Naz Ahmed’s Interests Declaration

Lord Ahmed
Category 1: Directorships
Blackhorn Properties Limited (property development)
Redbrick Homes Limited (property development)
Director, Newbond Investments Limited (real estate; remuneration from Reliance UK Border Agency Escorting (see category 2) is received through this company)
Category 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.
Business development manager, Kilnhurst Business Park, Rotherham
Chancellor, British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce (expenses and loss of earnings only, for attending meetings and conferences)
Adviser on Diversity, Reliance UKBA Escorting (provides escorting services both in-country and overseas on behalf of UK Border Agency) (until June 2013)
Category 4: Shareholdings (a)
Kilnhurst Business Park, Rotherham
Newbond Investments Limited (real estate)
Category 5: Land and property
Guest House in Doncaster
Kilnhurst Business Park, Rotherham
Freehold interest in, and ground rent investment from, properties in Sheffield at Cammell Road, Firth Park, Sheffield and Granby Road, Firth Park, Sheffield
Category 7: Overseas visits
Visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia, 6-8 May 2012; travel costs met by Mr Aamer Sarfraz and two nights’ accommodation provided by Pakistan Ambassador
Visit to Oslo, 25-26 May 2012; accommodation costs met by Islamic Cultural Centre in Oslo
Visit to Toronto, Canada, 1-4 June 2012; all travel and accommodation costs met by Friends of Kashmir in Toronto
Visit to Beirut, 2-6 August 2012; all travel and accommodation costs paid by British Institute of Technology and E-commerce
Visit to Ancona, Italy, 6-9 September 2012, for conference/retreat with a group called The Concordia; all travel and accommodation costs met by them
Visit to Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa, 4-8 July 2012; all travel and accommodation met by Al-Gazali School/College, Pretoria
Visit to Sri Lanka, 28 November – 1 December 2012; all travel and accommodation provided by Tauba Group
Visit to Barcelona, 3-4 February 2012, as guest of Counsellor General of Pakistan; cost of two nights’ accommodation (but not travel) met by Counsellor General of Pakistan
Visit to Strasbourg, 21 January 2012, to attend a COJEP International (Council for Justice, Equality and Peace) human rights award ceremony; COJEP International paid for travel to Strasbourg and one night’s accommodation (Member paid for return flight)
Visit to Dubai and Qatar, 4-9 January 2012; travel costs were met by Council for European Palestinian Relations (CEPR); two days’ accommodation was paid by Government of Qatar
Visit to Gujranwala, Pakistan, 19-26 December 2012, to attend a meeting at the invitation of Awais Ceramics Industry; travel costs met by hosts
Category 10: Non-financial interests (d)
Fazaldad Human Rights Organisation
Member of International Expert Team, Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada
Category 10: Non-financial interests (e)
Chairman, Better Tomorrow Institute for Education (charitable school in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan)
Joseph Interfaith Foundation

