Shaun Wright Steps Down as Borough Councillor

From the Advertiser:

Shaun Wright quits Rotherham Council to focus on Police Commissioner role

A by-election, at last! In Rawmarsh Ward.

Update: There are now two contenders for the Labour nomination. Firstly and current front runner, is Darren Hughes, the ex-Tory and Borough Councillor.

Secondly there is Shaun Wright’s wife Lisa. her advantages? Is female and lives in the ward. Shaun Wright will be able to continue making council decisions through the bed pillow!!

Her mother, Lyndsay Johnston, is a councillor. Her grandmother was also a Borough Councillor before her. Dynastic politics indeed!

Lisa also works part time as a nurse at RDGH, this will make up her salary very nicely!!

Is Rotherham Labour, going to keep it in the family, after all? We shall see!

12 thoughts on “Shaun Wright Steps Down as Borough Councillor

  1. Chris Longley says:
    March 28 at 1710pm

    From Chris Longley MBE

    I am pleased that Councillor Wright will now be able to concentrate on his duties as Police and Crime Commissioner, duties that include the safety of children throughoutv South Yorkshire. I wrote on 19 March 2013 to the Home Affairs Committee and reminded them that I first wrote to them in the matter of Councillor Wright and the safeguarding of children in Rotherham on 3 December 2013. I wrote on 19 March 2013 as follows:

    “Andy Boyd
    Home Affairs Select Committee
    House of Commons

    Dear Mr Boyd

    I have been checking my records in the matter of Councillor Shaun Wright and the release by Rotherham Metropolitan District Council of the Minutes et al of the Rotherham Children’s Safeguarding Board etc.

    In my records is a copy of the letter that I wrote to Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Home Affairs Committee on 3 December 2012 on this matter (and others including Hillsborough) and I enclose below the relevant extract from that letter to your Chair.

    You will see therefore that I suggested as long ago as last December that the records would give vital evidence about Councillor Wright’s tenure:

    “2.2 Rotherham Child Abuse

    So that the Committee are clear about his responsibilities in this matter, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council confirm to me that Councillor Shaun Wright became Cabinet Member for Children and Young People’s Services for Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council on 20th May 2005.

    Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council also confirms to me that being re-appointed by the Council annually in May, Councillor Wright performed that role for an unbroken period of time until 21st May 2010. I have the emails that say this.

    For the avoidance of all doubt therefore, Councillor Wright was in charge of safeguarding children throughout Rotherham between 20 May 2005 and 21 May 2010 continuously.

    Others sources will tell you about the timing, nature and effectiveness of the activities of Rotherham Borough Council in relation to systematic gang-based child abuse during the time of Councillor Wright’s chairmanship, and which are firmly in the public domain.

    However, there is nothing in the public record about “what Councillor Wright knew, when did he know it and what did he do as Chair?” about these disgraceful activities and the damage that the gangs involved did to so many children and those family, friends and carers who tried individually to protect these children.

    In particular it would be instructive to know what written, verbal or other guidance he received on these matters from any Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council officers who presumably advised the Panel and the Safeguarding Board of which Councillor Wright was Chair.

    Clearly the more specific are Councillor Wright’s answers to these matters also, the more help they will be to the Committee.

    For example, if the maintenance of “community relations” was indeed more important than the safety of all the children who were being abused systematically, no doubt there will be a record that shows this and who gave such an instruction or signified the pursuit of such an approach.

    Let us hope the necessary records have not been redacted so they can still in 2012 be of assistance to Councillor Wright when he comes before the Committee. If full records are so confidential that they must remain out of the public gaze, no doubt the Committee could meet in camera to examine and discuss them.”

    In addition, since the January 2013 session of the Home Affairs Committee at which the Rotherham MBC officers (Kimber/Thackray) gave evidence and at which you asked them to provide the Minutes of the relevant Committees, I have written to ask whether those records have arrived. From the information about received written evidence on the Committee’s website, it appears that the required evidence has still not arrived.

    So unless something changes, it seems that the evidence requested by the Committee will not appear now before Easter 2013.

    I wonder, therefore, at what point will the patience of the Committee with Rotherham MBC be exhausted? Or can witnesses ignore the requirements of the Home Affairs Committee without consequence.

    Kind regards

    Chris Longley MBE”


    Is this continuing silence from Rotherham eloquent?


  2. Not sure about eloquent Chris, but it certainly speaks volumes !
    Thankyou for your continued patience and persistence in this matter. The future safeguarding of Rotherham’s children and bringing those responsible for past events to account is reliant on the whole situation being resolved.


  3. I have it from the horses mouth. Home Affairs Cttee has run out of the time and will not be calling Sean the (not so affectionately named) Sheep to account for his role during what is sometimes called the child sex grooming cover up scandal.

    Specifically, given his committee positions did he or didn’t he argue or in any way support a light or “ethnically sensitive” policing/social services approach that may have led to perpetrators not being prosecuted and/or allowing sexual abuse of children to to continue.

    This is not intended as a witch hunt, merely seeking to clarify a set of issues that while murky add to the danger of child sex abuse being repeated.

    Rumour however is that efforts will be made to either get more time for the committee (unlikely but possible) or find another means to get to the truth.

    Time for all Rotherham and truth lovers who want this sore cleansed once and for all to increase the pressure, not back off. For me the best course is to try and get the national Labour party to cleanse this stable. .

    There is of course the conspiracy theory approach that Labour actually want Sean’s name to be kept clean, that he is now too big to fail and therefore was never going to be called in front of the Committee.

    For my part I think the danger to children remains and it is time for grown up partnerships to pursue and resolve this issue.

    A rant based upon conspiracy theory can be fun, but action is both profound and satisfying.

    I believe that the truth about the cover up of grooming in Rotherham, if shady, is to be found among the Asian community, Labour Party members and some officers. I believe that the vast, vast majority of these are good people.

    However, I worry that a history of bullying by some councillors combined with individuals only holding fragments of the total picture is stopping witnesses from coming forward. Also if true, then we are in world of proper criminality wherein threats are not necessarily vacuous.

    A collection of party political biased rants will not bring the truth to light, and certainly will discourage those who have knowledge from coming forward.

    We need a location, real or virtual, where those with facts can be deposited and allow the creation of a more clear picture. We should create a dialogue with Vaz (maybe not a great hope, but our best) and other potential sympathisers.

    If we care for children then we need to grow up.


  4. Well it’s done at last. A seat for Darren Hughes! What a set of hypocrites the Labour Party will be if they select him! They bleated about having a Parliamentary candidate imposed on them by the Labour hierarchy who was not local, but will be happy to impose an outsider onto Rawmarsh.
    Word of warning Rog – you may live to regret it if you do give him the seat. He may be after your crown!


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