13 thoughts on “New campaign for those who love Dinnington, Anston and Laughton Common

  1. The only way that the building on green belt, is going to stop in Dinnington and Anstion, is to send a clear signal to ALL RMBC Cllrs that they will be voted out of their seats over the next few years if they vote in agreement with the Plan.
    It may well be a little harsh on the Dino RMBC Cllrs, but the signal has to go to the people at the top, push your plan on us and you will lose Labour seats. Remember this, the RMBC Cllrs may well have opposed the vote at Town level, but they have yet to vote at Full Council in Rotherham. I am quite sure they will not be allowed to disagree with the Red Mafia.
    If Dino RMBC Cllrs and Anston Cllrs have even a sniff that they may be about to have a sharp decrease in income, it may just focus the mind a little better, and they might just shout a little louder at Town Hall Towers.
    Regarding the RMBC Cllrs at Anston, yet again when asked for their views in a Public Meeting, only the Independent Cllr Clive Jepson gave a truthful and honest answer, he stated he was against the building in Green belt. The response from our Labour RMBC Cllrs was pathetic to say the least, Cllr Dalton read a pre prepared statement, which did not state that she was for or against building on green belt, she has not got the guts to state her position in Public. As for Cllr Burton, well, all she could muster was some rambling speach about Government housing targets or something, most people switched off, she was clearly away with the Fairies. She also has not got the guts to state her position in Public.
    And to think that once upon a time, If a Cllr was elected by the people, they used to represent the views and wishes of those that elected them. But there again why should they care, they dont live in Anston.
    S Thornton


    • Stuart can you tell me why there is no building on the Green belt around South Anston?, when I walked up from the canal yesterday, I saw lots of land that could be easily built on. Its funny why all the greenbelt building has been focused on North Anston and Dinnington. The only building on green belt in South Anston since the 1970s’ when the Bacal estate was built, was the Rectory gardens and farm there, there has been little erosion of the green belt there.


  2. A group of Indies intend to run in various RMBC wards in 2014 elections. We are not jumping on a bandwagon – it has been in our minds for a while. But one of my long-held concerns is that this rampant housebuilding is misguided. The so-called housing shortage is a myth foisted on us by the coalition driven by the construction industry agenda. We need a much more layered and creative approach that accounts for environmental factors eg: looking at brown field sites, filling in derelict waste ground (old pubs) and other spaces and also social factors (1) an ageing population, so incentivising single people (especially the elderly) living in 3-bedroomed houses to down-size, house-share or convert to flats, (2) tackling family breakdown which inevitably creates demand for two family homes instead of one (3) immigration – it’s out of control and creating false demand. But this also relates to health, education and tax/wages policy – a better educated and healthier indigenous supp;y of labour should be available to work at a decent level of pay. Smaller companies who risked becoming uncompetitive because they have smaller profit margins to afford decent wages could be given better tax rates to compensate while larger companies could get by easily with lower profit margins yet still being profitable.


  3. I have a cunning plan………………………………………
    It would be better, IMV, for the residents of Anston,Dinnington and Laughton if ‘Love Dinnington’ and ‘save-our-greenbelt’ joined forces to fight RMBC’s ill thought out plans to build on our greenbelt.
    I’m sure these two organisations can learn from each other plus the combination of these groups not only gives more strength to opposing RMBC but will enable them to reach a wider audience.
    RMBC and Anston PC are not above adopting the tactics of ‘divide and rule’ so one large group is is more able to challenge them than two small groups. I cannot see any faults with this idea so I welcome any (non abusive) comments.


      • Regular reader, The only political party that disagrees with building on the greenbelt is UKIP, Labour, Conservative and Liberals are quite happy with that. You wouldn’t believe it, but even the Greens want to build on the green belt.


      • Tim, you have asserted that “UKip is the only party that is against building on the greenbelt” on this blog on several occasions, maybe you could provide web links to where both U-kip and the Green Party have made such policy statements.
        At: http://www.ukip.org/content/ukip-policies/1528-housing-and-planning I find this:
        ” Introduce management of Green Belt land by elected ‘Green Belt Conservators’, like National Park managers, to vigorously conserve the environment while allowing appropriate economic activity, amenities and housing supply”.

        Green Party
        At: http://greenparty.org.uk/assets/files/resources/Manifesto_web_file.pdf
        Green Belt is not even mentioned.
        I’d never looked at their policy doc. before! It seems a strange motley of ideas, and contains some seriously anti-science thinking (IMHO) – maybe that is because of their system of de-centralised decision making.

        Do you have any better references?


    • Regular reader. I have quoted things I have been told by John Wilkinson from UKIP, regarding UKIP being against building on the green belt and Greens been pro it. You seem to have provided information that backs up my claim that UKIP are against building on the green belt. Ultimately capping immigration at 50K a year, is the only way to protect green belt, but even that will lead to erosion, because of the open door policy of New Labour for the last 10 years and the current government policy. When it comes to the Greens they will lift the cap on immigration which will eventually result on building on the Green belt, whether they agree with it or not. Sometimes it is necessary to use a little common sense and not take everything you read as fact. But remember the Liberals and Conservatives are now doing things, they never even raised with the electorate, when asking them to vote for them.


  4. Hi Colin, your comments re RMBC and Anston PC makes it seem as though Anston are the big Nasty people when it comes to The Green Belt.
    To put the record straight, Anston PC voted to oppose the LDF when it first came round, and when the Church and School application came up they opposed that also. To get both votes accepted at Council, it was an uphill struggle, with all the opposition comming from the Labour Party Members. It should be noted that the main opposition to the vote (ie FOR building on green belt) came from Cllr Burton, Cllr Dalton and Cllr St John, all of whom do not live in Anston and therefore will not be affected. I have no doubt that when the next round of “Consultation” comes around in spring, the Council will again discuss the issue. It would be hard for the Parish Council to vote for building on the green belt, when it has rejected the issue twice.


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