Rotherham’s Members of Parliament – Financial Interests Declaration

BARRON, Kevin (Rother Valley)
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Fees for completing opinion surveys for ComRes, 4 Millbank, London, SW1P 3JA:
17 April 2012, received £75 for February/Mar
ch 2012 survey. Hours: 30 mins. Fee
paid to charity.
(Registered 17 April 2012)
Received £75 for May 2012 survey. Hour
s: 30 mins. Fee paid to charity.
(Registered 19 June 2012)
Parliamentary adviser to the Japanese Pharm
aceutical Group, 4 Old Bath Road, Sonning, RG4
(Up to £5,000)
All remuneration is donated to charity. The companies in the Japanese
Pharmaceutical Group are as follows:
Astellas Ltd
Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd
Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd
Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Europe Ltd
Eisai Ltd
Kowa Pharmaceutical Europe Co Ltd
Mitsubishi Pharma Europe ltd
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd
Takeda .
26 September 2012, payment of £3,000 made direct to charity. Hours: 20 hrs.
(Registered 26
September 2012)
Payment of £150 from Ipsos MORI, 79-81 Borough Road, London SE1 1FY. for interview in
December 2012. Hours: 1 hr. Fee paid to charity.
(Registered 9 January 2013)
8. Land and Property
Constituency office in Dinnington.
Flat in Bramley in my constituency
(Registered 26 September 2012)
CHAMPION, Sarah (Rotherham)
HEALEY, John (Wentworth and Dearne)
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Monthly articles for Municipal Journal magazine, 32 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V
(Up to £5,000)
13 August 2012, received £200 for one
article. Hours: 3 hrs approx.
(Registered 15
August 2012)
18 September 2012, received £200 for
one article. Hours: 3 hrs approx.
11 October 2012)
13 February 2013, received £400 for
two articles. Hours: 6 hrs approx.
25 February 2013)
Payment for completing opinion survey for Ipsos MORI, 79-81 Borough Road, London SE1
8 October 2012, £150. Hours: 90 mins
. (Registered 11 October 2012)
4. Sponsorships
(b) Support in the capacity as an MP:
Name of donor: 11 KBW
Address of donor: 11 King’s Bench Walk, Temple, London EC4Y 7EQ
Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £14,586 (fees and VAT) in kind;
pro bono legal support for FOI tribunal
Date of receipt: February-May 2012
Date of acceptance: February-May 2012
Donor status: barristers’ chambers
(Registered 23 July 2012)
Name of donor: Steel
& Shamash Solicitors
Address of donor: 12 Baylis Road, London SE1 7AA
Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £14,283.56 (fees, disbursements
and VAT) in kind; pro bono legal support for FOI tribunal
Date of receipt: Feb-May 2012
Date of acceptance: 29 June 2012
Donor status: limited liability partnership
(Registered 23 July 2012)
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See also: A job for Easter?

Shaun Wright Steps Down as Borough Councillor

From the Advertiser:

Shaun Wright quits Rotherham Council to focus on Police Commissioner role

A by-election, at last! In Rawmarsh Ward.

Update: There are now two contenders for the Labour nomination. Firstly and current front runner, is Darren Hughes, the ex-Tory and Borough Councillor.

Secondly there is Shaun Wright’s wife Lisa. her advantages? Is female and lives in the ward. Shaun Wright will be able to continue making council decisions through the bed pillow!!

Her mother, Lyndsay Johnston, is a councillor. Her grandmother was also a Borough Councillor before her. Dynastic politics indeed!

Lisa also works part time as a nurse at RDGH, this will make up her salary very nicely!!

Is Rotherham Labour, going to keep it in the family, after all? We shall see!

Breaking News: Ahmed apologises ‘unreservedly’ for his anti-Semitic comments.

Ahmed apologises ‘unreservedly’ for his anti-Semitic comments. Great: now Labour can kick him out

By Politics Last updated: March 28th, 2013

Lord Ahmed

Lord Ahmed

Apparently, Lord Ahmed has just apologised for his remarks about the Jewish community. In an interview with Mehdi Hasan in the Huffington Post, he says he “completely and unreservedly” apologises to “the Jewish community, to the judiciary, to the newspaper owners” for blaming Jewish-owned media organisations for his imprisonment for dangerous driving in 2009.

A bit more obliquely, he claims “he has “the greatest respect” for the Jewish community and could not “believe [the video] when I saw it”. He said his comments were “completely wrong”, “unacceptable” and the product of a “twisted mind” – but took “full responsibility” for them. Seeing the comments were his, it’s hard to see who else could be responsible. As for the “twisted mind”, well, you said it, m’lord. Read on……………….

From the Star: Disgraced peer issues apology

From the Yorkshire Post: Peer says sorry for his ‘Jewish conspiracy’ claim

Previously from the Advertiser: Rotherham peer suspended over new controversy

A job for Easter?

Holding our Borough Councillors to account, doesn’t get more basic than checking the Interests Declarations of those who inhabit the Lubyanka.

