Comedy Club? Farce certainly!

This report from last nights meeting of Anston Parish Council, it’s brilliant!

Dominic Beck last night, 18th February, provided us with the answer to the conundrum, who does the Rotherham Labour Party believe are the more important themselves or the electorate?

Last night I attended the monthly meeting of the Anston Parish Council, better known as the comedy club, with shouter Beck in the chair.

Amongst the public attending was a 70 year old disabled retired miner.  Over four weeks ago he wrote to the council clerk with a complaint about the conduct of a Parish councillor, he never received a reply.  Yet here it was as an item on the agenda.

So, as we all would, he expects to get a response, Beck with the help of Dalton attempt to fob the man off, this is no surprise as the councillor being complained about is none other than St John, better known as Sinjin.

However the man is not in any mood to allow his complaint to be swept under the carpet and demands the letter be read out.

Beck using his usual vociferous demeanor orders the man to shut up, his reply to this was just read out the letter.
Beck once again shouts at him to be quiet, all this does is antagonise  him further.

Any chairman worth his salt would realise that the situation was getting out of hand, so to placate the man he would have had the letter read out.

However the egomaniac that is Dominic Beck can not see this so he escalates it by vehemently ordering the 70 year old disabled man to leave the meeting, he of course refuses.

So in the best traditions of the Labour party, remember the 80 year old man they had forcefully ejected from their conference, shouter Beck adjourns the meeting and calls the police to eject this man.

The majority of the public remain behind to support the dissident.
An hour goes by with no sign of the police, things are now developing into a major farce Beck is making himself and the rest of the council a laughing stock.  9.30 pm arrives the time that standing orders dictates that proceedings should finish so Beck with due aplomb reopens the meeting councillor Dalton immediately leaps to his aid and moves suspension of standing orders for half an hour Beck straight away adjourns the meeting again.

This proves how inept he is at chairing the meeting he can not adjourn the meeting again without discussion.
It was patently obvious the tactics being used by Beck and Dalton was to delay proceedings until the police arrived, they wanted to show the rest of us what could be in store for us if we step out of line; we were quaking.

Alas the well laid plans of Beck and Dalton came to naught, at ten o’clock he had to close the meeting with barely a quorum of councillors left.

At this point the police arrived to much cheering and clapping from the public, Beck still attempts to get the police to eject the protagonist.

I point out that he has closed the meeting so there is nothing to be ejected from, at this he lambastes the police for their tardiness.

They quite rightly reply that they have had far more urgent things to do than eject 70 year old disabled people from Anston Parish council meetings.

It descends further into farce when Beck attempts to get the police to stop a man from filming, the man just carried on and calmly stated this is going on UTUBE can’t wait.

The moral of this story is that Beck and his cronies believe they are more important than a 70 year old disabled retired miner who only wanted an apology.

Dave Smith

To read more on Rotherham Comedy Club click here.

52 thoughts on “Comedy Club? Farce certainly!

  1. Hi Dave. Don’t you think the issue with the greenbelt was dealt with in much the same way, as the issue with the apology. Its a bit like shuffling deck chairs around on the Titanic, trying to avoid dealing with the issue. The public could have urged the gentlemen to leave the room, but decided to proof a point we can play the same game as them, if we want to. I was told there wouldn’t be a vote on rejecting the core strategy at the next meeting, even though one was promised at the meeting. What do you think? It is time for Parish’s across Rothervalley to stand against this greenbelt building. Thanks for your support from Dinnington. I forgot to mention that UKIP is the only party against building on the green belt, even the greens want to build on it. See you at the next meeting in March. Cheers Tim


  2. Dominic Beck is inept, very inept, arrogant, most arrogant, rude to the public, extremely rude.
    Last night saw him make a fool of himself whilst trying to stamp his “authority” on the meeting.

    He is emulating yesterday’s man – He is neither adept nor professional, shouting and refusing to answer questions shows his incompetence.

    He stands accused of wasting police time. Aren’t their resources stretched enough without having to respond to a call from a chairman who cannot run a Parish Council meeting?

    Had he had empathy with the parishioner, as he should, last night’s debacle would not have happened.
    A career in politics!
    Oh dear – What would he do if he was heckled at the hustings?

