Another view on Jahangir Akhtar – It just gets worse!

Rothpol is grateful for this contribution from a reader. She is clearly alarmed and dismayed to discover the full extent of Akhtar’s unacceptable attitudes, from his own words. Warning! Profanity alert, Jahangir Akhtar’s words are of the very worst kind, click on image left to read:

JA Twitter Feed“Very worried and offended that the deputy leader insults individuals in his own town

Very worried the deputy leader insults and belittles those on benefits and stereotypes older citizens

I’m worried that the deputy leader endorses the worst insults possible (c***, whore) tweeting privately doesn’t mean you can endorse filthy words

‘Councillors will help you irrespective of party affiliations’- no, you can only get help if you voted for the Labour candidates. I am upset that councillors are intimidating and belittling people just because they voted for a different party.

The poor children who suffered grooming are being used as a toy by the deputy leader when he mocks Bradford. Why is he humiliating them even more?

As well as sending this in, because of my worries, I am contacting the council and police because I, as someone who lives in Rotherham should not feel that if I ask a question to the deputy leader that he will use dirty words or intimidate me like he has to the people above.”

The Labour Party asks for our trust and repays us with this disgraceful specimen of humanity?

Quite when will they expel this moron who is single handedly, bringing the whole Labour Party into disrepute! All in the Labour Leaders backyard, doesn’t get worse than that!

Have all of Jahangir Akhtar’s 2509 tweets as a single file, email Rothpol if you would like a copy, for your own amusement or edification.

Is this man for real?

Jahangir ‘Asbo’ Akhtar seems to be revealing more than a little of his true views with this tweet:


The link provided points to a blog called Rotherham Bradford Politics and to this post in particular, Exposing the lies and half truths on Child exploitation.

Rothpol can only surmise that in sharing this post, Akhtar was offering his own endorsement of it’s comments as well as being proud of his own words. His own words can also be found amongst the comments, posted under assumed names.

This would be outrageous enough, if Akhtar were merely a labour member but to have come from a labour borough councillor, currently serving as Deputy Leader and Vice Chair of the South Yorkshire Police & Crime Panel, simply astonishing!

Why is this oaf still on the council?

Extra Time Called on Herringthorpe Plans

Rotherham Politics has learned that extra time has been ordered on the consultation about the current proposals before the Council concerning Herringthorpe.

Why? The Council failed to put an advert in the Advertiser for the second time and this infraction has caused this extension to the consultation period.

In light of this the Council have undertaken to comply with the following; Fresh advertisements will be placed in this weeks Advertiser, followed by another the following week, followed by one week for responses to be made.

We can also report that a petition opposing, signed by 4500 residents, has been handed in already and the petition has now also been re-opened, please sign if asked.

Herringthorpe Playing Fields Community Group

Andrew Norfolk wins Paul Foot Award

Andrew Norfolk of the Times has won this years Private Eye Paul Foot Award for investigative journalism for his two year investigation into the child sexual exploitation phenomenon in Rotherham and Rochdale. Thoroughly deserved!

The Paul Foot Award 2012 – Winner
Andrew Norfolk
The Times
Child sexual exploitation
Andrew Norfolk’s two-year investigation into the targeting, grooming and sexual exploitation of teenage girls by organised groups of men has prompted two government-ordered inquiries, a parliamentary inquiry and a new national action plan on child sexual exploitation.
The investigation revealed a crime model that police and care agencies refused to recognise – that most of the victims were white and a majority of those in identified abuse networks were men of Pakistani origin.
Andrew Norfolk’s powerful articles revealed how the reluctance of agencies to acknowledge and confront a widespread form of abuse in deprived northern communities had broken families and shattered the lives of some of society’s most vulnerable children.
Andrew Norfolk’s reports consistently ran throughout last year, exposing past failures to protect children and prosecute offenders – when detailed intelligence was held about victims and perpetrators. The campaign has been instrumental in forcing all concerned with the protection of children to give a higher priority to cases of sexual exploitation.

Shaun Wright – out of his depth?

Looks like Wright is already out of his depth.

I would have thought as PCC he would have dealt with this without having to refer to the Complaints Commission.


Anston Parish Council Survival Kit


Absolutely Love this!

Anston Parish Council Survival Kit

History made in Rotherham at last nights meeting of Anston Parish Council when a tweeter live tweeted from the meeting. To view the tweets, click on this link to view Love Dinnington on Twitter as it happened!

Great piece of citizen journalism, all our thanks go to @LoveDinnington.