Is this man for real?

Jahangir ‘Asbo’ Akhtar seems to be revealing more than a little of his true views with this tweet:


The link provided points to a blog called Rotherham Bradford Politics and to this post in particular, Exposing the lies and half truths on Child exploitation.

Rothpol can only surmise that in sharing this post, Akhtar was offering his own endorsement of it’s comments as well as being proud of his own words. His own words can also be found amongst the comments, posted under assumed names.

This would be outrageous enough, if Akhtar were merely a labour member but to have come from a labour borough councillor, currently serving as Deputy Leader and Vice Chair of the South Yorkshire Police & Crime Panel, simply astonishing!

Why is this oaf still on the council?

20 thoughts on “Is this man for real?

  1. Abso Akhtar needs to get sacked.
    He should be put back on hackney taxi rank to serve as a Taxi driver and not a councillor.
    With his friend Vakaas who is co-partner in crime.


  2. As a labour supporter this comment is a real kick to those young people affected. What planet is this person on maybe not the same as the rest of us. I hope that these girls take class action against the council since the only way to make people who make these thoughtless comments understand is through litigation.


    • Graham, if you can see this issue clearly and evidently it’s seriousness, why can’t the Labour Party deal with him properly and expel him from it’s ranks! Anything less will simply not do!


  3. Dear readers
    Where’s Donald buxton gone, Has he forgot to comment on that blog recently.
    Also We know Vakas Hussain who is a criminal litigation student (Moofys nephew) is another person who contributes to the blog
    Shame upon Vakas Hussain for his comments.


    • But neither Don nor Vakas hold public office, and they are entitled to their views.
      Please don’t make this blog as poisonous as that other one is.


      • Donald Buxton and Vakas Hussain are not public office holders but they themselves have burdened the world with their opinions, for which they are accountable and may occasionally receive a little horseplay in return.

        There is no way this blog is heading down into the gutter with the likes of rothbradpol .


  4. A truly vile and insensitive headline, is this a symptom of why the scandal of child abuse in Rotherham occurred in the first place, out of touch, uncaring politicians?

    I cannot believe for the life of me why someone in his position would wish to be associated with such an appalling headline.

    Is this the official view from from RMBC and other stakeholders, we should be told.

    A question for Chris Longley MBE, would the select committee be interested in this Tweet, it may inform their thinking on what is going on in Rotherham?


  5. I can never comment on what other members do however you can generally tell a lot about a person by the fruit they bear and sometimes injustice prevails because others are silent for whatever reason.


  6. Asbo Akhtar, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Vice-Chair of the Police and Crime Panel and Deputy Leader of the Council certainly appears to have too much time on hands when he is constantly posting these drivel tweets on Twitter


  7. True Malcontent, but this is a lot more serious than just wasting if time. When is something going to get done to remove this man ?
    Graham – why can you “never comment on what other members do ” ?
    Not much point taking part in a blog such as this if you can’t / won’t comment !


  8. Maltbyblogger, if as we have been told the selection committee for Labour candidates for the council is majority Asian, unless he breaks th law, there’s not a lot that can be done. For they are going to vote for one of there own even if he is a bent, bullying thug! He has got away with a lot, but in doing so he has made a lot of enemies who are watching and waiting.


  9. Most Labour Groups in the country would have expelled this odious man. So why do the Labour Party tolerate this deeply flawed man? We should be told! Shame on you, Rotherham Labour Group!!!


  10. Agree with every word rotherpol. It reflects very badly on Rotherham Labour party that this, clearly unfit and disgraced person, is a Labour Councillor, but it seems “they” simply do not want to rock the boat and they don’t want any one else rocking it either. Why spoil a good thing seems to be the prevailing attitude amongst them!


  11. Reblogged this on maltbyblogger and commented:
    It reflects very badly on Rotherham as a whole, never mind the Labour Party. RMBC is a disgrace and so are many of Rotherham’s Town and Parish Councils. Start at the top and get them all and their inflated egos OUT.


  12. It reflects very badly on Rotherham as a whole, never mind the Labour Party.
    RMBC is a disgrace and so are many of Rotherham’s Town and Parish Councils.
    Starting at the top, get all of them and their inflated egos OUT.


    • This kind of behaviour makes a mockery of the Labour Party on a national basis,
      is Ed Miliband too weak to discipline this ‘out of control’ member?
      Action, would speak much louder than words!


    • The blame for this does not lie with the people of this town who have had no say in this person with two criminal convictions, one for a serious violent offence, being on the council.Neither does it fall on the non-Labour members of the council. It lies squarley and fairly on the local Labour party and perhaps the people in Rotherham West who still voted for him despite his criminal record!


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