Another view on Jahangir Akhtar – It just gets worse!

Rothpol is grateful for this contribution from a reader. She is clearly alarmed and dismayed to discover the full extent of Akhtar’s unacceptable attitudes, from his own words. Warning! Profanity alert, Jahangir Akhtar’s words are of the very worst kind, click on image left to read:

JA Twitter Feed“Very worried and offended that the deputy leader insults individuals in his own town

Very worried the deputy leader insults and belittles those on benefits and stereotypes older citizens

I’m worried that the deputy leader endorses the worst insults possible (c***, whore) tweeting privately doesn’t mean you can endorse filthy words

‘Councillors will help you irrespective of party affiliations’- no, you can only get help if you voted for the Labour candidates. I am upset that councillors are intimidating and belittling people just because they voted for a different party.

The poor children who suffered grooming are being used as a toy by the deputy leader when he mocks Bradford. Why is he humiliating them even more?

As well as sending this in, because of my worries, I am contacting the council and police because I, as someone who lives in Rotherham should not feel that if I ask a question to the deputy leader that he will use dirty words or intimidate me like he has to the people above.”

The Labour Party asks for our trust and repays us with this disgraceful specimen of humanity?

Quite when will they expel this moron who is single handedly, bringing the whole Labour Party into disrepute! All in the Labour Leaders backyard, doesn’t get worse than that!

Have all of Jahangir Akhtar’s 2509 tweets as a single file, email Rothpol if you would like a copy, for your own amusement or edification.

26 thoughts on “Another view on Jahangir Akhtar – It just gets worse!

  1. The Deputy Leader of Labour run RMBC thinks it appropriate to mock the elderly, the infirm, make light of children who have been sexually abused and use profanity in his Twitter exchanges.
    And all the while he is making the inappropriate remarks he must be dragging in over £65k a year from the public trough.

    A sad indictment on the Labour party, a party that once stood up for the weak and the vulnerable, just goes to show what kind of people are now attracted to the party.
    It is also an indictment on all those Labour members who remain silent about his conduct; they must be in agreement with him.

    I note with interest the outcome of the Cornwall councillor’s case, an individual who made some vile remarks about children with disabilities, fingers crossed this excuse for an RMBC Deputy Leader gets the boot!


  2. I think he does so much damage with his thoughtless comments. I guess he must feel very snug in his position as a councillor to say what he does. As someone with an obvious ethniticity over using the word racist makes a mockery of those trying to fight it. Yes, I am sat at my computer and yes I receive what could constitute welfare but I am also a labour member and former Ruskin student who wants to see labour in positions of influence because they are capable rather than selected because they are deemed the best from a bad bunch.


  3. I’ve just done a scan through Cllr Akhtar ‘s Twitter feed. The majority of his tweets/retweets are perfectly reasonable – the standard labour party local councillor stuff, along with some that reflect his concern with the socio-politics of the Muslim world, Palestine, the Blair/Bush Iraq war etc – all of which I have much sympathy with.
    But then there are a smaller number that go way beyond anything that could be considered acceptable in their attacks on local citizens. There are a just few of these in the selction above.

    I see Rik has a record of 2509 tweets. I’m not sure Cllr. Akhtar’s twitter account still shows that many – certainly there are gaps in the calendar record on the Twitter site. (deleted tweets?) . Many of the other twitter members who he communicates with are no longer on twitter, at least one removed by twitter, rather than deleted by the owner, and all of the early entries to the RothBradPol blog that he links to are missing .
    (It may be that there were complaints about their content, possibly by Respect – sorry but I hate any form of censorship).
    Have Respect ever published scans of those offending pages? Pretty please Respect, if you have them can we see them!
    In the nineteen forties my granddad insisted that “Stalin wasn’t all bad” , and refused to take his picture down from the wall.
    I doubt that anyone would want a picture of Cllr Akhtar on their wall, ever.


    • Councillor Akhtar is a man who is sexist against women.
      I just don’t know how the Labour Party tolerates him.
      Why would Councillor Shabana Ahmed continue to support him, after this display of intolerance and disgraceful misogyny? We should be told.


  4. Dear Rik,
    No matter who you are , what you do, or say, or what your Political stance is, as a Member of the Public you are allowed to express any opinion. RMBC Cllrs are obliged to follow the Code of Conduct, I for one would think that some of the comments made by this Cllr are against that Code. If you wish to make a complaint, Contact RMBC on (01709) 382121 and ask to speak to someone who deals with conduct issues.


