Rotherham Taxis – War Looms! That Comment

The following comment has been left on the post Rotherham Taxis – War Looms!:

This identically worded comment has been left by Akram Ali, Afsars and Anonymous, clarification all three were left by af54azs:

“This information is completely false and wrong. Mr Rotherham Politics please don’t spread false rumours. I was at the meeting and the people who were their are:
Cllr Gerald Smith
Cllr Barry Dodson
Cllr Peter Wooten
Cllr Rose McNealy
Chris Stone (head of enforcement)
Strategic Director for Highways
Debra Braggs (licensing manager)

Cllr Mahroof Hussain and Cllr Jahanghir Akhtar were not there and have nothing to do with this. I want to know why you mention their names? Are you racist and don’t like Asian Cllr’s? I ask this because you don’t mention the white indigenous Cllr’s who were there; but mention Asian cllrs who weren’t even there? What is your agenda? We should be told!! We also want to know who your source is? We don’t want people spreading lies causing devisions amongst the taxi drivers.

One more thing I want to ask you Mr Rotherham Politics. Why have you mentioned Sajid Bostans name? He is not Cllr Mahroof Hussain brother in law. That’s a lie. Secondly why have you mentioned the vice chairman and not the chairman Rafaqat Hussain? RPHDA would be grateful if you could provide the answers to our questions. We don’t need your help with our economic concerns Mr Rotherham Politics.
Thank You”

Taking the points in order as they appear above in the text, but not necessarily in order of importance:

You make mention of a specific meeting, Rothpol did not! Rothpol was referring to meetings plural, not one specific meeting. Your references to one meeting in particular though has given readers new information, for which we are grateful.

You ask the following questions:

“Are you racist and don’t like Asian Cllr’s?”

The simple answer is, Rothpol is no racist! Just read Rotherham Politics. Endless repetition of this tired accusation does not make it true! Nor will it deflect us from dealing with difficult issues as they arise.

“What is your agenda? We should be told!!”

Rotherham Politics has no party political agenda but exists to bring news of a political nature to readers that is, hopefully, both topical and informative.

“We also want to know who your source is?

There is no who, but a number of separate sources, all of whom enjoy our protection. Rothpol will not give up it’s sources to anyone, to expect anything else of us, is extraordinarily naive.

Started the process of reviewing Mondays events and the phone conversations I had with Sajid Bostan, Afzar Afsars and others. Will report on their extraordinary contents later, in a separate posting.

34 thoughts on “Rotherham Taxis – War Looms! That Comment

  1. This is typical of the racist Asian taxi drivers. I’ve seen it before in Sheffield when they couldn’t get their own way, they rioted outside West Bar Police Station. They are just corrupt bullies who will tell any lie to try and justify their cause.


  2. Unfortunately there are a select few minorities who like to play the racism card, akin to a child throwing their toys out of their pram – I detest racism but I even more detest the politically correct society we live in that allows some people to do these things. Childish.


  3. It may seem racist but it is quite true! I am sick of being branded racist by these people who are far more racially prejudiced then most non-Asians. They turn any agenda into a racial issue as this person has. Look at his comment, “Are you racist and don’t you like Asian Cllr’s.” Wake up and smell the coffee regular reader!


  4. Not that old chestnut again.
    Save yourself the hassle Rothpol by banning those who practise racism freely and those who claim racism frivolously.


  5. Aren’t we all Omar, aren’t we all, but it’s the tolerance in this country which allows the intolerance of these Asian bigots to continue.


    • To Jim Fletcher, your comments reek of prejudice, if not out and out racism. why call the Sheffield taxi drivers “racist asian taxi drivers” ? Why not just racist taxi drivers ? Why asian bigots? why not just bigots ? It follows I wouldn’t call you a white racist, i’d just say racist.


    • Racism accusations unfortunately, are a little more serious than you could possibly imagine. (understatement!)

      Fear of being accused of racism, is at the heart of the problem we now face in Rotherham and is the issue highlighted by Anne Cryer, when she spoke at the HASC.

