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Extract from Sarah Champion’s About section, on her website:

“Sarah was born in Essex in 1969 and moved to Northamptonshire in 1977. She attended Prince William Comprehensive School in Oundle and then went on to gain a BA in Psychology at Sheffield University.  Graduating in 1991, Sarah experienced first hand how difficult it can be for young people to get on the career ladder in the middle of a recession.

She showed determination and initiative by volunteering at St Luke’s Hospice and at Abbeydale Road Secondary School, Sheffield supporting art classes, recognizing that experience was as important to employers as qualifications.  That led to her first paid job, running art and environment workshops in schools and libraries for Rotherham Borough Council.  Sarah then gain full time employment running Rotherham Arts Centre until, in 1994, she went to work for Ashfield District Council as their arts worker.  From 1996 – 2008, Sarah ran Chinese Arts Centre.  This was an international agency promoting contemporary arts and culture.  Sarah became heavily involved in promoting diversity and equality, advising the Arts Council of England on this for 8 years.  In addition Sarah was a Trustee and Chair of many arts and community organizations including a community print co-operative, Boojum Theatre Company, Creative Capital and Step Out Arts (which she still Chair.

In 2008, Sarah decided that she wanted her career to have real social benefit and so she became Chief Executive of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.  The Hospice, based in Rotherham, supports terminally ill children and their families.  It was a deep wrench to leave the Hospice, but Sarah’s lifelong commitment to palliative care was demonstrated by her plea for the Government to support children’s hospices in her maiden speech.”

To visit Sarah Champion’s Website click on link :

Spotted by an observant citizen to whom we are grateful.

11 thoughts on “Sarah Champion – Website

  1. Sounds like Sarah Champion was very quick to abandon Rotherham after running Rotherham Arts Centre (Wonder how long she was here for ?) and going to work for Ashfield District Council and then to Manchester for the Chinese Arts Centre. Let’s hope she has gained enough experience of Rotherham and it’s people in the time that she was here as it appears she is another MP who is not keen on living in the area of their constituency.


  2. When I saw this it interested me because it was the job I was in when I left in 1990.
    Sarah then gained full time employment running Rotherham Arts Centre – technically true but she was employed to cover the maternity leave of the post holder of Art Centre manager so she was there a short time with no choice but the leave when the post holder returned to work,. It puzzled me why she made no mention of this work during the by-election campaign.


  3. Glaring error. Bluebell Wood Hospice is in Anston it receives no money from RMBC or from statutory government funding.
    How does one make the giant leap from faffing about for the Arts Council to Chief Exec. of a Hospice? Her ‘lifelong commitment to palliative care’ is a fairy story driven by her ego, otherwise she would still be running the Hospice.


  4. I am also left wondering, why no mention of her Rotherham employment and therefore a strong link to Rotherham, was not made more of during her election campaign?
    A local link concealed, why? We definitely should be told!


    • ‘Graduates’ of CP sign up to the ‘Tell-them-nothing-until-it’s-to-late’ programme. That is their MO and publicising your membership of an organisation dedicated to the overthrow of British independence,freedom of speech and freedom of assembly is not encouraged.


  5. To be honest I don’t believe a childrens hospice should be a charity in the first place, it is that important, it should be directly funded by our tax’s 100%. I have concerns about all these charities springing up all over the place and paying out massive salaries, drawing money from various bodies or from donations. How much did Sarah Champion earn as a chief executive. Charity for me, is giving of your time or money to help worthy causes that you feel strongly about, not an income stream.


    • As Ms Champion said in her Maiden Speech in Parliament:
      ” I am grateful that there is currently a national review of all palliative care funding as it seems deeply unfair that children’s hospices get no statutory support.”
      There is more, recent, information in this written parliamentary answer:

      Whilst I have no idea what Ms Champion earned as CEO Bluebell, they advertised for a replacement CEO at £60-65,000 pa (plus 5% pension contribution and private health insurance! ) .
      This is not excessive given the responsibility and the size of the organisation.


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