Vakas Hussain in his own words – pleasant chap?

Vakas Hussain is one of Moofy’s nephews, currently a post graduate student studying criminal litigation in London.

Strange then, that his name keeps appearing on our radar associated with some of the most outrageous public utterances on Facebook and elsewhere.

Today we bring you some Facebook contributions Vakas made when trying to intimidate a critic. Rothpol apologises in advance for the unacceptable language used by Vakas Hussain in the following:

22 November 2012
“So give me names of people who have told you this and I will make sure he say sorry to them. If you don’t tell me who these people are then I can’t sort this out. You get what I mean?”

30 November 2012
“Yo milkshake all I want to say is your a fucking lier you silly wanker chatting bullshit. Laughing my fucking ass off at the spanking respect got. Seems like you wasted your time campaigning. Stupid bus and truck dint do shit for ya. So glad respect will fuck of back to Bradford now.
No thanks to joeys like you. Respect, galloway and ridley will be no where to be seen tomorrow and it will be us who have to pick up the pieces. Thanks a lot you moron. You should be ashamed of yourself and so to should respect. Respect kept talking about a cover up by the council in relation to grooming when there was a cover up but what the fuck were groomers like you doing campaigning for respect? Respect are nothing but hypocrites!! Thank god labour won and to be honest I weren’t bothered if labour won or lost as long as respect dint win. I would rather vote BNP then liers like respect and their campaigners. Tell your Bradford mates to take their dirty and vile politics with them. Respect is finished hahaha!!!!”

“Erm you a lier because I know 100% my brother didn’t say it to him and I’m more then happy speak to his face. Also your wrong labour won in Boston castle mate that’s a fact so stop chatting shit pal. getting a lot of supprort in bostan castle my ass you got 1700 in a parlaimenry election cllr marhoof for more then that in a council election in boston castle. Yea lets see if Yvonne moves to Rotherham I highly doubt it. And your a lier because how can you say your not part of respect when you went out of your way to help commented on the Facebook group. If you help someone that means you suport them so stop being a pussy and just admit your part of respect. And respect will not get a single councillor in Rotherham. There 5000 Muslim votes in Rotherham and you dint even get anywhere near half the votes. And everybody knows about your past with underage girls you don’t need me to say it. And the reason I’m swearing at you is cause I was being reasonable with you when I thought my brother was in the wrong but you turned out to be a lier.”

“Yea the reason you haven’t got a criminal record is because the police failed to prosecute you. You got lucky. You were arrested but never charged because of shitty South Yorkshire police. It’s because of people like you that the EDL and NF came. And yea i did have a lot of respect for Yvonne but after watching how she behaved and said stuff on twitter about uncle when he never said a single thing about her then I lost all respect for her.”

“Just because you been arrested doesn’t mean you can’t do a law degree. But the point it you were arrested and the police failed to prosecute you and you got off unlike your cousin. Are you really that stupid? he’s doesn’t even know who he is so if he did cry then it weren’t my brother cause when I messaged him he had no idea what I was going on about. So you are a lier.”

“Your fucking stupid cant you read English?. I believe you that he was crying BUT is wasn’t my brother who made him cry. You understand that? Can’t make it any easier for you.”

“I told you that’s your a fucking lier.”

1 December 2012
“You a two faced lying idiot who’s causing more shit that you can deal with. By the way Saj Boston is looking for you cause he wants to have a word with you”

“What’s you mobile number Saj Boston wants it. He wants to talk to you about some comments you been posting about him on the Rotherham politics website”

“You gone into hiding? I’ve asked you a question and can you now do what I’ve asked you and give me you number so I can pass it onto him”

“Give me your number I need to speak you. It’s urgent. You rather sort this out with me rather then Saj and haq Boston.
My number is 07921841596 ring me or give me your number and al ring you but we need to sort this out tonight. Trust me you better of sorting this out with me rather then Saj Boston”

“Don’t think by ignoring me this will go away because it won’t”

“I really don’t want to argue with you. To me you are an idiot and I don’t want to waste my time arguing with you. But you really fucking need to stop spreading shit about me. One of your fucking fake shaykh bum boys called hasan messaged me giving me shit. He told me that you mentioned to him that I’ve been going around spreading shit about you and people in Rotherham and the council are complaining about me. What the fuck you chatting you silly fool. I don’t even live in Rotherham and live in London you joke so you really need to stop chatting shit. I have not spoken to anyone about you or spread any shit about you. you a stupid joker so why the fuck would I waste my time spreading shit about you. i got much better things to do. Also I know for a fact that you have have set up a twitter account called Vakaasrotherham and put a picture up of me. I dont have twitter. I have reported it to twitter who are dealing with it but I’m giving you till tomorrow 5pm for the account to be deleted. If not I will report you to the police for imprisonment and I’m not shitting you. I will report you kasam so I want it gone. And tell your stupid friend not to message me again I will report him for harassment. And don’t fucking use my name on Rotherham Politics. You remember when I challenged you on it you gave me an email address called or something like that. I know it’s you cause your English is shit and I can stop you a mile of. So don’t use my name on that blog either. You have been warned. You have till 5pm tomorrow to delete the twitter account if not the police will be informed!!!
29 January”

