Rotherham Taxis – War Looms!

News has reached Rotherham Politics of further strife amongst Rotherham’s Taxi drivers.

On one side are the Hackney Carriage drivers, who are believed backed by Jahangir Akhtar, who was once one of them, and on the other are the far more numerous, Private Hire Taxi drivers, believed backed by Mahroof Hussain assisted by Sajid Bostan the vice chair of the Private Hire Taxi Association and *Mahroof’s brother in law.

There have been a number of meetings recently concerning these disputes between the two different types of Taxis. This is understood to emanate, from promises made to the Private Hire Taxi drivers during last November’s Rotherham By-Election campaign. Promises that would likely be unlawful if implemented, and which would ‘drive a coach and horses’ through the distinction between the two types of taxis!

There have been many concerns raised over this issue and the Licensing Committee certainly have questions to answer about their diligence on behalf of Rotherham’s citizens in respect to the licensing of taxi drivers.

Would like to be a fly on the wall in tomorrows meeting in the Lubyanka! More news later.

From RMBC Website: Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicle (minicab).

*Sajid Bostan has rung confirming that he is not married to Mahroof Hussain’s sister and not therefore, A brother in law. My apologies for any upset caused!

Started the process of reviewing Mondays events and the phone conversations I had with Sajid Bostan, Afzar Afsars and others. Will report on their extraordinary contents later, in a separate posting.

31 thoughts on “Rotherham Taxis – War Looms!

  1. This false information.

    I am the General Secretary of the Rotherham private hire drivers association ,

    All this information is wrong and made up, nothing of this sort is happening
    Where is Rotherham Politics getting these story’s from. You need to be careful false information can lead malicious Conduct


    • Grateful to you Afsars for your comment and for the accompanied phone call. I am much clearer now, about the position and very much agree that the economic troubles lie at the heart of this issue.

      Malicious conduct? My post is not malicious and expresses the concerns of many drivers themselves!


  2. No offence voicing the concerns of the drivers or looking to create conflict between drivers……well even after ur best efforts to try divide the taxi drivers up its not gunna happen……if any thing we taxi drivers are one…..and we will deal with our differences……if you got any issues about certain individuals i suggest you grow a pair and raise them directly……please do not use us hackney and private hire drivers as pawns to push forward ur own ajendas…..if any driver has any issues then they shud be raising them with the association direct… thats their purpose….


    • Using “hackney and private hire drivers as pawns to push forward ur own ajendas,” That must be one of your jobs?

      Big mo, haven’t you used that identity before? Turned out to be Vakas Hussain last time it was used, is that you Vakas, this time?


  3. Afsars “Choota Charlie” (which I’m told means you can’t believe a word he says) was a committee member of the Rotherham private hire association 2008-10 and was sacked from his position because of gross misconduct, bringing the association into disrepute and maligning other taxi drivers. Saj “Ten Bellies” Bostan failed the taxi drivers when they needed him most. “Ten Bellies” resigned his post just before an important meeting with the council and said he couldn’t handle the stress from the taxi drivers. I have been able to read the Rotherham private hire Association Constitution both “Choota Charlie” and “Ten Bellies” are ineligible to hold any post in the Association. They are Akhtar’s Yes men, chosen because they can be bought.


  4. Have a number of comments I will be publishing, together with appropriate responses to their substantive points, in a post later today.

    One point I will make here, is that no matter how many ways those who don’t welcome exposure on this blog, make accusations of racism against myself, doesn’t make it true!


  5. In 2009 Sajid Bostan resigned & Azhar Afsar was sacked by Rotherham Private Hire Drivers Association for serious misconduct.
    Who elected these two thugs to represent the majority of law abiding taxi drivers.
    The election was due in November 2012.
    why hasnt the election taken place.
    Mansha Hussain ASBO Jahngir Akhtar’s puppet is representing the Hackney Assocition on monday.
    Why is Mansha, a taxi driver in Sheffield representing Rotherham Hackney Association ?


  6. My friend im just a taxi driver….but would like to rasie a few points i commend the tell tail stories of your made up garbage. truly fasinating……u must be yet another journalist making little stories up….your arguments have nooo substance….what suprises me is you continue ur anslaught on jhang and his soo called crew if they were sooooo bad dont u thnk they would have been thrown out by now…..

    I just thnk ur bitter because you havent accomplished wht has been done by these individuals who are seen as pillers of thier communities….

    Also wernt you a labour candidate and didnt u work for the coincil previously……


    • Pillars of their communities? Pull the other one!

