60 children in Rotherham at risk of being groomed and sexually abused!

The BBC Radio Sheffield breakfast show, last week, ran a series of articles on the crime of child sexual exploitation. Using the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the information the programme makers say that last year alone 200 children in South Yorkshire were considered to be at risk of being abused, 60 of those children are from Rotherham.

Anyone seen anything on the RMBC website on how to protect your children?



4 thoughts on “60 children in Rotherham at risk of being groomed and sexually abused!

  1. From Chris Longley MBE

    This is a repeat of an entry elsewhere on this blog, but it is directly relevent here. As I write, there is still no information in the public domain about what Councillor Shaun Wright in his five years as Chair of the Rotherham Safeguarding Children’s Board/Group knew, when he knew it and what he or his RMBC officials decided to do on the basis of the information available to them.

    Councillor Wright is now the Police and Crime Commissioner for the whole of South Yorkshire, so the reports that 200 children may be at risk of sexual abuse is now a matter for him in his new role.

    My earlier entry now follows, in the hope that the public may soon have this information available through the good offices of the Home Affairs Select Committee:

    “”As readers of this blog will recall from my earlier entries, the Home Affairs Select Committee has asked RMBC officers (Kimber/Thackray) in open Committee session to provide reports about the actions of the Rotherham Safeguarding Children’s Board during the times that there was systemic abuse and rape of children in Rotherham.

    I attach below the text of my email dated 5 March 2013 (today) to the Home Affairs Select Committee in this regard:

    “5 March 2013

    From Chris Longley MBE

    Andy Boyd
    Home Affairs Select Committee
    House of Commons

    Dear Mr Boyd

    I wrote to you on 13 February 2013 in this matter.

    I write again today to ask you whether all the necessary reports, agendas and minutes of the Rotherham Safeguarding Children’s Board/Group for the period at least of Councillor Wrights Chairmanship have now been received by the Home Affairs Select Committee, following the Committee’s instruction to the RMBC paid officials that they were required.

    I remain sure the records of all the necessary reports, agendas and minutes will be stored electronically and therefore easy and convenient to dispatch to you as instructed and as soon as any necessary agreement to their release by Councillor Paul Lakin as the current appropriate Chair has been obtained.

    If RMBC has not yet sent these records, please tell me what action the Committee is taking to obtain them.

    I note the list of written evidence received by your Committee has not changed since mid-January 2013.

    Kind regards

    Chris Longley MBE”

    My email ENDS.””

    I will inform readers of this blog of the reply I receive.


  2. Just to add:
    The next meeting of the Home Affairs Committee into Localised Child Grooming will be on Tuesday,19 March 2013 at 14:45. .
    Witnesses appearing are:
    Muslim Council of Britain and Alyas Karmani, StreetOnline;
    Sheila Taylor MBE, National Working Group for sexually exploited children and young people
    Martine Osmond, The Children’s Society.


  3. From Chris Longley MBE

    I thank “a regular reader” for the note above. Most helpful to everyone.

    I would point out that the evidence givers list for Tuesday 19 March 2013 does not include Councillor Shaun Wright.

    The Home Affairs Select Committee have clearly taken the point that they should not hear evidence from Councillor Wright until they have received and digested the reports etc they have requested from Rotherham that cover the five years he was the elected member in charge of the safeguarding children board for the borough.

    Nor does the lsit include the current Chief Constable, David Crompton QPM, whose efforts to improve the SY Police’s efforts in the matters of systemic child abuse and rape are considerable and ongoing.

    I trust the Committee will therefore hear evidence from the Chief Constable on a separate occasion from Councillor Wright.

    This precaution is so that the distinctions between the events during Councillor Wright’s five year tenure as Chair of the Rotherham Safeguarding Children’s Board and the current arrangements put in place by the new Chief Constable cannot be blurred.

    Kind regards

    Chris Longley MBE


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