Herringthorpe Community Group – Debate Welcomed

Herringthorpe Community group note that in the current advertiser letters Mark O’neill presumably on behalf of Rotherham rugby club limited has challenged us to a public debate “over the fence” ( would be funny if not for the serious nature ) and leasing of land. The answer is Yes Yes Yes. We welcome the chance to have a fully informed public meeting. We are contacting the council and Rotherham Rugby Club ltd to verify whether they are serious about this meeting. We have tried in the past to bring the Rugby Club out of the changing rooms and into open play to no avail during the statutory consultation period which ended on the 22nd of March.

We do note with interest Mark’s comments that the community group may have been suggesting that they were intending to build a “12,000 seat stadium etc”. We can safely say that this is not the case, and perhaps if Rotherham Rugby Club Ltd had carried out a full and informative consultation we would not be playing silly games of Chinese Whispers.

We look forward to agreeing the meeting. Although It has not gone unnoticed that the consultation period is now long gone and this public meeting is unable to influence the officers report to the full cabinet meeting.

For further information please check our website http://herringthorpe.com

3 thoughts on “Herringthorpe Community Group – Debate Welcomed

  1. Apart from the fact that the Herringthorpe Playing Fields Community Group aka Friend sof Herringthorpe Playing Fields are a bunch oy lying bastards!


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