Don’t make us laugh?

A comedy piece surely, from the Star?

My deputy is good value for money

Published on Monday 21 January 2013 09:12

I am responding to “Disgruntled Pensioner” (Star letters, 17 January instant) regarding concerns after the announcement of the appointment of a Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire.

While the remuneration for my deputy is from the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s budget, I can assure your readers that not only do I take very great care with any necessary expenditure of my office, but I am held fully accountable for it.

I would like to take the opportunity to point out to your readers that the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner replaces the previous lesser role of 17 Police Authority Members, each of whom received an annual allowance of £12,130, so the combined remuneration for my deputy and myself is far lower than it was previously. Read on……

MacShane – Met Investigation Reopens!

Police to re-open Denis MacShane expenses investigation

piggy-macshaneThe police are to reopen their investigation into claims of expenses fraud against ex-MP Denis MacShane.

Mr MacShane quit as MP for Rotherham last year after admitting using fake receipts to wrongly claim more than £7,000 of parliamentary expenses.

He apologised to his constituents, saying his actions were “grievous”. Read on…..

More, much more in, The MacShane Files.

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Another take – blaming it on link to MacShane?

Political Scrapbook had a different take entirely on the mystery of Moofy’s failure to be selected for the Rotherham seat:

Was local Rotherham candidate kept off shortlist over MacShane links?

11:20am Wed November 14th

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With Labour’s controversial selection process for Rotherham culminating in a walk-out by local party members last night, questions have been asked as to why the leading local candidate was excluded from the shortlist after Labour sources claimed they needed “a clean break from the past”.

Having a literally glittering record for his ten years on Rotherham council, Mahroof Hussain was the obvious omission from a panel of candidates which is set by the party at national level. But local members stormed out of the selection meeting Read on………

Firsby Reservoir – Concerns

This fresh in from Rob Foulds, latest first:

Dear Sirs

I submitted the information request below ten days ago and have not received an acknowledgement.

Can you please confirm by return, that you will be providing the information in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act and within the time allocated by the Act.

Yours faithfully

Robert Foulds

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Rob Foulds
Date: 8 January 2013 13:44
Subject: Firsby Reservoir – Freedom of Information Act

Dear Sirs

The text quoted below is contained within a report, 15th Oct 2012, to Cabinet member and Advisers for Regeneration and Development – see this link

“Firsby Reservoir has been under special observation since concerns over the dam’s integrity were raised earlier this year in the section 10 inspection. On Monday 8th
October subsidence was found in the dam crest.”

Under The Freedom of Information Act, could you please arrange to forward a copy of the report which ensued from the aforementioned “section 10 inspection”

Please arrange to send the information by email.

Yours faithfully

Robert Foulds

Yorkshire Post – Rotherham based Asian sham marriage gang

Rotherham semi was ‘engine room’ of Asian sham marriage gang

A Rotherham address was at the centre of a sham marriage immigration scamA Rotherham address was at the centre of a sham marriage immigration scam
Published on Thursday 17 January 2013 16:04

DOZENS of fake weddings were staged on the sub-continent in a new Yorkshire-based immigration scam to allow Pakistani men to live in the UK, a court heard.

More than 20 Czech or Slovak brides were flown to Pakistan by a Rotherham-based sham marriage gang to wed Asian men who paid for the service.

Phoney weddings were staged in Pakistan with the “brides” posing with their “grooms” for photographs in the pretence they had got married.

One bride went through three fake marriage ceremonies within four months and another had £1,000 in her handbag when she returned to the UK.

Yet another “bride” who went through a sham marriage was already married in the UK.

As overseas nationals the Pakistanis would have been granted leave to live in the UK as “husbands” of their spouses who as EU citizens have the right to live and work here.

The scam came to light when staff at the British High Commission in Islamabad noticed a plethora of documents supporting applications to marry and for settlement and family permit visas were forged and immigration officers began investigating in South Yorkshire.

It emerged the fake weddings took place in different private homes throughout the Mirpur district in the south-west of the Kashmir region. Often the parties married within hours or just a few days of meeting one another.

Operation Razorback led to 18 men and women being convicted after trial or admitting conspiring to breach the UK’s immigration laws or assisting unlawful immigration between August, 2009 and September, 2010. Read on……..

From the BBC: Talib Hussain and Rahina Zaman face sham weddings sentencing

From the Star: Jail sentences for ‘large-scale’ sham marriage scam and South Yorkshire massive sham marriage scam was international

From the Advertiser: Gang jailed for Rotherham sham marriage plot

Posted On: 19 January 2013

EIGHTEEN members of a well organised and professional sham marriage network centred on Rotherham have been sentenced to a total of 26 years imprisonment.