    Time to step down Dominic, you are using belligerence to cover your inadequacies – and it shows.


  3. That sort of behaviour is despicable from anyone, much less someone elected to serve. Unfortunately this sort of this is becoming the norm from the labour party in Rotherham, who seem to have adopted a bury their heads approach to voters concerns.
    If the voters of anston feel strongly enough I would remind you all that the signatures of 10 percent of the electorate can; remove specific councilours or call an election, for any or all seats.


    • How typical that the catalyst to this incident sinjin and his oppo stonebridge were absent from the meeting. Putting the bullets in young Becks water pistol and leaving it to backfire on him spectactularly appear to be the norm.

      The meeting as per usual was an unprofessional farce and beyond embarrassing. Where the heck do they find these cretins and more importantly how are they allowed to make decisions involving our ( the tax payers) money.


      • When was Robin Stonebridge last at a meeting? If a councillor is missing regular meetings on the council, shouldn’t he stand down and an election be called. Robin did have a good point about the Brethren school being a Trojan horse, if quoted correctly in the Guardian. I would certainly like to see Ian St John stand down, as I am unhappy that he represents the community and doesn’t live in our community. I don’t feel that the Chairman has the necessary life skills to chair meetings.


  4. I also attended Anston PC meeting last night and I have to say D.Beck Esq.did not acquit himself very well at all as the chairman.
    For clarification: In meetings, the chairman has a good deal of discretion about how to run the meeting, although this should be exercised in such a way as to promote fair debate with adequate opportunity for views to be put. There is no sure fire way to get rid of the chairman until the next annual meeting, when there must be an election for chairman again.
    Agenda items should not be refused provided they are within the remit of the council. For example, a local council cannot debate the war in Afghanistan because it is outside the scope of the council’s responsibilities. But agenda items on local matters must be included, and the clerk has only a limited power to correct grammar, or seek clarification. The chairman’s role in the agenda is to collaborate with the clerk with the aim of achieving an effective meeting.
    One councillor-I forget his name- had to repeatedly remind Beck that a previous item discussed had not been recorded in the minutes for last night’s meeting. Beck obviously uses Sir Humphrey as his role model. As for the process to eject a vociferous citizen-Beck is all bluff and bluster and not really a suitable person to chair meetings. What is even more annoying is that not one councillor spoke up in defence of Mr.Lewis-the man at the centre of this debacle.


    • The meeting was utterly shambolic ! What was evident at the meeting was Becks immaturity and inexperience to deal with the situation in hand. He showed himself up well and truly.

      Another example of Anston Parish council’s rule of thumb……..I shout the loudest thus my point is the most important.


  5. No thought from Beck as to how the seriously disabled Mr Lewis would get home, with his lift still in the meeting. Does not think – does not care – Disgraceful display from the over loud Dominic Beck.


  6. I’m confused how somebody who repeatedly displays zero professional standards at these meetings can sit on the standards committee / board


  7. Dominic Beck would not be the only councillor at risk of being accused of the offence of ‘wasting police time’, three at the last count and at least four other non-councillors I can think of, engaged in vexatious complaints to the police!

    Not the best plan of action, I would have thought?


  8. I am not happy that Dominic Beck is a borough councillor on Wales as well, how can he represent both communities well. Especially if he has a full time job on top of this. He actually asked somebody to leave, at the meeting on the Brethren vote, this individual left in order for a vote to be carried out.


  9. Dom Beck showed blatent lack of respect to the meeting and even less in promoting inclusivenesz equality and diversity.
    Beck is an immature lad that hss not reached political puberty.
    Go snd lesrn some university of life skills boy.


  10. Dear Rothpol,
    Interesting and rather cryptic referance to Mr Beck and his actions this afternoon, could you enlighten us any more ??
    S Thornton


  11. It should be noted that Chairman Beck evicted the 70 year old disabled retired Miner from the previous Meeting of Anston Parish Council. The person refused to leave, and eventually he had to back down and carry on the Meeting.
    I can assure readers of Roth pol that not all of the Independent Parish Councilors agree with what the Chairman does and how he represents our Council in Public. But unless his own Labour Party Council Members stand up and say something, nothing will happen. Looking at some of the faces at the last Meeting, its quite obvious that some of those Labour Persons were clearly “uncomfortable” at his actions.
    This is just the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to Chairman Beck.
    watch this space.


