Ahmed in the Times – One

Very grateful to a regular reader for this information from the Times newspaper and researched and written by Andrew Norfolk, the award winning, Chief Investigative Reporter, no less!

Muslim peer blames Jewish Day one 'Jewish conspiracy' peer

Day Two with Opinion from Maajid Nawaz and Jahangir Akhtar, later.

Comments on, Naz Ahmed’s outrageous claims!, may interest readers.

3 thoughts on “Ahmed in the Times – One

  1. AND if Lord Ahmed did say those things (and he has been misquoted and mistranslated before) then he should be reprimanded. But oh how I wish Labour had dealt as swiftly with the thieving, fraudulent expense fiddlers, some of whom are still skulking around the corridors of power today. And why, having been alerted to the dishonest activities of the previous Rotherham MP, did Labour take so long to act when it has shown, in the case of Lord Ahmed, it can act within hours? I hope this is not a case of double standards as it could open the Labour Party to all sorts of accusations of racism, hypocrisy etc.
    I’m also rather alarmed that Labour has failed to act at all, never mind swiftly, over a leading member of Rotherham Council who has sent out foul, abusive tweets and RTing (which is arguably worse) some foul language and defamatory comments about Respect MP George Galloway … but perhaps there’s a Labour Party member out there who would care to respond to these observations.


    • we want yvonne to comment on this blog on a regular basis, as her voice needs to be heard in the community, slowly slowly people r realising what Yvonne stands thats a sign of a good person.
      we want yvonne to comment on here regular basis, without Yvonne and Respect Party we dont know where we would be,she has opened the ways for many youths and many people in the community.
      well done Yvonne keep up da good work and we will support you for future


  2. Well said Yvonne. Couldn’t agree more.
    When you say “a leading member of Rotherham Council who has sent out foul, abusive tweets and RTing ” are you referring to RMBC’s Deputy Leader Cllr Jahangir Akhtar ?

    (if not, then I would like to add his name to the list of Labour members whose behaviour is clearly unsatisfactory for a councillor, let alone a Deputy Leader)


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