Furore – PCC £6,500 home security bill

The Yorkshire Post carried this story in today’s edition:

Police tsar criticised as public foots £6,500 home security bill

By Martin Slack
Published on Tuesday 5 February 2013

ONE of Yorkshire’s recently-elected Police and Crime Commissioners was under fire last night after it emerged taxpayers footed the £6,500 bill for security measures at his family home.

Shaun Wright, also a Labour member of Rotherham Council, is paid £85,000 for the commissioner’s job, and is entitled to a £12,000 councillor’s allowance, which he does not claim.

Last night he defended the cost of a series of security measures at his home in South Yorkshire, and angrily claimed detailed discussion of the issue was “putting his wife and family at risk”. Read on…….

And from the Star: Police commissioner spends £6.5 on security at his South Yorkshire home

13 thoughts on “Furore – PCC £6,500 home security bill

  1. If a risk assessent showed a need for extra security then why did all the past Chairs of the Police Authority not have extra security installed, or did they? Although the Police have said MPs fall into the same category as The Police Commissioner as far as I am aware no extra security has been installed in their homes, or has it?


  2. Councillor shaun right need to be held responsible for the tax money.

    Same charge like Denis Mcshane would be nic hmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Bloody hell does Wright really believe the local hoods are coming for him and his now he is the PCC ? What a load of rubbish , if he needs 6.5 k of security then I think he should install it in every house in South Yorkshire ‘cos if he needs it we all most certainly do too.
    Delusions of grandeur methinks !


  4. Am I seriously to believe that the man who was shoehorned into the post of Police Commissioner did not consider or think about the security implications for himself and his family before he took office? If he failed that simple question I have to wonder what other serious issues he cannot competently carry out or oversee.
    Taxpayers should not have to be responsible for his home security, he is on a short term contract and it is highly unlikely he is high on the hit list of the Mad Mullahs.


    • … but perhaps he’s not aware that Mohammed Abdullah Hassan – the so called “Mad Mullah” died in 1920 and never travelled west of the Ogaden region of Ethiopia.


  5. Where will this end? Will Tracey Cheetham be next? Or Harry Harpham or Rotherham’s very own Jahangir Akhtar be next in the queue to have their homes turned into fortresses?


  6. Firstly, Wright has nothing to worry about security wise as all the main criminals in South Yorkshire are mates of his so why would they make any attempt to raid his home or his family. Secondly, this tosser is no more at risk than any serving police officer. Is he going to offer each and every one of them a free security system at £6,500 each? You can certainly tell he is a founder member of the Rotherham Labour Group using public money to stuff his own pocket even more. They all make me sick!


  7. Do you muppets really think that the PCC is worried about local hoodies steeling his car or his lawnmower? Surely one of you must be sensible enough to trust our Police force. If they carried out a risk assessment of his home and deemed it necessary to have a security system installed at his property putting both his own and his families safety was put first, then so be it. He has been put into a position of responsibility to serve the general public, by the majority of people who turned up to vote and because of that we have to pay for it. As PCC, i have no doubt that he has had to sign the Official Secrets Act and will be privy to information that I’m sure would be very useful to certain type of criminals that we don’t see or even hear about! How many of you would be prepared to put your name, address and telephone number on this site for all to see??


    • A muppet replies:
      What has signing the Official Secrets Act got to do with anything? Even I’ve signed it.
      I signed it when working on a government project in 1966, they made a big deal of it in those days. Over the years since then I’ve worked on 5 or 6 other UK gov. jobs – but nobody ever thought of bringing the subject up.
      But, now you mention it, if PCC Wright does have access to truly sensitive information – as you are suggesting, what level of Security Vetting has he gone through? See: http://www.security-clearance.org.uk/
      My guess is none, though it is common practice to go through it today if you work in the Civil Service in a position of any responsibility.


      • Firstly I’m glad you know you’re a Muppet. Secondly – In 1966????? And working on Govt jobs. Give me a break. Now fast forward yourself into the year 2013 and understand why he might need the security for himself and his family. I don’t see you advertising your name and address for the public to view at will??? And when you mention what security vetting he has gone through and that you guess none, have you any evidence to say he hasn’t gone through any, or are you just proving that you are as your name suggests ??


  8. Dear sheffred
    If PCC Wright needed to protect and secure his home as he thinks he and his family might be at risk From What ??? Then please explain to me why he puts his wife in the limelight where their full address ect would be made public her movements would be available to all in her Councillor duties if she had been elected as a RAWMARSH COUNCILLOR or maybe not she could have kept a low profile like he did when he was the councillor Ha so now we know now why he did it he just might have been a target
    I think he could have paid £6500 out of his £85,000 and not realy missed it dont you
    Now iv been elected in his old seat ware to I apply for my bullet proof car and escort
    You could just not make it up what goes on in the Labour Group
    Shaun Wright 008
    Rodger Stone as M
    Aktar as money penny


    • Firstly your English and spelling is shocking!! Secondly, what makes you think Shaun Wright has PUT his wife into the limelight? As far as I’m aware, her family have been involved in Rotherham Council and local politics longer than you have been alive!! Have you never heard the old saying –
      ‘Behind every great man, is a great women’

      In fact, forget i asked that question, especially as you represent a Right Wing Fascist Party, who will secretly be against equality as much as they are against immigration and integration of societies! In fact as i wrote this, i am thinking the bullet proof car and home security for yourself, might not be such a bad idea. Good luck for the year ahead – You’ll definitely need it!!! 😉


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