Shaun Wright – out of his depth?

Looks like Wright is already out of his depth.

I would have thought as PCC he would have dealt with this without having to refer to the Complaints Commission.


7 thoughts on “Shaun Wright – out of his depth?

  1. Not an auspicious start for the South Yorkshire Crime Commissioner, he will have to learn and learn fast that the buck stops with him.
    £80k a year for this level of incompetence, goes to show what happens when politicians get involved in policing.


  2. So you are slagging the PCC off because he took action. I’m guessing you’d have slagged him off if he didn’t too.

    I’m no fan of labour but this post smacks of desperation.


  3. I would have expected that an individual on that salary band would have had the gumption to deal with the matter without having to asking someone else to do the job for him.
    Not a political point, just fed up of individuals being appointed above their competence and having to pay PAYE to fund their lavish salaries.


  4. What it does say is that Crompton is as bad as his predecessor. I am sure the people of Sheffield will be horrified at his hypocracy and just want the truth about Hillsborough to be brought out. Duckenfield and his like will probably never be brought to book for their actions and lies, but for the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire to continue to defend what happened at Hillsborough is indefensible.


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