The TUSC campaign in Maltby is underway

This is a press release from the TUSC campaign:

On Sunday the campaign began for TUSC in Maltby, where Joe Robinson is standing in the North ward for Maltby Town Council. The ward was leafleted on Sunday, outlining who Joe is, his policies and some information about TUSC in Rotherham.

On Monday a stall was set up in the morning near Tesco, where leaflets were handed out to voters about the election, and also a petition on NHS cuts in Rotherham which was quite well received, pictured below.


After the stall a larger portion of the ward was leafleted – many households in the ward should now have received a leaflet, with further campaigning planned at the weekend. Policies outlined include the saving of the bowling greens and tennis courts in Maltby and improving the conditions of parks and greenspaces in the town. Joe has given support to a community group aimed at a new play area for children around the New Estate. Greater transparency and accountability between MTC and the residents of Maltby is also called for and pledged in the leaflet.

The public seem to be quite pleased, being part of the campaign myself I’ve spoke to a few people who like what Joe is standing for and are glad there is a Labour alternative standing in Maltby. No sign of the other candidate, Jeanette Mallinder, yet – whether she’ll be campaigning or not is unknown, for now.

26 thoughts on “The TUSC campaign in Maltby is underway

  1. I hope that Maltby people are going to ensure that the candidates they vote for have their interests ahead of RMBC and the Labour party. The good folk of Anston seemed to have woken up to the fact, that if we aren’t careful our green belt is going to be built all over. The meeting at Anston was abandoned after dissent from a resident, who didn’t feel that he was getting a fair response to his question to them. The police were called to eject him, which resulted in the rest of us breaking off into groups to discuss the major issues. At the meeting we were told that Anston Parish council would vote “for” or “against” the core strategy at their next meeting, but on the way out a councillor said that wouldn’t happen. If the vote doesn’t happen at the next meeting, then I believe we were lied to.


  2. Why would anyone vote for a candidate with political beliefs aligned with the Morning Star?
    Joe Robinson, like many other candidates ,seems to forget that IF he is elected his lone voice can and will be outvoted by his fellow councillors. He may well be an upright and honest person who wants to do his best for his local area but he will face reality when it comes to trying to get extra money for his pet projects and/or opposing what the left so lovingly term the ‘savage cuts’.
    Have’nt we got enough political extremists in our midst?


      • Living within your means.
        Alistair Darling on 24th March 2010: ‘ warned spending cuts after 2011 would be the “toughest for decades”.
        If you remember Darling wanted to raise VAT to 20% in November 2009 but Mc
        Doom told him to ‘leave it to the Tories’
        Darling would have had to take the same actions as Osborne. If you are bankrupt you stop spending.


      • Hi Colin, thanks for your interesting reply.
        Neither Labour in its time in government nor the current government come out of this mess very well, and whilst I have much respect for Darling, I have none for Gordon Brown, and I think Osborne is an obnoxious twat – so hopefully that’s the politics out of the way.
        You imply that UK is bankrupt: well the 10 year Gilts yield was today at 2.21%, I wish I could borrow at that rate, and I’m definitely not bankrupt.
        The Vat rate: The increase in the Vat rate to 20% turned out to be a shot-in-the foot. It depressed demand and in consequence has had a negative impact on VAT yield.

        I find that this recent article makes a good and convincing read:
        Try reading it.

        PS did you realise that VAT was a French invention and imposed on us British when we joined the EU? Before that we had a simple “Purchase Tax” – akin to the US state-level “Sales Tax”.


    • Actually the morning star supports the communist party of britain. In response to your “lone voice” comment; you may be right but I will still vote no to all cuts and try all I can for the community, because its the right thing to do. I may be a lone voice now, but not for long. TUSC is only 3 years old and is growing all the time, in 2015 when all MTC is elected I expect there to be several TUSC candidates, all standing for what is best for Maltby.


      • Thanks for your reply Joe.
        ‘all standing for what is best for Maltby’. Sentiments expressed by every candidate seeking political office, nothing wrong with that but………..BIG but…………..If you discover MTC needs,for example £50k to improve a facilityor facilities for the residents of Maltby and the money is not there or refused, what then? You cannot ask residents to pay any extra money neither can you sell any council assets and you do not not believe in private financing so whilst your intentions are good and honourable and despite how many TUSC candidates are elected if the pot is empty what is your answer?


        • Either I cannot express myself properly in my mother tongue or there is clearly a misunderstanding.
          1) I have no personal animosity towards Joe Robinson.
          2) TUSC is,like the BNP and SWP on the fringes of mainstream politics, nothing wrong with that you may argue but what difference has the election of a BNP candidate made to the people of Maltby?
          3)@ alistair trice; Do you honestly believe a Labour government would not have imposed cuts?
          Whatever party you vote for has to try and balance the books and I get the impression from your post that you seem to believe all our economic problems started after May 2010. Wrong, they started in 2007.
          4)@ anne pleberous. Did I say he should not have an agenda? My comment was Robinson’s and TUSC’s agenda is at the extreme end of politics.
          You do not have to like what I write but I am allowed my opinion as you are allowed yours.
          I am responsible for what I write, not what you infer.


      • ex·trem·ist n.
        One who advocates or resorts to measures beyond the norm, especially in politics.
        extemist n.
        radical,activist, militant ,enthusiast, fanatic, devotee, diehard, bigot, zealot.


