of Maltby acadamy to ask them why them appear to be removing failing children from the school on some occasions leaving them with no chance to sit any GCSE’s at all.
    In addition to this I would seek far more regular meetings of the MTC and more transparancy so that the people know what decisions are being made.
    Residents of the Maltby North ward will see a full list of promises from me shortly so for now I urge; don’t let labour keep failing you. Vote for the party that cares about you, on march 7th vote TUSC.


  2. Good news that you have decided to stand as candidate for the election, Joe Robinson. Also good news that there ARE people who care about Maltby enough to request an election. despite MTC seemingly trying to keep the vacancy as quiet as possible ! (There was me thinking that my letter and signatures might have been the only ones sent in ! )
    Like the sound of your pledges so far and look forward to hearing more. Would be interested to know if you have attended many meetings of MTC and what your thoughts are.


  3. To maltbyblogger

    I have attended many MTC meetings from being a child due to both of my grandparents at one time being members although I do not share their new labour view. And I actually posted a letter requesting to be considered for cooption when I didn’t find out about the last vacancy until it was too late.
    My thoughts on MTC are that it appears to do little to help its electors during these difficult times. While goverment on a national level is raining down cuts and austerity on us, government at local level should be doing all it can to help but it appears that MTC don’t share that view. Information I have seen seems to show that they have not spent their contingancy budget of 36000 pounds for several years, this is totally the wrong aproach as these funds are actually allocated for times of recession (this is very basic economics). I would also be critical of how little the average man on the street knows about what they do, the MTC web page seems to report nothing and the notice boards I have seen are poorly maintained.
    If elected I would seek to do all we can to improve our town and to help with the issues that matter to people and hopefully seek to use the funds available to provide and improve the things that people care about, such as the bowling greens, parks and our high street.


  4. Thankyou Joe Robinson. It looks like you have MTC summed up perfectly. The situation with greens, parks and the High St needs sorting out as soon as possible before any more money is wasted. There often seems to be a discrepancy between land belonging to RMBC and land belonging to MTC and in reality money gets spent on things that could/should have been paid for by the other council department. Many people in Maltby are unsure of the roles of the town councillors and the borough councillors and the differences between them. If this was made clearer to the electorate then we might have a better turn out for elections, borough and local.
    Best wishes for your candidancy.


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