  5. Tragically S Thornton, the Code of Conduct for RMBC councillors and local town and parish councillors is not always adhered to by far too many. I know from experience that the way that RMBC Standards Committee gets around the disciplining of councillors is to say that when the alleged “incident” or “offence took place, the councillor in question was not acting “in his/her capacity as a councillor”. This is an easy way of letting the disgusting behaviours and attitudes of some councillors go un-challenged and unreprimanded. As we know some of the members of the Standards Committee themselves use behaviour that should not be tolerated from any citizen, let alone elected – and often non elected – members in a position of authority.
    Anyone in a position where their role is to represent the public or any profession that involves the public should behave in an appropriate and professional manner at all times, in their public life. There is no way that anyone who uses Twitter can say that their tweets are private and personal – this would be a paradox to the whole idea of the Twitter network.
    I wonder what our response would be if our local Headteacher, Vicar, Police or Doctor sent tweets in the style of Akhtar and said they were doing it in a “personal capacity” or just “expressing opinions” ? That the “majority of his tweets / retweets are perfectly reasonable … ” is irrelevant and does not cancel out the ones that clearly are not.
    Jahanghir Akhtar is a disgrace to Rotherham and South Yorkshire. To say that he is tweeting in a personal capacity under the heading of Deputy Leader of RMBC is an insult to every person in Rotherham. As for his position with the South Yorks PCC … I am lost for words how this can be.

    As I have said elsewhere, Jahanghir Akhtar accused me of being a BNP supporter (I am not ) and then a Respect supporter (likewise I am not) on Twitter and then promptly blocked me from responding. The RothBradpolitics “site” has also made suggestions and posts about me that are not true.
    So yes please, rothpol. I would like a copy of the tweets. Not for entertainment, but to add my voice to the protests about this man continuing to be in office.


  6. Councillor Akhtar is an absolute disgrace to RMBC. If I posted offensive, racist and coarse language about another ethnic group I would expect to get my collar felt.
    I agree with all the comments about why RMBC and it’s Labour lackey’s seem blind and deaf to this person’s rantings. The great pity is that when his supporters rush to his defence they perceive any and all criticisms of him as Racist.
    Being elected as a Borough Councillor used to be seen as a mark of respect for him or her in their local communities irrespective of party affiliations. I wonder what Ed Miliband thinks of his Labour party representatives in Rotherham?


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  8. Who cares what Ed Miliband thinks ? Either he doesn’t know about Akhtar, which is unacceptable or he does know and chooses to do nothing about it. Either way it’s showing him as an incompetent leader.
    Now that I’m thinking of it I can’t bring to mind anyone who would make an honest and trustworthy person to lead the Labour Party … or any other party come to that !
    Any suggestions ?


  9. Grald Hunters remarks are hurtful – ouch! I will be consulting my lawyers messrs Hamshankers, Balmpots and Moonbats. Maltybyblogger as my great grandfather was a founder member of the Independent Labour Party, (in Bradford ironically and when it was a proper Labour Party) – I would like to suggest….myself! I am happy to join them and help them rediscover their soul. However, I predict that within 5-10 years Labour will lose control of RMBC unless they start listening seriously to local people. They will win the next GE but then the wheels will quickly fall off the Milibandwagon. That will be the time to strike but we Independents need to start preparing now. Racists, bigots and losers of Rotherham unite!


    • The weasel words, ‘tweeting in a private capacity’, do not render one unaccountable for them!
      Asbo has a poisonous personality and a twisted mind, amply demonstrated here with these fine examples that have put his true attitudes on display. They are as outrageous as they are intolerable in the Labour Party, yet this misogynistic bigot remains a member.


      • “tweeting in a private capacity” – really ?
        That’s not what he appears to be saying at when it says:
        “Welcome from Jahangir Akhtar
        I am the Labour Councillor for the Rotherham West Ward on Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council. It is an honour and a privilege to represent an area on the Council where I have lived for over 40 years.
        Within this site you will find out how to contact me as well as information about me and the
        work I am doing as a ward Councillor and as the Deputy Leader of the Council. There are regular updates on some of the key issues currently affecting constituents in my area and Rotherham as well as the latest news on what I have been up to along with status updates on Twitter, Facebook

        Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find it informative and useful
        Jahangir Akhtar


    • Interesting to note that he does not serve as a school governor!

      CRB checks have become most inconvenient if, like Asbo, you have criminal convictions for affray or for selling cigarettes to children!

      These convictions will also disqualify Asbo from many positions, such as being a Magistrate for example.

      They hang around Asbo Akhtar’s neck like the proverbial Albatross!


  10. No joke unfortunately! The labour party have seriously taken their eye off the ball on this one.
    Rothpol suspects that the labour party is frightened of being accused of racism by this misogynistic bigot, thug and bully?
    How can the labour party be taken seriously while this basic intolerance remains unchallenged.
    So much for labour’s commitment to sexual equality or enforcement of it’s own rules and standards of conduct!
    They are the real joke here, shame on the labour party!


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