Where’s Paul Jagger when you want him?

It would appear that one of South Yorkshire’s favourite sons is in a little local difficulty?

A complaint has been made against him about his Town Council Interests Declaration. His Declaration has been found to be deficient by a rather important omission, that of his shareholding and directorship of Wharncliffe Partners Limited, Company Number 06806800.

It must have slipped his mind? For at least three years!

When he returns from his Ski Lodge he, no doubt, will have some explaining to do.

Click on image to read the complaint in full. No longer works.


Scrutiny, thanks to the web, is going hyper-local! UKIP are in the lead locally for their efforts and Rothpol welcomes this and looks forward to future developments.

Update from UKIP:

UKIP Stocksbridge Withdraws Complaint Against Cllr Paul Jagger

UKIP Stocksbridge recently filed a complaint with the monitoring officer that Cllr Paul Jagger had failed to note on his declaration of interests his ownership in a company called Wharncliffe Partners Limited.

Whilst our complaint regarding this omission was technically correct it is now clear that this company relates to Mr Jaggers educational work and the failure to record this on Mr Jaggers declaration is a simple oversight and as such UKIP Stocksbridge are happy to withdraw their complaint with the monitoring officer regarding this matter.

Hope that clarifies the issue for readers and addresses Paul Jaggers point, in his comment.

5 thoughts on “Where’s Paul Jagger when you want him?

  1. Please note on the UKIP web site this allegation has been withdrawn you may wish to do the same
    Cllr P Jagger MBE


  2. Just looking round your site to find you have still not had the decency to take this off your site. The note from the original complainant withdrawing it is a good way down your site in small print. Easy to sling it just try cleaning it up
    Coun Jagger


    • Paul, The complaint may well have been withdrawn by UKIP Stocksbridge. They issued a statement, which has been reproduced for readers information, I quote, “our complaint regarding this omission was technically correct”
      Rotherham Politics is prepared to act in cases where the facts are established to be incorrect, this does not appear to be such a case. Therefore we cannot contemplate the complete removal of this post at this time.


  3. If the political wing of Hacked Off (aka the Labour party) had their way then open reporting like this would never see the light of day.
    Whether or not Cllr.Jagger’s omission is ‘technically correct’ he should have declared his interest and UKIP would not have exposed him.
    PJ seems to be on his high horse over this. I wonder why??
    Because he’s a Labour councillor? Or because UKIP brought this to everyone’s attention? Perhaps normal rules do not apply to Labour party members?
    All councillors sign up to the Nolan Principles-including Labour councillors.


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