“I told you yesterday to delete the Vakaasrotherham twitter account. I have just checked and its still there. I have reported its to twitter and after sending this message I will be contact South Yorkshire Police. I did warn you but you decided not to listen and though I was joking.”

“This is proof that it has been reported to Twitter the same evidence is going to go to the police. Don’t pick battles you want win you joke”

Rothpol particularly liked this statement from Vakas Hussain, I need to speak you. It’s urgent. You rather sort this out with me rather then Saj and haq Boston.” and we need to sort this out tonight. Trust me you better of sorting this out with me rather then Saj Boston”

This looks to me to be an outrageous threat of intimidation by Sajid Bostan and Haq Bostan acting under direct instruction from others!

Who are Saj and Haq? Mahroof ‘Moofy’ Hussain’s chief enforcers. I have myself experienced intimidation from Sajid over the telephone and by means of social media, even that is not pleasant, I can assure you. I wouldn’t blame anyone, if they didn’t want to experience their full force in person.

Rothpol really would like to know what Sajid meant, when he told me,”we’ve fixed the Council, we’ve fixed the Police, we’ve fixed the Advertiser and the local BBC!”?

Don’t miss Vakas’s comment on: Why did Labour overlook Mahroof Hussain – Further Speculation?, revealed!

28 thoughts on “Vakas Hussain in his own words – pleasant chap?

  1. Er, what is a “lier”???

    “You a two faced lying idiot who’s causing more shit that you can deal with.” – hmmm, class scribe!!

    If Chakespeer was am aliyve tooday, he am wud be bee conseederin himself well dissed.


  2. The comments are unacceptable.
    In an age of far reaching and intrusive employment legislation I am never ceased to be amazed by the number of individuals whose blogging activity places their continued employment or a future career in one of the professions at risk.
    Hidden in the depths of a company’s personnel policies will be sections relating to the conduct of employees both in and out of work.
    Sensitive to shareholder perceptions corporate social responsilbity statements will underpin the staff handbook, T&Cs of employment and reinforce the behavior expected of individuals.
    Take for instance an individual who blogs using derogatory phrases relating to someone’s disability, would this be acceptable to a private or public sector company providing care for service users with physical or learning disabilities?
    Would be acceptable for an individual responsible for social care budgets to use Twitter or blogs to make disparaging remarks about the mental capacity of a person with mental health issues?
    None of the above is acceptable, however it has become the norm in certain quarters for bloggers to hide behind faux Anglo-Saxon names to target and victimize anyone that has the temerity to speak out.
    If I was the MD of a company employing anyone one of these individuals it would be P45 time.
    For those striving to gain a foothold in one of the professions, reflect on this, most Chambers will use in-depth pre-employment screening methods to positively vet all applicants.
    Hiding behind a single or multiple avatars is no protection from anyone of the readily available on-line avatar search tools, one click and the person behind the avatar is exposed, all traceable and perfectly legal.
    Childish, bullying, intimidating and racist comments blogged today WILL come back to haunt you.


    • Wonder if that little trick will work on contributors to another more scurrilous blog said to be associated with this same joker and others who would not like their own involvement to be revealed?


  3. I am shocked, saddened and appalled at this young man’s use of english, lack of grammar, basic spelling and if he was privately educated his parents should demand a refund.
    However, on a far more serious note, while we can not be held accountable for the actions of family members I think it is important now that Councillor Mahroof Hussain publicly distances himself from these vile comments and makes it quite clear – publicly of course – that he disassociates himself from these and future comments by Vakas Hussain who has used this forum before, to speak on his uncle’s behalf and in defence of his uncle.


      • A Regular Reader I take it you are referring to this little gem of a comment:

        Wed, 2012-11-14 11:55 — Vakas Hussain

        As someone who was present last night and as some who also knows Mahroof Hussain MBE personally, I have to admit that I have been inspired by the way he has dealt with this debacle. I can reassure everyone that Mahroof had nothing whatsoever to do with the walk out last night. It was a sign of anger at the way the Labour NEC drew up the short list with no local candidate. What most members could not fathom was the Mahroof was shortlisted for the Middlesbrough by election but not for the by election in his home constituency. As a CLP member in Rotherham I cannot for the life of me understand why we had no local choice. If not Mahroof, then there are a number of excellent local Councillors who have all the qualities of being a great MP. However its just so happened that Mahroof was the most popular person for the role and members wanted him as their candidate.