  12. The attitudes and antics of Anston Parish Council are so very similar to that of Maltby Town Council’s over the years that it is almost surreal. Talk about deja vu !
    Of course, the way that Beck is behaving is appalling and by the sound of it some of the other councillors too. As I have commented on the TUSC thread though, it is all very well to sit on the sidelines saying this and that should not be happening but when it actually comes to the crunch, who ever lays their proverbially ‘neck on the line’ and does something about it ?

    In 2009 Maltby experienced a situation like Anston’s – the Chairman at the time was on the Standards Board and no matter how many times councillors were reported for inappropriate behaviour the response came back from Mr Mumford et al – no case to answer. MTC also had the added ‘illegal dismissal’ of the then Town Clerk to add to the shenanigans.

    Joe Robinson informs us
    “If the voters of anston (sic)feel strongly enough I would remind you all that the signatures of 10 percent of the electorate can; remove specific councilours (sic) or call an election, for any or all seats.”
    This sounds simple in theory. In practice , not so.
    This report in the local paper at the time talking of “a plot” shows a little of the circumstances.
    More on this at

    Good luck Anston. You are certainly going to need some to get your council sorted out.


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  14. We can just wait until each councillor comes up for re-election and if they aren’t putting the community of Anston first, they will be removed. About 7 or 8 years ago I tried to get on and missed the cut off date by a few hours, I was told it was too late, then Rotherham Labour elected 10 of their own on two to three months later. There seems to be one rule for one and another for them.


  15. I think we might be too harsh on Anston Parish Council. Dominic might have felt that the letter should be investigated fairly and to read out the complaint in public could give rise to a civil claim against the disabled retired miner if the accusation is false. In terms of equality the only duty the parish council have concern access to the building only so not too sure why people are commenting on this as he was allowed to participate in the meeting like everyone else. Dominic asked him to leave I presume because he was disturbing the meeting and the fact that this person did not get what he wanted shows that the chair dealt with this matter in a suitable manner. My point is that there are two sides to a story and we need to be careful about making or supporting allegations because they might be wrong. In respect of Judy you just need to consider the work she has done over many years with disabled people in Anston.


    • If the letter was on the open agenda then any member of the public has a right to see it. For Cllr Beck to refuse to read it out was just plain stupid. If the letter contained sensitive material the Clerk should have indicated to the Council that it would be better discussed with the public excluded. This would have protected Mr Lewis from any civil offence. Mr Lewis could then have been informed of this and the outcome relayed to him. Had the Clerk and Cllr Beck done their jobs properly this debacle would never have happened. Mr Lewis would have been able to get the answers he as a ratepayer deserved.


      • I agree that the public should have been excluded and mr Lewis informed of the outcome privately. I know very little about parish council procedures therefore thank you for the insight Anne.


    • So Graham are you saying that all of us who were there and witnessed what happened are mistaken. This is just obfuscation, the only person Beck was attempting to protect was Sinjin. Do not try to give us the bleeding heart about Judy Dalton because you may wish to tell us how much she got paid last year as a borough councillor. She voted for the cuts and the wage freeze of council workers which include carers for the elderly and disabled. As for being allowed to take part in the meeting as soon as this man mentioned Sinjin regarding a completely different matter Beck went on the attack shouting at him, I do not consider this being allowed to take part in a so called democratic meeting. If you only presume the reason Beck ordered, not asked, him to leave the meeting then you prove conclusively that the chairman did not conduct the meeting correctly. He should have stated precisely why he was ordering the dissident to leave and under which section of the standing orders, he did not do this. If you believe that complaining about the conduct of a councillor can bring about a civil claim do you believe that this should deter us from complaining we should have the standards committee disbanded I agree there are two sides to a story one that the Labour Party in Rotherham would have us believe and then there is the truth.

