A job for Easter?

Holding our Borough Councillors to account, doesn’t get more basic than checking the Interests Declarations of those who inhabit the Lubyanka.

Once upon a time, the completion of Interests Declarations was a leisurely activity, not any more. The Localism Act, has introduced penalties for failure to register an interest within 28 days, with a penalty of up to 5 years, for the most egregious examples.

Rotherham Politics has been aware of omissions from a number of the Declarations downloaded today, we propose to repeat this exercise in a month, to give a chance for the individuals concerned, to remedy matters.

Many Borough Councillors are parish or Town Councillors too, so have provided a link to those as well. Spot any errors or omissions please email Rothpol.

Labour 28/03/13 28/04/13
Ahmed S  Ahmed S
Akhtar J  Akhtar J
Ali S  Ali S
Andrews J  Andrews J
Astbury L  Astbury L
Atkin A  Atkin A
Barron I  Barron I
Beaumont C  Beaumont C
Beck D  Beck D
Buckley A  Buckley A
Burton J  Burton J
Clark M  Clark M
Currie S  Currie S
Dalton J  Dalton J
Dodson B  Dodson B
Doyle J  Doyle J
Ellis S  Ellis S
Falvey J  Falvey C
Foden J  Foden J
Godfrey M  Godfrey M
Gosling A  Gosling A
Goulty K  Goulty K
Hamilton J  Hamilton J
Hamilton N  Hamilton N
Havenhand J  Havenhand J
Hoddinott E  Hoddinott E
Hussain M  Hussain M
Johnston L  Johnston L
Kaye B  Kaye B
Lakin P  Lakin P
Lelliott D  Lelliott D
License N  License N
McNeely R  McNeely R
Pickering D  Pickering D
Pitchley L  Pitchley L
Read C  Read C
Robinson C  Robinson C
Roche D  Roche D
Roddison A  Roddison A
Rushforth A  Rushforth A
Russell A  Russell A
Russell P  Russell P
Russell R  Russell R
Sangster A  Sangster A
Sharman T  Sharman T
Sims K  Sims K
Smith G  Smith G
Steele B  Steele B
Stone R  Stone R
Swift J  Swift J
Tweed S  Tweed S
Wallis E  Wallis E
Watson G  Watson G
Whelbourn G  Whelbourn G
Whysall J  Whysall J
Wooton P  Wootton P
Wright S  Wright S
Wyatt K  Wyatt K
Conservative 28/03/13 28/04/13
Donaldson L  Lynda Donaldson
Gilding J  John Gilding
Mannion T  Tony Mannion
Middleton C  Middleton C
Independent 28/03/13 28/04/13
Jepson C  Clive Jepson

Parish Council Interests Declarations, for those who wish to hold parish councillors to account.


Register of Interest Notes – July 2012, July 2012 Register of Interest Form – Borough and Code of Conduct for Members and Coopted Members.

5 thoughts on “A job for Easter?

  1. Phil, “holding to account” – generally means to consider someone responsible, an expectation that they can explain themselves or their actions.
    (Seems that often councillors/governments in particular find this difficult 🙂 )


  2. Asbo and the Unity Centr:. Was he on the Board when the previous Chief Executive Officer left and what were the reasons for leaving? Did Asbo’s son then get the post of CEO? If any of this is true, what was the role of Asbo and what systems did he put in place to ensure he was not vulnerable to allegations of nepotism.

    Maybe this is all common knowledge and I am out of touch, or maybe the facts are incorrect, if so please delete. If not, answers and views appreciated.


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