      Rothpol has never been a candidate at any public election for any political party, nor as an independent, for that matter.
      I have never worked for any Council, let alone RMBC. Someone’s telling porkies?


      • Rothpol never been a councillor??? Lol I recall you telling this site specifically that once upon a time u was a labour guy, but did not agree with their changing policies so u left them.. And now u deny that??? Lol sums up this whole blog in a nutshell now… so was it a lie back then, or are you trying to hide something now???


        • I was indeed a member of the labour party from 1982 to 1999 when I resigned my membership.

          Not all members of the labour party are councillors, I wasn’t and I have never been a candidate in any public election.


      • Careful!

        You never know but “porkies” might be (unintentionally) considered racist; might be better to describe the allegations as “Fibs”. : – ()


      • A Regular Reader- why would porkies be racist? I know for a fact Rothpol is not racist, nor is the blog affiliated with any party. Rothpol’s very tolerant, I wouldn’t allow some of this contempt on my blog, I think Rothpol should purge the ‘over political correctness’ brigade off here.


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  8. To Rothpol, It looks like you’ve hit a nerve, they’re wheeling out all the usual excuses and unfounded accusations to take the focus off the real issues. Keep it up and you have my full support.


  9. Rothpol, notice anything worrying about the comments from big mo, `another journalist making little stories up`?
    What is he trying to play down and cover up?
    Makes you think.


    • Truth Hurts.
      The Asian community is being represented by Cllr “Look, Duck & Vanish MBE” Hussain and Cllr ASBO Akhtar and are supported by their cronies such as Azhar “Choota Charlie”, Sajid “Ten Bellies” Bostan and Mansha “Hamster” Hussain. I am sure the asian community are sick and tired of these thugs. Its time for a change. Why is “Choota Charlie” and “Ten Bellies” representing the Private Hire Association when they have been sacked for serious misconduct ?. How is “Ten Bellies” brother Majid Bostan who has a criminal record as long as an andrex toilet roll and has served a number of years in prison, driving around as a taxi driver in rotherham. A quiet word from ASBO Aktar and “Look, Duck & Vanish MBE” Hussain to the Licensing Department secured his license. Ps. “Ten Bellies” is married to ex-sister in law and cousin to Hussain.


  10. There are large numbers of comments recently left here, that we cannot possibly publish at least without edits.

    Mostly these comments, even to my untutored eye, are very likely either defamatory, or even grossly defamatory, in nature.

    Should any commenter feel their comments have gone unreasonably unpublished, then feel free to contact me, preferably by email.


    • Lol way happened to this ring a blog for all?? Seems as if mr rothpol piks and chooses what is allowed to appear on a page. Seems like u are afraid of an intelligent discussion, forget intelligent, just a simple discussion. Intelligence is way off your radar. Shows how “unbiased” you are. Thanks 🙂


  11. Why are ‘Shak’ and ‘Big Mo’ responding to posts in half-text (kind of) English?? Text speak is OK if you cannot spell or cannot be bothered to use a proper keyboard. If either of these two persons is claiming to represent or speak on behalf of taxi drivers in any serious negotiations I can forsee failure on their part. Before they get their nappies in a knot and and accuse me of elitism and/or racism perhaps they should consider that proper use of English always gets a better response.
    Abuse always fails.


  12. Good points Simon and Colin Tawn.
    Interesting Colin, I am debating your point of the use of the English language in other places too. It IS important that we use appropriate language and sentence structure in different situations. If we don’t then we do not communicate effectively and misunderstandings arise. It seems that this is happening here.
    Akhtar, are you our very own Dep Leader Cllr Akhtar or another of the same family ?


  13. To Maltbyblogger, No It’ s not Asbo Akhtar or a relative if his. You must have misread my comment, otherwise you would have seen that I’m critical of Asbo Akhtar’s taxi cronies. They are being led by the nose and he’s already made promises that he can’t keep but in their greed and blindness they can’t see him for what he is.


  14. Thanks for your reply Akhtar. I didn’t misread your comments nor did I use the word ‘Asbo’. As there are commenters on here who use more than one name I was merely trying to make things crystal clear. Perhaps with your insight into the situation, the taxi drivers in question might become enlightened too.


  15. Akhtar – I didn’t say anything about “using Asbo’.
    I prefer not to use the term anyway as in my experience many behaviours that are classed as “Anti social ” are in fact plainly criminal and so I would rather use a more appropriate terminology to describe them.


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