Once upon a time, the completion of Interests Declarations was a leisurely activity, not any more. The Localism Act, has introduced penalties for failure to register an interest within 28 days, with a penalty of up to 5 years, for the most egregious examples.

Rotherham Politics has been aware of omissions from a number of the Declarations downloaded today, we propose to repeat this exercise in a month, to give a chance for the individuals concerned, to remedy matters.

Many Borough Councillors are parish or Town Councillors too, so have provided a link to those as well. Spot any errors or omissions please email Rothpol.

Labour 28/03/13 28/04/13
Ahmed S  Ahmed S
Akhtar J  Akhtar J
Ali S  Ali S
Andrews J  Andrews J
Astbury L  Astbury L
Atkin A  Atkin A
Barron I  Barron I
Beaumont C  Beaumont C
Beck D  Beck D
Buckley A  Buckley A
Burton J  Burton J
Clark M  Clark M
Currie S  Currie S
Dalton J  Dalton J
Dodson B  Dodson B
Doyle J  Doyle J
Ellis S  Ellis S
Falvey J  Falvey C
Foden J  Foden J
Godfrey M  Godfrey M
Gosling A  Gosling A
Goulty K  Goulty K
Hamilton J  Hamilton J
Hamilton N  Hamilton N
Havenhand J  Havenhand J
Hoddinott E  Hoddinott E
Hussain M  Hussain M
Johnston L  Johnston L
Kaye B  Kaye B
Lakin P  Lakin P
Lelliott D  Lelliott D
License N  License N
McNeely R  McNeely R
Pickering D  Pickering D
Pitchley L  Pitchley L
Read C  Read C
Robinson C  Robinson C
Roche D  Roche D
Roddison A  Roddison A
Rushforth A  Rushforth A
Russell A  Russell A
Russell P  Russell P
Russell R  Russell R
Sangster A  Sangster A
Sharman T  Sharman T
Sims K  Sims K
Smith G  Smith G
Steele B  Steele B
Stone R  Stone R
Swift J  Swift J
Tweed S  Tweed S
Wallis E  Wallis E
Watson G  Watson G
Whelbourn G  Whelbourn G
Whysall J  Whysall J
Wooton P  Wootton P
Wright S  Wright S
Wyatt K  Wyatt K
Conservative 28/03/13 28/04/13
Donaldson L  Lynda Donaldson
Gilding J  John Gilding
Mannion T  Tony Mannion
Middleton C  Middleton C
Independent 28/03/13 28/04/13
Jepson C  Clive Jepson

Parish Council Interests Declarations, for those who wish to hold parish councillors to account.


Register of Interest Notes – July 2012, July 2012 Register of Interest Form – Borough and Code of Conduct for Members and Coopted Members.

Spring Political Season Starts

When the ‘Spring Conference Season’ has come and gone and the Members of Parliament back in their constituencies for Easter, some preparing their local election strategies, it is time for Rothpol to shake himself out of his torpor and get back to holding all of our local politicians to account.

Firstly some catching up to do, followed by the fruits of our own investigation into the fundamentally undemocratic nature of the Labour Party in parts of our Borough, plus reader supplied, news and comment on the issues of the day.

Some you might have missed:

The Star, Rotherham MP backs charity campaign, Troubled Magna to ask council for another loan, South Yorkshire detectives ordered to smarten up and Peer suspended by Labour

The Advertiser, PCC rejects fears over sex exploitation of missing kids, iPads point the way to a paper-less future for Rotherham Council and Rotherham driver pays price for illegal ‘taxi’ passengers

First piece of political gossip concerning the 2014 local government elections May 2014 Labour Party nominations. Gerald Smith, we have been told, will be seeking re-election for another four year term. Wonder if Dick Russell’s ward will be letting him stand again?

Plus, why is this post, The Uncomfortable Truth About Jahangir Akhtar! at a total now of 184070 page views, still number one today?