      Dave Smith


    • Graham was you at the meeting? I am not into all the political correctness stuff and modern day regulation that allows people to hide behind the rules, this is why the grooming happened to 100’s of young girls across Rotherham. Anston Parish meetings are more like being back at school, than run in a professional business manner. More professional business people need to be on Anston Parish council. While Rome burns they discuss trivial matters, that should have already been dealt with outside the meeting. The minutes don’t seem to carry over the items from one meeting to the next, so that action is taken. I suggest that Anston have a spread sheet with issues, actions and costs associated. I made a request for a Christmas tree on the green, it maybe trivial, but as usual my request has disppeared. I do believe that the Parish Clerk should work from Anston at least 50% of the week, not the one afternoon, which he is unlikely to turn up on.


  16. David thanks for your reply. No I would not question anyone’s perception of what happened. I am no expert on procedure as I mentioned to Anne and considering the comments I have read this situation could have been handled better upon which the outcome would have been satisfactory to all concerned. My point is a simple one and that people make mistakes even parish councillors and they need to be supported in their roles either through words of encouragement or meaningful insights that only local people can give in order to help them to serve our community. In terms of the bleeding heart I think that is a bit harsh and how much someone is paid is not my concern. I do understand that cuts occurred across almost every department however I do understand that councillors had no option otherwise the government would have enforced even bigger cuts if the council refused to do so. I am happy not to be in their shoes even though the cuts will effect me more than most. In terms of the right to complain I can only say that procedures have to be in place and used so issues can be resolved quickly so we can all work together on local problems that really matter. Lastly, thanks for the reply as it was very insightful.


  17. Is anybody into setting up an action group for Anston or do people think the save our green belt team is enough? I am also talking to John Wilkinson from Rotherham UKIP about setting up a group, to push UKIP in this area, is anybody interested? I am not usually into political parties, but this is the only way we can defeat Kevin Barron as a MP.


  18. I would like to add that UKIP are more than migration however every other policy especially in relation to the deficit are exactly the same as the coalition. A vote for UKIP is no different than one for the BNP. I might be wrong therefore any insight would be appreciated.


    • No that would be correct. The UKIP policies on immigration are very far right. And on Osbourne’s autum statement Nigel Farage said “its not enough”, UKIP are the party that wants MORE austerity. Also strange how in Rotherham the 2 party’s never stand in opposition to each other, don’t you think?


      • How can limiting immigration to 50K be far right, 4 million people in the UK are out of work, so shouldn’t we get these into work first. The UK was over crowded 10/20 years ago. There hasn’t been any real cuts in costs, because the Chancellor is borrowing more money than the previous Labour government. These left wing councils cut the workers rather than the excessive management, I wonder how much money they have kept back in their reserve bank accounts. Sheffield were offered money to do weekly bin collections, but refused it.


      • Labour is a right wing party. You seem to forget that the definitions are left-socialism right-capitalism. Most labour voters I have spoken to actually want them to be MORE left wing. UKIP is just a fad that will be gone by 2018.


      • Dear Tim: re: Sheffield were offered money to do weekly bin collections, but refused it.

        … and you know how many of the councils that were doing bi-weekly collections took up the money to return to weekly collections?
        Last I heard it was precisely one – Stoke on Trent (a Labour-held council).
        Part of the problem was that Pickles was offering the money for 3 years, but the councils had to commit themselves for 6. (Some other councils put in proposals for such things as rcyclable nappy collection/food scrap collections.)

        (In your much admired Switzerland, you buy special stamps that you then attach to the bin bag – no stamp and it gets left behind. ).


      • @Joe Robinson
        UKIP policies overall are as far-right as those of the tea-party movement within the US Republican Party. In many aspects their policies are near identical:
        Anti-immigration to the point of xenophobia
        Small government obsessives
        Man-made global warming denialists
        Low tax – particularly for higher tax payers
        Even pro home schooling! hardly an important issue in UK.
        Pro-City of London – well certainly when it comes to the Tobin tax (but possibly just because it would require co-operation with the rest of Europe for it to work, but it could work).

        Perhaps in UK they come closest to Thatcherism (but without Thatcher’s science degree 🙂 , or her single mindedness/iron will ), or in mainland Europe to Poujadism: .

        Ultimately all UKip can achieve is to keep the Tories out of power at the next election just as the Tea Party ensured the failure of the Republican Party at the last US election.

