Rotherham councillors face Twitter ban

“COUNCILLORS are facing a ban from using social networking websites during meetings.
Members of Rotherham Council have been using Twitter on their mobile phones – but there has been criticism on the practice.
Opponents say it is distracting councillors from business during meetings.
A Rotherham Council spokesman said: “Councillors are not meant to have mobile phones on in council meetings.”

No wonder they have been banned especially when you find out that one very senior Elected Member was pictured on a Tweet with the despicable and hurtful headline:

‘exposing the lies and half truths on child exploitation’.

Anyone seen a link from the RMBC website to any sources of information on how to protect children from grooming?

No, still waiting!

A pity they couldn’t spend more time informing the public than distributing vile and hurtful Tweets!



5 thoughts on “Rotherham councillors face Twitter ban

  1. “… distracting councillors from business …”

    Er, doesn’t that imply they would actually ‘understand’ the business before them?

    Come on, let ’em twitter twatter, it couldn’t possibly have a worsening effect.


  2. “Councillors are not meant to have mobile phones on in council meetings.”
    The question is; Why is’nt the ban on mobile phones enforced during council meetings? Or does the title ‘Councillor’ mean you are not subject to the rules and are free to be discourteous?
    How sad that elected representatives cannot conduct themselves properly during meetings which could have bearings on our future.


  3. What is more than sad is that Rotherham Council,unlike Barnsley Council, will not allow the people on whose behalf they are supposed to be acting for, to watch its meetings via a webcast! Just what are they afraid of!


  4. At the last count there was only a couple of RMBC Councillor’s who actually received £12.500 a year all the rest have some ‘chair’ or ‘special responsibility’ allowance. Most of ’em actually rob us of about £23.000 – nice work if you can get it!!!


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