        Ive seen a few rumors on twitter that Labour did not want an Asian candidate because of the recent grooming scandal; if true that is disgusting and nothing short of discrimination. If I were Mahroof I would without doubt consider my position in the party, but knowing the kind of guy he is, I’m sure he will remain loyal to the party because unlike some politicians, he is a real believer in Labour values.


  4. Emma West, the hapless woman who insulted and abused fellow passengers on the tube in London over fourteen months ago has served all that time in jail. She has been rmoved from her son, subjected to numerous bouts of psychological profiling and has had her case adjourned four times.

    She is still incarcerated.
    How can this be when others like the above threaten and abuse in the public domain still roam free?


  5. I see some of this post relates indirectly to me.
    Firstly, I DID NOT cry about being allegedly mentioned online, though I did throw a massive strop at Respect HQ, (which as a spoilt child I’m inclined to do) over what I perceived as lack of support from Respect members.
    I also know that Muhbeen Hussain was not responsible for the comments, and the person who suggested he was has apologised to me for getting involved in something which did not concern him.


  6. ‘Vakas Hussain is one of Moofy’s nephews, currently a post graduate student studying criminal litigation in London.’
    A few comments;
    His education was a waste of time and my money.
    He will not be a very good Clerk of the Chambers. (If he ever gets a job)
    If he ever tries using his adversarial style in a British court he will be ejected.
    His rant on Twitter typifies the standards on that site.
    He is a loser.


  7. If the alleged writer of the posts quoted above actually becomes a solicitor or barrister I would have no confidence in his ability to represent me. Would anyone else?


  8. Its time that mahroof snd aktar were held accountable for their sctions and links to these thugs. and the police launched an investigation into them and their cohorts. Wots the local and regionsl labour party doing about this on their watch?


    • Some of you are missing the point. Here is a relative of Hussain being abusive and using threatening language. It doesn’t matter if his Facebook rants aren’t grammatically correct. Focus on the offences he has committed and stop being snobs.


  9. I have noticed a distinct change in the speed of my internet connection; it must have been a certain post graduate student attempting to delete his blogging history.

    Not to fear, sites like this one will always remain out on the net, so when a Chambers HR team draw together their adverse search string and send it off into W3 it will scamper back with pages of history about this individual.


  10. Firstly although this is a good piece of journalism from Roth Poll. However will Roth Poll also be truthful in the fact that this is a private conversation between ‘Vakas Hussain’ and ‘Shaykh Omair’. As it is a private conversation like most people, I presume this ‘Vakas Hussain’ also isn’t really bothered about the grammar or spelling but mainly the message in itself. I’m sure there are hundreds of barristers, politicians, journalists etc that type in ‘text speech’ in private mails and private messages.
    Further unlike the dirty game of journalism, our chambers in this country are the bearers of law and justice. And in justice never is a one sided argument, based upon one sides evidence a basis for judgement and justice. It is very clear that ‘Vakas Hussain’ has not been clearly heard as the other messages have not been displayed to give a fair judgement. Another quick point is, we have heard all about the hacking scandals and Murdoch mafia push through people’s private lives and publish it to the public domain. Has Roth Poll used similarly dirty tactics to publish a PRIVATE CONVERSATION BETWEEN TWO INDIVIDUALS AND PUBLISH ONE SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT TO GIVE A BIAS JUDGEMENT? Is this a crime in itself ? are these actions’ similar’ to the dirty tactics used by Murdoch mafia?
    *also hope Roth Poll can take this small ounce of Critism and publish my comment. Most likely not….


  11. This was in no way publicly available. This was a Facebook mail conversation between two individuals. Is Roth Poll telling a lie here by suggesting it was publicly available, when it wasn’t? If it was then I do hope Roth Poll will show a print screen of it being publicly available. Because the last time I checked, private mails on Facebook were PRIVATE.


  12. My alma mater had very strict policies for the use of their IT systems, including setting the standards for the content of messages, documents etc.

    You could be asked to leave on the basis of the content of the communication especially if it was deemed to be threatening, racist or offensive.


  13. How can this possibly be a private conversation when it is accessable to any member of the public. If you use facebook, then I believe it is all in the public domain and cannot possibly be classed as private, no matter how much you believe it is. I just feel sick that public money has been spent on educating this piece of filth.


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