Spring Political Season Starts

When the ‘Spring Conference Season’ has come and gone and the Members of Parliament back in their constituencies for Easter, some preparing their local election strategies, it is time for Rothpol to shake himself out of his torpor and get back to holding all of our local politicians to account.

Firstly some catching up to do, followed by the fruits of our own investigation into the fundamentally undemocratic nature of the Labour Party in parts of our Borough, plus reader supplied, news and comment on the issues of the day.

Some you might have missed:

The Star, Rotherham MP backs charity campaign, Troubled Magna to ask council for another loan, South Yorkshire detectives ordered to smarten up and Peer suspended by Labour

The Advertiser, PCC rejects fears over sex exploitation of missing kids, iPads point the way to a paper-less future for Rotherham Council and Rotherham driver pays price for illegal ‘taxi’ passengers

First piece of political gossip concerning the 2014 local government elections May 2014 Labour Party nominations. Gerald Smith, we have been told, will be seeking re-election for another four year term. Wonder if Dick Russell’s ward will be letting him stand again?

Plus, why is this post, The Uncomfortable Truth About Jahangir Akhtar! at a total now of 184070 page views, still number one today?

1 thought on “Spring Political Season Starts

  1. I am not from Rotherham, in fact I am not sure I could find it on a map. I came across this site while researching the Asian child sex scandal. I have since become an avid follower. I now know more about Rotherham than I otherwise would have and I am much better informed.

    Your site is an excellent example of local campaigning on behalf of the people.

    In the past politicians, both local and national, have got away with appalling behavior due to a lack of scrutiny.

    Politicians of all parties don’t like the public to know the truth about how they operate, so your efforts to hold them to account is a good thing which serves to improve their behavior.

    I wish that towns and cities the length of country would follow your example and start holding their representatives to account in the way that you do.

    Congratulations and I hope you will keep up the good work.


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