Fulwood Sheffield – By-Election – Liberal Dirty Tricks

Rothpol was most interested to learn of the dirty tricks the Lib Dems are playing in Fulwood?

Last year during the local election they took two words “almost impossible” – from a sentence in Vonny Watts’ blog and placed them within the following sentence:

“The Conservative candidate has said it’s ‘almost impossible’ for a Conservative to win in Sheffield”

“This is of course lie. I don’t play to lose. It was awful at the time. They put it on every leaflet but I decided to rise above it.

However they continued to put it on leaflets AFTER the election and I found that a character slur. I contacted a solicitor who said it had excellent chance of success as libel action.

I contacted Cllr Joe Otten, the Lib Dem chairman in Fulwood. He promised me faithfully that they wouldn’t put it on any further leaflets. I decided therefore not to pursue the action.

Yesterday, a leaflet went out featuring that same phrase. They’ve left it until so late that any action now won’t make a difference!

In Rotherham you have crooked Labour, here it’s the smiling Lib Dems!”

Vonny Watts
Conservative Candidate
Fulwood Ward By-Election 2013

Vote Vonny for Fulwood

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2 thoughts on “Fulwood Sheffield – By-Election – Liberal Dirty Tricks

  1. The kind of actions only to be expected from fence sitters. The Lib-Dems cannot produce any
    imaginative policies so character assassination is their idea of ‘progressive thinking’.


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