      The cycle of fear that permeates our borough, has meant a culture of impunity has developed. This situation is unacceptable to any right thinking person, no matter what their personal politics are and cannot go unchallenged.


      • Oxford Dictionary Online Definition of Racism : the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. If Jim Fletcher is not racist then why do his comments give you the impression he is talking about all asian taxi drivers OR all asians ? . If he didn’t want people to be offended by his comments he would make sure his language was crystal clear. If he was to clearly single out the thugs and bigots then I would have no trouble in agreeing with his message. Then we could all focus on the thugs and bigots and not comment on him. You don’t need to be afraid of being accused of racism, because any rational straight thinking person can see through these unfounded accusations. Lets discuss the issue at hand and see how we can bring it to the attention of the wider public and open their eyes to what is being done in their name.


  6. Oxford Dictionary Online Definition of Racism : the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. If Jim Fletcher is not racist then why do his comments give you the impression he is talking about all asian taxi drivers OR all asians ? . If he didn’t want people to be offended by his comments he would make sure his language was crystal clear. If he was to clearly single out the thugs and bigots then I would have no trouble in agreeing with his message. Then we could all focus on the thugs and bigots and not comment on him. To RothPol : : You don’t need to be afraid of being accused of racism, because any rational straight thinking person can see through these unfounded accusations. Lets discuss the issue at hand and see how we can bring it to the attention of the wider public and open their eyes to what is being done in their name.


    • My dear Akhtar. Who mentioned anything about the inferiority or superiority of any particular race, certainly not me, so why quote this definition? I feel you are only quoting it to try and make my comments appear racist instead of what is intended.
      Let me make it clear, my intention is to bring to the fore, along with Rothpol, the fact that these people we are referring to, use their ethnicity to enable them to cover up criminal acts and acts which corrupt our political system, knowing that those empowered to stop it will fail to do so for fear of being branded racist.


  7. Rothpol is a person that practices tolerance equality and fairness not talks about it.

    I wonder if these people who throw cheap and unfounded jibes are racist themselves?

    For the record
    Where do you stand on role of womens rights?
    are you homophobic?


  8. I directed my previous comment to Jim Fletcher not Rothpol. MY beliefs on other subjects doesn’t negate Jim Fletcher’s comment. He admits ‘it may seem racist’ in a further comment. I think most people will see through your feeble attempt at deflecting the questions I posed to Jim Fletcher.


  9. To Rothpol. Why have you posted a comment by Jim Fletcher written 13/2/13 4:50pm and my comment sent 13/2/13 9:35am is still awaiting moderation.


  10. Can’t wait to read your post about Saj and Azar and what they said to you over the phone. Knowing them for many years, my money is on the fact they tried to threaten you to take off the comments and articles. If you don’t then I’m sure there will have been some threat made. That’s the kind of guys you dealing with Rotherham Politics. Don’t be frighten its nothing more then hot air and any way we are with you. Asbo Akhtars hench men is what these two really are.
    Just like the school playground bully, you stand up to them they will leave you alone if not they will walk all over you!! Expose these power hungry men for what they exactly are!!!


    • Thanks for your comment Sadaqat. Fortunately I have lived long enough to have realised the consequences of bullies getting to the top in politics, or workplaces. Rotherham Borough Council is afflicted by examples of both!

      Time for those Rotherham examples, Jahangir Akhtar and Mahroof Hussain, to understand that their control freak behaviour and bullying of critics cannot continue!

      Anyone who thinks that intimidation will work with Rothpol are sadly mistaken and I am sure their days are numbered, as everyone will soon know the full truth about these two playground tyrants and their henchmen!


  11. To Rothpol. After reading other posts on your site I get the impression Jim Fletcher is a friend of yours and therefore is afforded “protection” from difficult comments. In the future I would advise you to carefully scrutinize his comments before posting them. I know many like minded people who want to see the back of Asbo Akhtar but cannot stomach some of the rants and ravings which border on or even hint of racism. We must and can be better than the racist Asbo and his racist followers. You can’t call them racists and then publish such comments. Yours is the first and sadly will be the last blog I will be posting on. Good luck with your efforts in exposing the thugs and bigots.


