Something for the weekend, perhaps?

This latest task for Rotherham Politics readers may need to wait for the weekend for a detailed inspection of these important documents. Those who, perhaps surprisingly, have failed to declare hospitality, may ultimately prove to be the most fruitful? We shall see!

Atkin A Atkin A G&H
Doyle J Doyle J G&H
Ellis S Ellis S G&H
Foden J Foden J G&H
Hussain M Hussain M G&H
Kaye B Kaye B G&H
Pickering D Pickering D G&H
Russell P Russell P G&H
Russell R Russell R G&H
Smith G Smith G G&H
Stone R Stone R G&H
Wyatt K Wyatt K G&H

These documents should be studied in conjunction with these downloads: A job for Easter?

2 thoughts on “Something for the weekend, perhaps?

  1. moofy sopposed to be a big leader for the asain community, unfortunately he is not a great role model for anyone,
    even he is diggin big holes for himself, thats why ppl r goin against him and Asbo Akhtar, there should be ashamed of themselves hope these ppl be out for the next election.
    there bring shame upon the labour party council in Rotherham.
    well done Rotherham Politics for covering such a story, everyone in the community is with you.
    Moofy brings shame upon his followers and Asbo Akhtar brings shame upon everyone in Rotherham.


  2. Moofy is gutted as he didnt get choosen for MP for Rotherham, he has been working for 15years flat in Rotherham, it just shows the bean can is worthless without the can, moofy is worthless and Asbo Akhtar is useless as his google eyes dont mean nothing to the ppl of Rotherham.


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