Galloway Set To Speak in Rotherham!

GGIn what can only be interpreted as a sign of George Galloway’s long term commitment to the Respect Party in Rotherham, he has now confirmed as a speaker at Rotherham Respect’s public meeting, in Rotherham, on May 4th.

Rothpol also understands Yvonne Ridley will be a speaker too.

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14 thoughts on “Galloway Set To Speak in Rotherham!

    • I suggest you have a look at previous postings before you make your knee jerk comment.

      Rotherham Politics remains non-partisan, from a party political point of view, whatever you may claim.

      News does not come in a nicely balanced order, we publish what we think readers will be interested in, as and when the information arrives.


  1. phil i want to ask you question
    Just coz someone has raised George Galloway name in Rotherham Politics, How has it become a Respect Party website it just doesnt make me understand why you referring to it as Respect Party website.
    Same thing we can say about Labour Party, Conservative etc
    So does that mean it is labour party website too please check your information out before making judgements thank you.


  2. These comments are missing the point here. How anyone can call a party “Respect” after the disgraceful comments by its leader Galloway is beyond me. This man is a disgrace to the political system of this Country and a total disgrace as a human being. His party should be re-named the “Disgrace” party or “Disrespect” party. This man makes me sick!


  3. Hear, hear Jim Fletcher. Couldn’t have said it better myself ! 🙂

    From :

    “The Respect Party is opposed to war, privatisation and unemployment.
    The Respect Party stands for peace, publicly owned services and a decent future for all.

    We want a world in which the democratic demands of the people are carried out; a world based on need not profit; a world where solidarity rather than self-interest is the spirit of the age. We want to reach out to all those who share our views, to build a new party for change in the interests of ordinary people.”

    All very well to say what they “want” but how they are going to ensure they are going to make these things happen, is not clear.
    Perhaps Galloway and his party should tell us what they would do if they did get in, in Rotherham.


    • Did he leave or was he pushed because of his extremist views. As for being a political hero, I’ve just been to Specsavers Graham, I suggest you do too. As I recall, he has shown himself to be a self serving, greedy pillock, particularly when he appeared on reality TV with the political intelligence of a flee.


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  5. I thought this site was Rotherham Politics? Respect have a right to comment. Whatever people think of Mr Galloway and HIS party the meeting should be detailed on here. I don’t agree with the Tories or UKIP but if supporters or members want to come on and comment they have a right to. Debate is debate but has happens sometimes it gets a little childish.

    Let’s concentrate on what really matters: exposing the faults of RMBC CEO’s and many elected members. Otherwise I’m afraid it will become simply a forum for the same old voices infighting and loosing focus. And the result of that? The culprits continue to get away with (literally) murder.

    I am reminded by some of the comments of the quote from ‘The Life of Brian’ ‘ The only thing we hate more than the Roman’s is the Judean’s People’s Front – splitters.’

    Catch my drift.

    Hugs and kisses. xxxx


  6. The Judean People’s Front – Splitters/Get my drift. Maybe not.

    Respect have a right to come on this site. Let’s ban UKIP members. Not really though I think they are not my cup of tea. Open debate s open debate.


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