#daftarrest Trial Judgement

Rothpol has just found a link to the #daftarrest judgement, which some readers may be interested in;

#daftarrest Judgement in full.

The parliamentary manoeuvres this week, in the middle of the night, in Ed Milliband’s Commons Office, and the potential implications of the #daftarrest judgement, together, will require some serious consideration by bloggers such as ourselves.

Rothpol is determined to keep Rotherham Politics running! We won’t be going anywhere soon, much to the chagrin of those whom we occasionally feature in these columns, no doubt.

Blogs featuring issues such as those we cover, are now an essential part of political discourse and scrutiny of those who pretend to act in our interests, long may they continue. Oh and all parish and Town councils, should have one too! We need more blogs, not less!

Guido on bloggers future post Leveson

Thought Readers might like to read Guido’s views on the regulation chaos:

“AFTER Parliament voted to regulate the Press on Monday, curious journalists asked Downing Street how this new Royal Charter would affect the internet. Who would be regulated?

Only news websites will be regulated, they were told by the Prime Minister’s spokesman.

What, they asked, about the Guido Fawkes political blog?

“No” came the answer, that would not be regulated.

Down the road elsewhere in Whitehall Maria Miller, the minister responsible for the media, was briefing that my Guido Fawkes blog would fall foul of the new regulations because it reports news and gossip.

Do these bumbling buffoons really know what they are doing?

It doesn’t seem like the Government have thought through the regulation.

Maria Miller was asked in Parliament if Hello! magazine would be regulated — the out-of-touch minister admitted she had not even heard of the top-selling celebrity photo-magazine.

That this is all a bit of a shambles is hardly surprising.

After all, the deal to end 318 years of Press freedom was cobbled together at 2am by David Cameron’s fixer Oliver Letwin in Ed Miliband’s office with Hugh Grant’s motley crew of anti-Press campaigners on hand with takeaway pizzas helping out with the drafting.

It was rushed through Parliament the next day with some 500 MPs happily supporting a chance to get revenge on the papers for exposing and bringing to an end their expenses fiddling.

The truth is the world wide web is not going to be regulated by our out-of-touch politicians. My business is run out of Ireland and the blog is hosted on a web server in California.

Which means that unless the Royal Navy plan to send a warship to enforce the Royal Charter by pointing its guns at the web servers off Long Beach, there is no chance of this scheme working.

Max Mosley, the shameless Formula 1 tycoon who has campaigned against the Press and for privacy laws that would have stopped his orgy with hookers from being exposed, told a Select Committee of MPs yesterday they could “cut the wires” to the internet for foreign-hosted websites like mine.

That is what the Chinese, Saudi and Iranian regimes do. Is that really the route Britain should go down? Keeping the voters in the dark about the private lives of politicians — with privacy regulations for example — does not make voters better able to judge the merits of the people who want to rule over us.

Voters need to know if, for example, a politician has a drink problem.

Politicians have always been wary of a free Press watching and reporting on their murky doings.

They have, over the centuries, tried to keep journalists out of Parliament, ban them altogether, licence them, jail some occasionally and now regulate them.

I write about politicians every day and do not think it is at all healthy to be regulated by a statute passed by the very same people who are often criticised harshly on my blog.

That is why we won’t, as a matter of principle, submit to these proposed regulations whatever the penalty risks.

The editors of two weekly news magazines, Private Eye and The Spectator, have both said they won’t be going along with the charter either.

Readers want a robust free Press that makes amends when it makes mistakes.

Trust does have to be rebuilt after the phone hacking scandals of the past.

Newspapers have a big decision to make. If they go along with this scheme they need to design a system that gives redress to those deserving it yet doesn’t open the gates to a deluge of complaints from politically motivated campaigners.

Or they could just say “no”, publish and be damned.

Guido Fawkes, pinched from the Sun (sorry).

Omar has his say!