        @ Graham Wilson – U-Kippers only carry golf clubs.


    • Hi Graham. The excuse about the Christmas tree, was that it would cost too much to connect it into the mains, but other villages achieve it OK. Tara are willing to pay for the tree on the Pond, not the Green like I said. Back to UKIP, they aren’t against immigration, but for the next 5 years they think it should be zero, then be relaxed to 50K a year. UKIP want a Swiss type of democracy, legally binding referendums, which means the power gets taken away from the government. There have been lots of scare stories spread by the opposition. I stopped voting Tory in the 1990’s and moved to the centre ground, so laugh when people spread malicious rumours that UKIP are far right. Cheers Tim


      • You are wrong and your statistics flawed (unemployment is 2.5m). I totally agree that the system here is wrong but to suggest that UKIP is the answer is a very dangerous thing to say. They would destroy all public services through cuts (MORE) and privatisation (of everything). And they are far right they have only just removed deporting anyone who came to briain after 2003 from there manifesto. Not to mention the plan to build 5 mass detention centres to hold all these immigrants WITHOUT TRIAL until deported. They are facists pretending to be tories!
        “UKIP; the acceptable face of racism”.


      • Joe Robinson. I think that you will find the unemployment rate is closer to 4 million, when you take into account people who can no longer get a full time job and those who should be working but have been put under a different classification. Funny that 20% of people in Rotherham central voted for UKIP, which is certainly not a Conservative area at all, unhappy Labour voters I suspect. 30% plus will vote UKIP in Rothervalley at the next election. Labour has swung that much to the left, it accuses other groups of being right wing when they are walking on the central ground.


      • Oh Christmas tree! It all depends on how far the power supply has to be taken, doesn’t it? Laying armoured cable across roads costs real money.
        (Aston parish council light up the tree just across from my bedroom window .)


      • Regular reader. If I am correct The inactivity rate for those aged from 16 to 64 for October to December 2012 was 22.3%, down 0.2 percentage points from July to September 2012. There were 8.98 million economically inactive people aged from 16 to 64, down 94,000 from July to September 2012. Which backs up my argument, that it is much more than the 2.5 million claiming unemployment benefit and I was being kind when I said 4 million, but probably close to the people who would work if they could. Which doesn’t say much for the time the Labour party were in power.


      • Hi Tim
        Well at least this time you have looked at some numbers out there in the real world, I’ll try and work out were you found them tomorrow, and I’ll get back to you with a more comprehensive answer if and as soon as I can – your comment deserves it. But I can’t help feeling that you are just pulling together some figures to justify your assertion (AKA cherry-picking).

        But just think of the many reasons why these people may be “economically inactive” apart from “seeking work”. Equally there may be people who are economically active who don’t appear to be so, e.g much of the criminal fraternity.
        In my humble opinion ONS provides a pretty good measure of the state of the UK. You cannot pull a better estimate out of their numbers than they have done. Sorry!
        Some thoughts:
        Pity the poor macro economist! : often they have no real idea what the base number is (what is know as the stock), so they measure the changes over time (the flows) and from that quantify the rate at which employment is going up or down – which is what people really want to know about. OK?
        Now (and this is just recollection*), I remember work done many years ago during a period of UK high and increasing employment, and its impact on wage demands, there was a point when wage demands increased excessively and made manufacturing in UK uneconomic (I think it was 750,000 unemployed – but that is just from memory). From that a figure for optimum employment was deduced for the UK. It became a useful measure of stock for policy an planning purposes. OK?
        Disclaimer: what expertise I have is in another field – but one that suffers from the same problems – monetary economics. ( Just don’t ever try looking at a country’s so called balance of payments , ‘cos they don’t ever balance, ever! )



  19. I feel we should be proud of our diverse ethnic communities however I agree with the action taken by Germany to limit the migration in order to put in place the infrastructure to accommodate them in relation to public services. In terms of the tree costing too much maybe local businesses could contribute as the tree would be really appreciated. Thank you for your reply Tim and if you decide to run for the council I wish you good luck.