  3. I forgot to add the following;
    No-one has contradicted my point about Robinson being a member of an extreme left-wing organisation (TUSC are not a political party)
    ‘ For the Socialist Party the importance of TUSC lies above all in its potential as a catalyst in the trade unions, both in the structures and below, for the idea of working class political representation. It can also play a role in drawing together anti-cuts campaigns, environmental campaigners, anti-racist groups etc. It is, however, only secondarily a vehicle for developing ‘left unity’, in other words, of socialist organisations collaborating for specific goals, or ‘left regroupment’, the bringing together of different socialist groups into one organisation.’

    ‘Nuff said.


  4. After posting this post, telephone feedback, has commonly referred to my supposed support for TUSC and my supposed previous support for the Respect Party.

    I will try and respond to those issues.

    Rotherham Politics blog, nor the person of Rothpol, is a member of, nor even supporter, of any organised political grouping. RP publishes everything that we learn about that is felt to be of interest to readers and we also believe to be true. Publication of any story should not be taken as any endorsement of the cause being reported upon. That’s it!


  5. The unfortunate situation that we in Maltby find ourselves in with Maltby Town Council is that many of us, who understand the real goings of of the council, feel almost desperate about having some change. The scenario with the Labour Party councillors has gone on for too long for some to remember, but the fact is that even when some “independants” were elected, they either had their own agenda or were easily/forcibly ‘persuaded’ to either toe the line or resign.
    Co opting their “own choice” or lining up a “friend” for election has been the norm for many years. Fairly recently both co optees and elected have not been able to cope with the pressure of those who believe they ARE the council and their wishes are to be obeyed at all cost (resignation of Andrew Searson within a year of co option and the reason behind the current town councillor vacancy, to name just two) Even the Town Clerk, who came into the job with great ideas and enthusiasm has been brow beaten to the point of defeat and has on more than one occasion asked for help because she was “going under”.

    It is all very well to stand at a distance and say
    “No-one has contradicted my point about Robinson being a member of an extreme left-wing organisation (TUSC are not a political party) ”

    My personal belief is that ANY one who is on the side of openness, honesty and integrity and lives and works in a lawful manner, will be more than welcome as a Maltby Town Councillor.
    The other candidate Jeanette Mallinder, has as yet still not distributed any information about herself or her views and also does not live in Maltby. This doesn’t appear to me to be someone who is either keen or suitable to be on MTC.
    Surely all we can do in Maltby is give someone the benefit of the doubt, in the hope that their commitment as a councillor will be for the benefit of Maltby and not themselves.


    • If you read the link I posted there is no doubt TUSC candidates have their own agenda. I also did not criticise Joe Robinson’s integrity as a resident of Maltby. I must ask you a question mb;If a BNP candidate was standing-and had the same qualities as Mr.Robinson- would you still be so effusive in your praise of him/her?
      Opposite end of the political extremist spectrum IMV.


    • Jeanette is a member of the Labour Party despite standing with no party description. She has ambitions for Rotherham Borough Council so is aiming to get started on a local level. After failing in her native Hellaby parish she’s now having a pop at Maltby parish. Is she bothered about Maltby? No, most likely not; personal gain is the aim for her here.


  6. Of course TUSC candidates have their own agenda, its called policies and TUSC’s are clearly to oppose cuts in jobs and services being imposed by the Con-Dem coalition and being passed on by Labour councils like Rotherham. If that’s extremist then I think you’ll find that most people are becoming extremists! Why should ordinary working class people pay for the economic crisis caused by the greed of bankers and speculators? Joe Robinson as the TUSC candidate has been upfront that he became a Socialist Party member because he was disllusioned with New Labour being hardly any different to the Tories. One voter rang today to say that he’d been lifelong Labour but had stopped voting because of disillusionment, but would vote for Joe as a socialist. If people in Maltby vote for Joe, they will know what he stands for. You can’t say that yet about the other candidate!


  7. Colin Tawn – I have read the link that you posted and I have not said that Joe Robinson does NOT have his own agenda. Neither was I “effusive in praise of him/her” (if you read what has been posted in various places you will see that there is no need for your ” /her” words)

    You appear to have missed the point that I was making about the situation in Maltby and with the Town Council. This as has been said, easily happens when opinions are given without full,knowledge of the situation.

    In answer to your question regarding a BNP candidate standing, my view is yes, as this actual situation has come about in Maltby in the recent past. Maltby had a BNP Cllr Will Blair representing them at RMBC.

    Perhaps you would care to read posts from my blog (links below) which will verify my opinion and also some historical facts.


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  9. @regular reader.
    The gilts yield is at that level to help us maintain our AAA rating. Raising the VAt rate is, as you are aware an indirect tax rise ie: a tax on what you spend and whilst it may be a ‘shot in the foot’ the incoming government -of whatever political persuasion- in 2010 had no option. Yes I was aware that both Heath and Wilson accepted the imposition of Vat to replace Purchase Tax as part of the agreement to be accepted into (then) the Common Market.


    • “The gilts yield is at that level to help us maintain our AAA rating.”
      Others might think that the yield rate reflects the rating rather than the reverse, just as in personal finance the interest rate you are charged reflects your credit score.

      But everyone has a right to their own opinion.


  10. Funny that! Everyone has an agenda, whether political party or individual. To knock Joe Robinson for having ‘an agenda’ is crackers. If he didn’t have an agenda he wouldn’t be much use to the people of Maltby. He is clear what his agenda is, he is open about his allegiances and says what he will try to do. What more does anyone want from any candidate at whatever level? More of this in national politics would be welcome.


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