#daftarrest Trial Judgement

Rothpol has just found a link to the #daftarrest judgement, which some readers may be interested in;

#daftarrest Judgement in full.

The parliamentary manoeuvres this week, in the middle of the night, in Ed Milliband’s Commons Office, and the potential implications of the #daftarrest judgement, together, will require some serious consideration by bloggers such as ourselves.

Rothpol is determined to keep Rotherham Politics running! We won’t be going anywhere soon, much to the chagrin of those whom we occasionally feature in these columns, no doubt.

Blogs featuring issues such as those we cover, are now an essential part of political discourse and scrutiny of those who pretend to act in our interests, long may they continue. Oh and all parish and Town councils, should have one too! We need more blogs, not less!

3 thoughts on “#daftarrest Trial Judgement

  1. Troubling!
    Poor woman.

    But at least the defamation bill seems now going ahead without those unhelpful “Leveson amendments”.

    As for the separate issue of press regulation, the politicians seem to have completely lost the plot.


  2. Having read the judgment in its entirety, it was found that the lady intended to injure the target of her accusations. It is one thing to tell the truth, however uncomfortable, but such a campaign must never descend into diatribe or wander from the truth.


    • “Having read the judgement in its entirety, it was found that the lady intended to injure the target of her accusations.”
      … in the opinion of the judge.

      London is currently seen as the Libel Capital for the World, and changes to the current laws are going through parliament now.

      In many other countries “the right to freedom of speech” would take precedence.


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