7 thoughts on “Dominic Beck in the Advertiser

  1. Last night he read the letter out under the smoke screen of saying he did not do so at the last meeting because Sinjin was not there. This is a blatant lie because at the meeting where the police were called he refused to read the letter out, aided and abetted by Dalton, because he told Mr Lewis to take it to the standards board. He at no time said anything about Sinjin except to say the letter was about him. What Beck should remember is some of us take notes. It is despicable to make out that a seventy year old disabled person tried to hijack the meeting, this attempts to show that what happened was premeditated. How could it be when the person in question did not know that the letter was on the agenda until he arrived at the meeting. Beck lost control trying to shield Sinjin, it is as simple as that.

    Dave Smith


  2. I was at both meetings. At the first meeting Chairman Beck made no mention at all, nor made any remarks at all, with referance to withholding the letter, due to the fact that the person involved in the complaint, Cllr St John, was not there. At the second Meeting, Cllr Brindley brought up the subject and said she did not get the chance to say the letter should not be read out because St John was not there. Cllr Beck then “jumped on the band waggon” and said he did not read it out because he was not there. I dont think one person in the Hall believed a word he said. When challenged as to why he did not say anything about this at the last meeting, he did not make any reply. If you are going to mislead the Public at least make it look convincing.
    And he is still on the Standards Committee.


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