  20. Is this the same Graham Wilson that lives in South Anston, and possibly the same Graham Wilson that stood (and lost) as a Labour Candidate in the Parish Elections at Anston in 2011 ??. If so, this is the same person who put his name to a Labour Election Leaflet that was subject to an eight month police investigation. The leaflet contained lies about other Independent Candidates. During that Police investigation both Cllr Stonebridge and Cllr St John were the subject of Police interviews, so no wonder hes sticking up for Cllr Dalton.
    Lets have some facts regarding the letter of complaint from the Retired Miner. Chairman Cllr Beck had a copy of the letter for at least three days prior to the meeting. He had ample time to make a response if he wished, Cllr Dalton also had a copy of the same complaint. When the letter of complaint came up what happened ?. Deathly silence. Cllr Beck said not a word, and after a short pause, Cllr Dalton uttered “Received”. This word “received” is used as a tactic by Labour Cllrs to quash any complaint that is critical of any of their friends. All the rubish about not wanting to upset or deal with it in some other way is just that, pure Rubbish. As for all the work that “judy” has done for the disabled, this has nothing to do with what happened and is just another smoke screen. I have asked around people in Anston about this “work with the disabled”, and as of yet no one can find any examples. please enlighten us.
    I dont recall that you were at the meeting, yet you seem to be awfully well versed in events that happened.
    S Thornton


    • Sorry I cannot recall your first name however I am really flattered that you can remember me which is very surprising considering how ordinary I am. Maybe it was the question I asked at a meeting last year about social care and the protection of services. Did I stand for Labour? Yes! Did I lose? Yes and No! I was not elected but those who were are more capable than me to serve local people therefore I lost as a candidate but won as a resident.

      In relation to the leaflet my only comment is that my pretty face was on it and that I read it and even though I was not too sure about its contents I endorsed it I guess indirectly by being named as a candidate. As a law graduate not too sure why the police would be asked to investigate the matter however if those concerned had sufficient evidence then I guess a civil claim for damages could have been made. I am not aware that this was the case so I guess those who directly or indirectly were connected to the publication are completely innocent. If this is not the case then any insight would be welcome my friend as my knowledge base is very limited.

      As for sticking up for people I can only add that no one needs my help especially those in the Labour Party as they are responsible adults whose actions are based upon their best efforts considering their limitations. If you read my last posts you will see that I think we should support the parish council irrespective of the party they represent and that includes you my friend.

      In relation to the retired miner I can only say that my view is objective and the outcome has no significance to me personally however I hope it is resolved quickly and lessons are learnt to promote good procedural practice. You are correct I was not at the meeting and as a labour member I do not attend meeting or converse with fellow members so my only information source is this great website.

      As for Judy I am sure you are aware of her career working with disabled children throughout Rotherham for many decades which includes Anston. Also, most of the work that councillors do on behalf of residents is private so it would be impossible to debate her work for disabled people on an individual basis but collectively I know she fights like mad to improve life chances for those who need help as an advisor to the Cabinet Member for Safeguarding Children and Adults plus many more.

      As a friend and a person who supports you as a member of the parish council it is unpalatable to see you use the word “rubbish” in relation to the actions of other councillors as it promotes disunity but above all relativism is the order of the day where truth depends on an individual’s viewpoint especially in politics. What is rubbish to you might be good for others but above all things are not personal and never should be or you will lose your ability to be objective and collaborative with your fellow councillors through the inability to be impartial.

      My last words are to thank you for your reply and for all the good you do on behalf of me and other residents in Anston.

      Wishing you all the best,



  21. Well done Dave Smith on having your eye witness reporting of events in the Advertiser – page 2 headlined – Who Shouted the Loudest ?
    Cllr Beck’s statement :
    “I would like this opportunity to express my sadness at the conduct of certain members of the public at the Anston Paris Council meeting.
    It resulted in the police being called as a last resort and decent-minded councillors and residents feeling lost for words.
    It is the ordinary men and women on Anston Parish Council and indeed the majority of the public that are the victims of this attempt to hijack democracy in this “who can shout the loudest” campaign.”
    Indeed !
    The report has no name to it. Was there ‘indeed’ a reporter from the Advertiser at this meeting or is this a second hand account from Beck himself ?


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