Daily Mail Report – Oh Barry!

Rothpol’s thanks go to our intrepid spotter for this story from the Mail. Despite being the front page lead in this weeks Advertiser, nothing yet up online, pity!

Former councillor beat elderly neighbour, 80, with his crutch as he lay on the ground in row over wheelie bins and grass cutting

  • Barry Ross, 66, attacked Malcolm Daniel, 80, in Ravenfield, South Yorkshire
  • Had he been younger, Ross would have received a jail term, the judge said
  • Ross was handed a four month curfew and a restraining order
  • Mr Daniel’s daughter said he was not ‘the same person since the attack’

By Alex Ward

PUBLISHED: 10:02, 1 March 2013 | UPDATED: 10:55, 1 March 2013

A former councillor has been spared jail after beating his 80-year-old neighbour with a crutch in a row over cleaning wheelie bins and cutting grass.

Barry Ross, 66, was instead given a curfew after hitting Malcolm Daniel three times as he lay on the ground after falling over during the attack.

Elderly neighbours in Ravenfield, Rotherham, have started a petition to order the eviction of Ross because they see him as a nuisance and say they are afraid of him. Read on……..

Beat neighbour: Barry Ross, a former councillor, hit pensioner Malcolm Daniel three times with his crutch after he fell to the ground, the court hear

22 thoughts on “Daily Mail Report – Oh Barry!

  1. Also on front page of Advertiser. What an embarassment and further disgrace for Rotherham. Where will it end ? !
    Ross lives in Ravenfield but neither report states where and when he was a councillor. Anyone know ?
    As some of the comments state there are people older than him in prison , so why is he not ?
    Couldn’t be anything to do with his ex-councillor status could it ?


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  3. 80 year old victim. Ffs that is tough! I think a criminal act leads to eviction ASAP in social housing if there is a will to do it.


  4. Is it worth paying £12 a month to subscribe to this local government rag just to read the rest of the “leak” story ?
    “if there is a will to do it” , Graham ? What do you mean ?


  5. What a vile excuse of a human being! If someone is found guilty of a criminal act, they should be jailed, irrespective of age.


  6. Think he was a councillor for Brinsworth. The man’s deluded, he insisted he should be addressed as a ” Honourable member” when in the council chamber. He also was trying to dig up something on the late Councillor Aubrey Senior which never came to anything


    • Interesting !
      Whilst many people end up deluded, not all of them began that way!
      Councillor Aubrey Senior was Chair of the Licencing Board for many years. Its responsibilities include “Hackney Carriage and Private Hire” ; and during those years LibDem Councillor Ross seems to have got involved in a legal squabble, as, according to the Yorkshire Post:
      “During his career he has been accused of harassing a police officer and leaking confidential information relating to taxi drivers’ convictions. All charges were dropped.”

      I wasn’t even in UK when all this was happening, but maybe someone who was around at the time may know what that was all about? It does appear to have some contemporary relevance.


      • Rothpol understands that “leaking confidential information relating to taxi drivers’ convictions. All charges were dropped.” Refers to the single public service, rendered by this odious man, was his attempted exposure of the scandal that allowed those convicted of serious crimes to nevertheless, obtain a Taxi permit in Rotherham!
        As to whether this has any contemporary relevance? Who knows!


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