Extra Time Called on Herringthorpe Plans

Rotherham Politics has learned that extra time has been ordered on the consultation about the current proposals before the Council concerning Herringthorpe.

Why? The Council failed to put an advert in the Advertiser for the second time and this infraction has caused this extension to the consultation period.

In light of this the Council have undertaken to comply with the following; Fresh advertisements will be placed in this weeks Advertiser, followed by another the following week, followed by one week for responses to be made.

We can also report that a petition opposing, signed by 4500 residents, has been handed in already and the petition has now also been re-opened, please sign if asked.

Herringthorpe Playing Fields Community Group

1 thought on “Extra Time Called on Herringthorpe Plans

  1. Mmmmm I keep asking myself why RMBC bend over backwards to give our heritage away to big business and developers. I also wonder if the Rugby Club ever repaid the money they were ‘loaned’ out of our rates some years ago. RMBC are excellent at giving our money and our heritage away.


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