In times of universal deceit?

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.

George Orwell

Unfortunately for us citizens of Rotherham, Orwell’s quotation seems to have great resonance in our Town of today.

The Labour Party has always taken the people for granted, now they seem to have become fond of deploying the most outrageous and despicable untruths, in order to garner future electoral support for themselves, based on downright lies and deceptions!

Why does the Labour Party fail to deal with their completely out of control members?

The likely result? Labour will take a pasting from those, who oppose and utterly reject their ‘old fashioned’, control freakery! There is revolution brewing in parts of our town and it is increasing with every day that passes by.

16 thoughts on “In times of universal deceit?

  1. News just reaching us. In addition to the banned words and phrases list, it is now the case that a ban on councillors names being mentioned on social media has been imposed as well. Surely that can’t be right, can it? Those names in full, ███ , ████ and ████ !


  2. Well it’s high time councillors ███ , ████ and ███ be exposed for their gluttony, stupidity and arrogance. Off with their heads or just boot them out come the local elections. ███ , ████ and ███ are already starting to bully and cajole voters in their wards as they are beginning to fear their days are numbered.
    And while it is almost de rigeur for politicians to have their mistresses dans conseils généraux, someone should remind ███ and ████ that in Rotherham ████ is not regarded as a maîtresse en titre, but merely a tart, and not even a French one at that .


    • Madame Defarge you are a one! I imagine the tart to whom you refer is ███████ ████ . Understand this is one of the worst kept secrets in Town! As are the swirl of rumours concerning ████ ████ ! Hope they are true?


  3. Rumor has it that █ and █ have been given green plastic bags to hide behind when they next attend THT.
    Look what that did for Ian MacGregor

    Sorry to blank out your names, acting under orders! Ed


  4. The news of what’s gone off has caused some merriment with their colleagues, so much so that one individual has taken to her bed due to acute laughing!
    News is that the local press will pixalate any future pictures and an actor has been engaged for voice over’s


  5. ‘Labour will take a pasting from those, who oppose and utterly reject their ‘old fashioned’, control freakery! There is revolution brewing in parts of our town and it is increasing with every day that passes by.’
    I fear not. The sheeple will ignore this hoo-ha and mark their ballot papers in accordance with tradition. We’re working class innit?


    • Perhaps the spirit of Che Guevara or Trotsky and Lenin is afoot!

      Something is stirring comrades, could it end up with revolution by the ballot box?

      Bring on the next elections!
      Power to the people!


  6. Things are going to get scarier. The Home Affairs Committee is coming for the leaders and they will panic. Anticipate shredding. “The camp guards will shoot their inmates and blood (metaphorically) will be let”.Those who were too afraid to blow the whistle will realise that the old guard is lost and will start to play a dirge with their flutes. This I predict for our council leaders “It is a wise man (for they are all men) who takes a holiday and is not be there to receive his P45 in person” Someone may wish they had caught that plane to Dublin, it would all be over with by now..


      • Is it true that some time ago a proposal was put to the Rotherham Labour Group that the Council should lead in calling for a national enquiry into grooming? And that this motion was rejected by a significant majority? If so I would like to praise the councillors who proposed and voted for the motion. It was brave, as I am sure their cards are now marked .

        Secondly I would like to suggest the past minutes of council groups responsible for approving taxi driver applications may well make interesting reading for a student of civic affairs with a few days to kill. As could be the tales of those officers who resourced such groups.


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