Dominic Beck and HS2

RiliLeaks was pleased to receive a contribution by snailmail, drawing attention to a story on the Advertiser website:

Delight at news of South Yorkshire station for high speed trains

Published date: 28 January 2013 | Published by: Tom Sharpe

Cllr Dominic Beck.

NEWS that the HS2 line would have a station at Meadowhall has been welcomed by business leaders.

Rotherham councillor Dominic Beck, Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce’s policy and representation adviser, said: “The Chamber is delighted.

Chancellor George Osborne revealed this morning that the preferred route taken by the £32 billion HS2 scheme would include a station in Tinsley.

Cllr Dominic Beck, Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce’s policy and representation adviser, said: “The Chamber is delighted.

“Infrastructure projects like HS2 create confidence, jobs and competitiveness, as long as commitments and announcements lead swiftly to action on the ground.

“This has been long awaited and we now have seen a real commitment from Government to improve connectivity through major infrastructure projects like this.” Read on……..

Our spotter raises the issue of potential for conflict of interest, between Dominic Beck’s membership of RMBC and his employment with Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber.

For someone so young (20 years) Dominic Beck has done well, but we still think he would have been better in the long run to have completed his studies first, before embarking on a political career.

Dominic Beck’s latest Interests Declaration dated 28 Jan 2013

Sign this petition to stop HS2.

11 thoughts on “Dominic Beck and HS2

  1. Clankety clank, oh dear, hear we go again!!

    Fancy Dombe being in favour of a hair brained scheme like HS2 – yet another class example of wasting public money.

    Oh, Oh, Oh!! There’s a hole in the roof dear and it’s letting water in. Oh and the pipes in the bathroom are leaking. Oh and I’ve just got a shock from the light switch.

    Calm down dear, that is indeed bad news isn’t it, but I know how to fix the problems, let’s go out and buy a new flat screen telly and carpet for the front room; cos at the bottom of the garden is a bottomless pit of money that it is given to us by those poor plebeians who pay their taxes


  2. Rather than wasting money, why don’t we upgrade the core of our existing network and open Victoria again in Sheffield. Current price is 32 billion, multiply by three by the time it is finished. Technology should allow more people to work from home, freeing up existing capacity for tourism. I understand HS2 won’t carry freight. It seems to be aimed at the rich business men, while the tax payer funds the bill. I am more concerned with Sheffield city airport being re opened and the run way extended, so I can fly to New York, which would only cost a few million. Sign this petition to stop HS2.


    • I couldn’t agree more timawells. We should just upgrade the existing infrastructure and hang on to Sheffield Airport. A much cheaper option and more beneficial to all. I think our Dom just likes spending other peoples money!


  3. My My, our “Red till I am Dead”, true red blooded Labourite Party Member, agreeing with the ConDem Government`s flagship policy. I wonder what the Ring Masters at the Big Top Circus have to say about that. Woops Foot and Mouth spring to mind.


  4. It will cause havoc for those residents affected and make them trapped in homes and literally worthless.

    Is money going to be made available for compen.

    How will it affect stability of infra structure ie
    Bridges, viaducts roads and buildings.

    How much will it all eventually cost.

    Will 25 mins make a massive difference for cost.
    Easy to spend others money


    • To be fair to the young person, he is speaking on behalf of his employer the Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce, and not as a RMBC Councillor.


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