Naz Ahmed’s Interests Declaration

Lord Ahmed
Category 1: Directorships
Blackhorn Properties Limited (property development)
Redbrick Homes Limited (property development)
Director, Newbond Investments Limited (real estate; remuneration from Reliance UK Border Agency Escorting (see category 2) is received through this company)
Category 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.
Business development manager, Kilnhurst Business Park, Rotherham
Chancellor, British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce (expenses and loss of earnings only, for attending meetings and conferences)
Adviser on Diversity, Reliance UKBA Escorting (provides escorting services both in-country and overseas on behalf of UK Border Agency) (until June 2013)
Category 4: Shareholdings (a)
Kilnhurst Business Park, Rotherham
Newbond Investments Limited (real estate)
Category 5: Land and property
Guest House in Doncaster
Kilnhurst Business Park, Rotherham
Freehold interest in, and ground rent investment from, properties in Sheffield at Cammell Road, Firth Park, Sheffield and Granby Road, Firth Park, Sheffield
Category 7: Overseas visits
Visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia, 6-8 May 2012; travel costs met by Mr Aamer Sarfraz and two nights’ accommodation provided by Pakistan Ambassador
Visit to Oslo, 25-26 May 2012; accommodation costs met by Islamic Cultural Centre in Oslo
Visit to Toronto, Canada, 1-4 June 2012; all travel and accommodation costs met by Friends of Kashmir in Toronto
Visit to Beirut, 2-6 August 2012; all travel and accommodation costs paid by British Institute of Technology and E-commerce
Visit to Ancona, Italy, 6-9 September 2012, for conference/retreat with a group called The Concordia; all travel and accommodation costs met by them
Visit to Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa, 4-8 July 2012; all travel and accommodation met by Al-Gazali School/College, Pretoria
Visit to Sri Lanka, 28 November – 1 December 2012; all travel and accommodation provided by Tauba Group
Visit to Barcelona, 3-4 February 2012, as guest of Counsellor General of Pakistan; cost of two nights’ accommodation (but not travel) met by Counsellor General of Pakistan
Visit to Strasbourg, 21 January 2012, to attend a COJEP International (Council for Justice, Equality and Peace) human rights award ceremony; COJEP International paid for travel to Strasbourg and one night’s accommodation (Member paid for return flight)
Visit to Dubai and Qatar, 4-9 January 2012; travel costs were met by Council for European Palestinian Relations (CEPR); two days’ accommodation was paid by Government of Qatar
Visit to Gujranwala, Pakistan, 19-26 December 2012, to attend a meeting at the invitation of Awais Ceramics Industry; travel costs met by hosts
Category 10: Non-financial interests (d)
Fazaldad Human Rights Organisation
Member of International Expert Team, Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada
Category 10: Non-financial interests (e)
Chairman, Better Tomorrow Institute for Education (charitable school in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan)
Joseph Interfaith Foundation

12 thoughts on “Naz Ahmed’s Interests Declaration

  1. I see his fees for escorting pilgrims to Mecca is paid through an investment company and not to him personally – wonder why!


    • Hi Mal,
      I guess you mean this:
      “Adviser on Diversity, Reliance UKBA Escorting (provides escorting services both in-country and overseas on behalf of UK Border Agency) (until June 2013)”
      and this:
      “Director, Newbond Investments Limited (real estate; remuneration from Reliance UK Border Agency Escorting (see category 2) is received through this company)”

      Do you seriously think that this is about “his fees for escorting pilgrims to Mecca ” , or are you just having a joke?


  2. So refreshing to see a Labour politician working for the good of local people and not off all over the world junketing

    Typical Labour.


  3. Readers may need to refer to these documents:

    Code of Conduct for the House of Lords (PDF 333 KB)
    Read the Code of Conduct and the standards expected of Members of the House of Lords in discharging their parliamentary and public duties.

    Commissioner for Standards in the House of Lords

    The House of Lords Commissioner for Standards is responsible for the independent and impartial investigation of alleged breaches of the House of Lords Code of Conduct, including investigating breaches of the rules on Members’ financial support and parliamentary facilities.


  4. There are a couple of things in the list that stick in my craw, but there seems nothing that is likely to be outside parliamentary standards; just outside standards of common decency (IMHO):

    1, I am amazed that he should take on a consultancy role with Reliance (who took over from G4S in “escorting” people out of UK), since it gives them some form of legitimacy at a time when all they otherwise get is bad publicity.

    2. “British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce ” appears to be just one more London based college trying to sell to overseas students.
    From their website:
    “The British Institute of Technology & E-commerce (BITE) in collaboration with University of Wales offers a wide range of courses. These courses have been developed in consultation with business and government sectors to address the gap between industry and higher education. The range of courses include Masters degrees qualifications.”

    See however this 2011 article in the Telegraph explaining why the University of Wales was closed down:


  5. 1.Anyone discovered what or who are “The Concordia?” I can’t find anything that looks likely to pay for a retreat in Ancona. Unless he meant the ship that sunk thanks to a dodgy captain. Well maybe:) Might be worth more of a look.

    2. I wonder what the Institute for Research of Genocide (Canada) & The Joseph Foundation will feel about their gem of a community bridge builder? Can I be reminded? what does Ahmed know about Genocide that he hasn’t learned on Tripadvisor? Whatever it is, I don’t see him bringing about peace in Palestine.

    3. Who owns the Kilnhurst Business Park, where he appears as both an employee (Business development manager) and as a shareholder? It doesn’t appear as a company in its own right at Companies House, so is it a limited company and if so under what name? Has it ever received public money?

    4. Asbo thinks that Ahmed hasn’t a hateful bone in his body, yet he must be aware that his friend has bit of more anti-Semitic smoke circulating around his pro Palestinian fires. According to the The Times In February 2005 Ahmed sponsored a book launch for Israel Shamir in the House of Lords. The Times article described Shamir as a “rabid anti-Semite.” Make your on mind up about Shamir (start at

    I don’t know if Ahmed is just a free loader, who his wants freebies, jollies and beanos from all sides, both the the peace groups and those international Muslim communities who really do despise and wish ill to the Jews. Or if he is a secret anti-Semite and radical Muslim who deludes himself and others into thinking he is important.

    There is though the old saying “if it sounds like a Duck, walks like a Duck and looks like a Duck then it probably works in Kilnhurst.

    Give my regards to Asbo.


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