After the
Rotherham by-election in which the far-right of our town had managed to bump up
into third place, I was concerned for the future of Rotherham; neo-Nazis and
extreme right-wingers polling over 6000 votes altogether? However, the
disillusioned people of Rotherham are not to blame, nor are the vast majority
racist. So why did they vote for the far-right? The most simple answer is
because the failures of the so-called Left.

The Labour
Party were supposed to be the voice of the people, of the working man but now
the modern Labour Party, with its New Labour mentality still pretty much intact
is a broken and blundering excuse of a political party which no sense of
morality and very little common sense. It was with all that in mind that I
decided to re-join the party and help it find its way once again, build bridges
in the community and re-establish itself as a serious political force who cares
for all, irrespective of colour, creed or social background.

However, I
was recently informed that the Labour Party had rejected my membership on
account that I had stood against them as a Monster Raving Loony candidate (you
really couldn’t make it up!) and because I mentioned that I’d stand in the
Rotherham by-election (I was never formally nominated) but the most disturbing
reason of all came when I was told that my criticism of the party had not gone
unnoticed. Democracy? You’re having a bloody laugh!

I’d forgotten that under Labour’s dictatorship one is not allowed to criticise
them at all. If they kill thousands of our armed forces, you smile and agree.
If they slaughter thousands of Iraqi civilians, you smile and agree because
that’s how democracy works in their perverted ranks; George Galloway spoke out
against it and was kicked out and the same thing is now happening to ordinary
rank and file members and to the general public who wish to join. You’re either
complicit in everything they do, or consigned to the dustbin of history. This
totalitarianism is the reason why I now wish Labour never win another General
Election. Personally, I would rather see a Tory government elected with an
overwhelming majority than the return of that notorious, despicable mob. Now,
some might say there’s an element of sour grapes in this account, which is true
of course but the biggest loser in the whole sorry episode is the Labour Party
who can no longer claim to represent socialism when they’re mired in constant
controversy, cover-ups and scandals. The likes of the Green Party, TUSC and
Respect seem to be the new socialist alternatives but they are embryonic in
comparison to Labour and will take time to grow.

In addition
to this membership apartheid, the Labour Party is now a graveyard for the
over-PC (political correctness) brigade and the bunch of loonies who subscribe
to wacky rules such as nurses not being allowed to tell a patient that they’ll
say a prayer for them and of course the most famous one, ‘We can’t put up
Christmas lights because it’ll offend non-Christians’- whether the latter is a
myth spread by far-right nutters is unclear but it wouldn’t surprise me if they
did actually say and believe that tosh! This kind of lunacy and all the other
negatives that come with over-political correctness are one of the main reasons
why these hypocrites and champagne socialists must never be allowed in a
position of power again.

Rotherham, the Labour dictatorship has a firm hand on a noose that runs right
around the town which they tighten day by day and until people start to see
that for what it is and boycott the despicable, hypocritical party, then
nothing much will change. However, allying with the far-right is never the
answer. Our ancestors fought two World Wars to eradicate Nazism as well as for
the continuity of the British Empire. Seeking moderate alternatives is the way
forward to create a real Rotherham Renaissance, not pandering to right wing
zealots and reactionaries; their message is to create barriers in our town, and
similarly the Labour Party are doing the same thing. However, as citizens of
Rotherham, we should do our utmost to fight against these divisions and
co-exist as one community united by a common language, common morals, values
and principles.  

Labour have
failed the British people, they’ve failed their own members, they’ve failed the
most vulnerable in our society and now they have failed the principles on which
they were founded.”

Omar Mehban

Anston Parish Council Last Night

LoveDinnington was again providing a live Twitter feed and a detailed but humorous report in time for bed!

Rothpol congratulates, LoveDinnington for this and is grateful for the efforts expended in bringing this information to the public!

LoveDinnington – Website
LoveDinnington – Anston Parish Council 18th March 2013
LoveDinnington – Twitter Feed, contains last nights

Don’t you just love Anston parish council? Security guards and two Police Officers at last months meeting of this most dysfunctional council! If your experiences sound similar? Please let us know.