    • I am sorry if any of your previous comments are currently held up in moderation.

      There have been too many using Akhtar as a pseudonym, for them all to be genuinely from yourself.

      Please email Rothpol indicating which comments are yours, a cut and paste of the comments into the email would greatly assist and they will be reconsidered.

      A tip for all new commenters that wish to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym, when leaving a comment for the first time.
      Please email Rothpol to confirm you are real and then to enter the same email address when leaving a comment so I can tell you all apart and to ensure prompt publication. This email address will only be used as a unique identifier and for no other purpose and can only bee seen by Rothpol.


    • Dear Akhtar, you are attempting to do exactly what your namesake (if indeed you are not the same person) and Hussain are trying to do with your threats. I do not receive “protection” as you call it from Rothpol and neither do I need it. I am old enough to protect myself but you certainly are acting like your namesake. I don’t like bullies and if you are not a friendly neighbourhood councillor, Akhtar then have the guts to identify yourself.


  12. @Sadaqat come on you know this is not true. Sajid and Azar have never ever bullied anyone. They have always fought hard to represent the driver. If it was not for Saj and Azar and the rest of the association we would still be doing fares for £2.10 for the first mile and earning no where near enough to afford our rent, petrol and insurance let alone pay for our homes, bills, food and kids. I don’t no why people are complaining about the association because yes we have our economic problem but so does every other person in the country. After all we are in a recession. This Rotherham Politics has his own agenda against the Jahanghir and Mahroof and is using us taxi drivers to so his work for him. We taxi drivers don’t want to be part of this Rotherham Politics proxy war and people like you Sadqat are to stupid and bitter to see the wood for the trees. I must add that Mahroof and Jahnghir have never ever bullied people. This is a huge lie Rotherham Politics. Both these two men work very hard for Rotherham and they don’t care of you black, white, Asian they will help everyone. I have been friends with Mahroof since I was 5 when we lived up on St Leonard’s place. I have never ever seen him bully any one ever. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet who works so hard for all of the Rotherham and not just the Pakistani community. Jahanghir is also some one I know well from days as a hackney driver and when I used t train at his brother Shabs martial arts academy, and he also has never bullied anyone. He is also another very nice man who works hard for Rotherham. It’s about time you showed us some evidence two prove that Azar, Sajid, Jahanghir and Mahroof and “control freak” and “bullies” cause if not, and am sure you will no better than me Rotherham Politics, calling people such stuff without proof is classed as defamation.


  13. I would recommend that you stop throwing your toys at each other and ask why there are so many out-of-town plated taxis picking up fares across the Borough?
    That’s where your energies should be channeled.

    Talk about having your heads in the sand, no wonder takings are down.


    • “Don’t shoot the messenger”

      Rothpol is merely the messenger here.

      In a democracy, such as ours, asking questions is an integral part of it in action. Indeed, asking questions it the only real weapon in the armoury of the citizen.

      Citizen journalism will eventually become the norm, rather than the exception.

      Asking questions and reporting the answers, is what we do on Rotherham Politics. No one has an exemption from this, no matter who they are.

      Wherever the ‘peoples business’ is being transacted, a blog will emerge.


