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  1. What a good looking chap Dominic is. Are the two old men independent councillors as I do not think I have had the please of meeting them 😉


  2. Looks like Sinjin and Ireland reporting back to the leader about their visit to the Brethren’s school, and pleading shouter Beck to help them defeat those nasty people who are against building on green belt. If you read Becks answers in the Dinnington Guardian and the Tiser you will see that he has enlisted the help of the Labour Party spin doctors.

    dave Smith


  3. I see the people of Eastleigh have the same issues as us, I would be against any more building of green belt in this area, it has to be brownfield sites in future. Both Sheffield and Rotherham have many area’s we can build additional houses on, but are ignoring their responsibilities. I would be happy to stand either as an Independent or for UKIP against Kevin Barron, if there isn’t a better candidate I can support instead. I want to see a fairer society for all, without reliance on welfare. I want to see real worth while jobs, that pay a fair reward, for a decent days pay. I want to see more sustainable communities, that aren’t damaged by centralisation. I am against immigration of more than 50K a year, but the doors needs to be fully closed for the next 5 years to clear up the existing mess.


  4. Oh dear – Having to bring the spin meisters in to save Dominc’s face!
    Labour obviously know they have a toxic councillor on their hands.
    Handsome is as handsome does – which is not very well.


  5. Oh dear oh dear oh dear what a mess young Dom has got himself into. Young and foolish maybe but how silly to think he can rubbish voters. Many an aspiring polictian has come a cropper from being too clever by half. Unless he can learn some diplomacy and respect for the electorate he is going no-where! Learn the rules and procedures of conducting meetings Dominic or you will forever be in this mess.


  6. Cllr Stuart Thornton
    Anston Parish Council
    Can I assure all that read this blogg, the Newspaper comments made by Cllr Beck, Chairman of Anston Parish Council, are his own comments and not those of the Parish Council as a whole. The press statement was made without the knowleage of other Councillors. My opinion is that, I for one will not be a party to making unjust adverse comments about Members of the Public. I am sure other Parish Councillors, both Independent and Labour will agree, that to make this attack on the people who Elect us, is totally unacceptable. The comments that Cllr Beck makes regarding “Shouting” is beyond belief, during the Meeting I wrote in my notes “Shouting again” , he was shouting when his previous failed attempt to evicted the retired Miner happened and he was shouting when he evicted a Member of the Green Belt from a meeting. These incidents make a mockery of his comments. I say again, the comments were not the comments of the Council and he should withdraw them, and if he is unwilling to do so, he should do the right thing and stand down from his position.
    Standards, what Standards.


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