  14. @Anonymous. look beyond your pocket for one minute. Private hire Drivers have many more concerns than just their takings. Incidentally I know many taxi drivers who say they have been suffering from the recession and the ban on smoking since before 2008. The deal to increase fares was chaired by Asbo Akhtar in 2012. You wouldn’t be criticized in asking ‘where was he in 2008,….2009,…..2010,…..2011 ? Some may say there was strong resistance from the four bases, not so shiny GoldStar, Phoenix, not so Fast 4s and Martini. Yes, of course there was. What changed ? Asbo Aktar and Look duck and……moofy ?…… I can’t be bothered to keep retyping it. (Could we change it to something shorter? ) decided they would start grooming that “Pillar of the Community” Sajid “Ten Bellies” Bostan. They would promote him to the public for the soon to be vacant Boston Ward seat, probably 2015 when Moofy moves to Rother Valley. So how to make an impact ? Well thought Asbo ‘It’s pretty easy to bully people, done it before, why don’t I engineer a price rise and then place it at the feet of Ten Bellies ?’ I’m told a couple of bases resisted but after being threatened of being exposed as the hold outs, reluctantly gave in. “Ten Bellies” didn’t give a monkeys about the drivers he agreed to any and all of the bases’ conditions. Firstly increased rent by as much as $25. (my keyboard needs setting up) and Starting price to begin at $2 and NOT $3 as was agreed.
    So now the stage is set. If you google Sajid Bostan you will get 5 or 6 instances on the first page. He’s part of this or that group, he’s in the doncaster paper or cab direct, he’s photographed with the Police or Council. come on people your being used. Why is Ten Bellies being photographed every where he’s only the vice chair ? Why would any one in their right mind vote for Ten Bellies ? Everyone one who knows him, knows he’s just a big mouthed thug. Mark my words you’ll regret it when it comes to pass, but you’ve never been too discerning, you voted in Dennis MacShane for 18 years and don’t get me started on Asbo. Tell Sajid “Ten Bellies” Bostan we can do better much better.


  15. @Rothpol read my comment carefully it will make sense to you. You are being defamatory to Mahroof, Azar, Jahanghir, and Sajid by calling then “bullies” and “control freaks” when this is one big lie. If you want to call these guy such things then show us proof and evidence they are bullies and thugs??? If sajid and azar want to sue you for these lies and malicious comments on your website then we the members are happy for them to use our association funds to defend themselves and the reputation of our association. Can you explain to me why you are so bothered about the taxi drivers all of a sudden? I have been a taxi driver for 23 years now working for
    Both private hire and hanckey, but have never heard of Rotherham Politics and what they have done for taxi drivers. This Is another lie that hackney and private hire taxis are at war. There is no problem between us. Get your facts right Rotherham Politics. The only reason you are writing about taxi drivers is because you hate Jahnghir and Mahroof and you want to use us Taxi drivers to try and ruin the reputation of two excellent councillors. We demand that you give show us evidence that these four men are thugs and bullies are you and some of the commenters claim!! If you can’t then as members of the Private Hire Association we are happy for Sajid and Azar to seek legal advice about some of the stuff on here. We will not have you ruin the hard work the association has done for us working class, low paid taxi drivers.


  16. The Association is there for drivers, to further their aims. What have Choota Charlie and Ten Bellies done for the drivers since they hi-jacked the Association nearly a year ago ? Again, when were they elected ? Why has there been no election in November 2012, as per the constitution ? All you see from these low lives is smoke and mirrors. There’s a lot going on but there are absolutely NO results.


  17. Shazad I am afraid I cannot publish your last comment.

    It breaches our comments policy in respect of your statements having elements of a defamatory nature. I cannot publish comments containing known libels!


  18. Shazad your latest comment contains the same libel as you mentioned in your previous comment.

    How many ways can I tell you are wrong and it would be unwise to publish your false accusations anywhere else!


  19. Dear Rotherham Politics I am still waiting for you response from my comment last night. Your repose is much appreciated. The message which I await response is to the following comment:
    Nothing I have said is defamatory. But you can post this because there nothing defamatory in this. All I will say is the above poster using the name of Akhtar is ……. rest of this sentence removed due to inaccuracy and libellous nature, Ed. Also if you could respond to the questions I asked you in my last comment I would appreciate and hugely welcome a response.


  20. Talking about the 2015, Boston castle elections. Rumour suggests it won’t be ten bellies promoted but Moofy’s nephew. This is already youth leader. Gift with gab he may have, but we all know he is a waking talking Moofy Jnr! Funnily enough this nephew ‘Muhbeen Hussain’ also is studying politics in university this year. Surprise…. Surprise. Moofy building the Moofy heritage!


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